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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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Avalue launches chassis for housing components

Avalue has released a series of rigid and functional chassis for housing the components of industrial computers.

News from Avalue Technology, Jul 8, 2009

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Emka presents 1100 swing handle range

The Emka 1100 series of swing handles is designed to meet the needs of specialist panel builders in the UK.

News from EMKA UK, Jun 11, 2009

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Alustyle enclosures added to Bopla range

Bopla has announced the addition of the Alustyle enclosure concept to its existing product portfolio of aluminium profile enclosures.

News from National Electronics Week, May 12, 2009

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Modular sub-rack system for splicing and patching

Prysmian has introduced the SRS 3000 modular sub-rack system and patch panel range for optical splicing and patching.

News from Prysmian Cables and Systems, May 12, 2009

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Verotec releases 1U thermally managed chassis

Verotec's 1U desktop or 19in rack mount powered and thermally managed chassis features a 250W auto-ranging ATX PSU and six separate cooling fans.

News from Verotec, Apr 28, 2009

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Schroff releases compact MicroTCA cubes

Schroff has introduced a family of compact MicroTCA cubes, designed to enable users to create cost-effective systems for industrial control.

News from Schroff UK, Apr 7, 2009

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Schroff publishes detailed brochure

Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has brought out a brochure detailing the company's wide range of enclosures and embedded systems for use in railway applications.

News from Schroff UK, Mar 11, 2009

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Moulded adaptable boxes available in three colours

Eurobox Enclosures has added a new range of moulded adaptable boxes to its offering, which can be viewed at the company's website.

News from EuroBox Enclosures, Feb 24, 2009

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Schroff plug-in units feature slide-in covers

Schroff has introduced a range of 19in plug-in units that feature a slide-in cover plate, reducing assembly time compared with screw-on cover plates.

News from Schroff UK, Feb 19, 2009

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Schroff unveils MicroTCA development system

Schroff has expanded its range of MicroTCA products with the addition of a versatile 8U development system that can be used as a rack-mount unit or converted into a desktop version.

News from Schroff UK, Jan 16, 2009

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Schroff chassis conforms to new IEC standard

Schroff has announced that the 1U versions of its MultipacPro chassis and CompactPCI and VME64x systems all conform to the new IEC 60297-3-105 standard for 1U-high 19in chassis.

News from Schroff UK, Dec 24, 2008

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Eurobox releases polyester enclosure

Eurobox Enclosures has launched the Mini-Polyglas GRP polyester enclosure.

News from EuroBox Enclosures, Dec 17, 2008

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Schroff releases product guide

Schroff has produced a shortform guide to its range of products and services.

News from Schroff UK, Dec 2, 2008

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Polycarbonate junction box is IP 68 rated

EuroBox Enclosures has released a polycarbonate junction box designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

News from EuroBox Enclosures, Nov 27, 2008

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Schroff ATCA systems utilised in Airspan HiperMAX

Schroff has announced that its AdvancedTCA systems have helped reduce the development costs and time to market of the latest WiMAX base station from Airspan Networks.

News from Schroff UK, Nov 11, 2008

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Conform enclosures protect against radio waves

Rolec has introduced Conform enclosures, which protect sensitive electronic components against radio frequency interference.

News from Rolec Enclosures, Nov 4, 2008

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OKW mini enclosures include wrist strap models

OKW's range of Minitec miniature enclosures now includes wrist strap models.

News from OKW Enclosures, Oct 27, 2008

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Eurobox launches terminal boxes

EuroBox Enclosures has launched GRP terminal boxes and cabinets, many available with increased ingress protection up to IP67, which protects against temporary immersion in water.

News from EuroBox Enclosures, Sep 16, 2008

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Rapid Electronics launches enclosures

Rapid Electronics has launched a range of DIN rail-mountable ABS enclosures from Fibox, hand-held and wall-mounted enclosures from Pactec, and modular keyfob cases from Evatron.

News from Rapid Electronics, Sep 16, 2008

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OKW extends Diatec wall-mounting enclosure range

OKW has extended the Diatec range of wall-mounting enclosures with two models moulded in lava (dark grey) ABS.

News from OKW Enclosures, Sep 10, 2008

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Aluminium cases feature intelligent design

Rolec reckons its Alucase range answers many of the criticisms aimed at standard off-the-shelf die-cast enclosures.

News from Rolec Enclosures, Aug 26, 2008

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Packaging systems to enhance embedded offerings

Elma's modular approach will enable Mistral to offer standard, modified and custom electronic enclosures in a range of markets.

News from Mistral Solutions, Aug 21, 2008

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Alternative in aluminium rack cases

Versatile range of 19in aluminium rack cases are suitable for housing a wide range of equipment, lending themselves to a whole host of different applications.

News from Surtech Distribution, Aug 19, 2008

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Spray cooling system allows rugged computing

SprayCool's two-phase liquid cooling technology uses a fine mist of noncorrosive, nonconductive liquid, sprayed in a thin layer, which evaporates and cools electronics.

News from GE Fanuc Embedded Systems, Jul 30, 2008

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Aluminium cases suit rack and bench use

All-aluminium construction combines a heavy-duty extruded frame, removable vented or plain top and bottom covers and optional 19in rack mounting angles and self-adhesive rubber feet.

News from Hammond Electronics, Jul 28, 2008

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Instrument Cases, Benchtop, Wall-Mounting Enclosures

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    Hammond Electronics has introduced a range of die-cast enclosures for use in situations where impact protection and environmental sealing are primary requirements.
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