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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Cores for celebration at growing IP library

Synopsys is adding microprocessor cores from Infineon, MIPS Technologies and NEC to its industry-leading DesignWare IP library.

News from Synopsys, Oct 9, 2001

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Meyer goes from Chartered to MIPS

MIPS Technologies has announced the appointment of Kevin Meyer, 49, as vice president of marketing.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 25, 2001

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MIPS claims lead in patent case against Lexra

The US District Court for the Northern District of California issued a ruling on Friday 14th September 2001 in the ongoing patent infringement action between MIPS Technologies and Lexra.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 21, 2001

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PFT core processes video 20 times faster than DSP

RF Engines has created a new way of simultaneously processing digital signals across a wide spectrum in real time.

News from RF Engines, Sep 21, 2001

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Programme offers more cores for soft IP

QuickLogic has launched QuickCore, a new programme that offers a growing library of QuickLogic-developed and third-party cores optimised for the QuickLogic architecture.

News from QuickLogic, Sep 14, 2001

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Licence simplifies FPGA IP integration

ARC Cores has enhanced its position in the 32bit user-customisable soft processor market be signing up as a charter member of the Common Licence Consortium.

News from ARC International, Sep 12, 2001

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Two climb aboard at Elixent

Elixent has appointed Peter van Cuylenburg as non-executive Chairman and Kenn Lamb as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

News from Elixent, Sep 7, 2001

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Intrinsix to help with MIPS designs

Embedded design engineers using MIPS processor cores to develop SoC solutions now have access to the design expertise of Intrinsix, following an agreement between the two companies.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 6, 2001

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IP interfaces ease soft core integration

ARC Cores has introduced three new interfaces for its user-customisable 32bit processor, to make it easier to connect third-party and existing IP to its processor and save precious development time.

News from ARC International, Sep 5, 2001

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Soft IP puts key functions on PLDs

Mentor Graphics has released the Inventra IPX suite of IP soft cores.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Aug 31, 2001

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IP reference solution for USB 2.0 peripherals

Mentor Graphics and Gain Technology are to provide complete IP reference solutions for USB 2.0-compliant peripheral designs.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Aug 30, 2001

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Motorola takes gyro IP from Honeywell on the road

Motorola has sublicensed intellectual property from Honeywell to design and manufacture microelectromechanical systems silicon-based gyros for the automotive and truck markets.

News from Freescale Semiconductor, Aug 24, 2001

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NewLogic gives Agere a Boost into Bluetooth phones

NewLogic has licensed Agere Systems to embed its Boost IP core into Bluetooth baseband processors and also combine Bluetooth functionality with IP to create system-level ICs for cellular phones.

News from NewLogic, Aug 23, 2001

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IP runs on ARC core to provide futureproof audio

Fraunhofer IIS has developed the first IP solution for audio applications such as MP3 and AAC from a single source that is foundry independent and can be adapted for future audio standards.

News from ARC International, Aug 22, 2001

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Off-the-shelf macros put 1T-SRAM on SoC menu

MoSys has made available a family of standard 1T-SRAM memory macros using silicon-proven 0.25- and 0.18-micron cores.

News from MoSys, Aug 21, 2001

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RF Engines closes second round of funding

RF Engines (RFEL) has just successfully completed its second round of funding, bringing the total funding raised to over GBP 1 million.

News from RF Engines, Aug 21, 2001

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QLogic licenses ARC core for iSCSI lineup

QLogic has licensed ARC's user-customisable processor technology for a new generation of storage area network infrastructure components.

News from ARC International, Aug 2, 2001

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Elixent gets cash to bring ALU array to market

Elixent, a UK start-up backed by venture capitalist 3i Group and industrial investors Actel and Hewlett-Packard, has raised initial funding of $14 million (GBP 10 million).

News from Elixent, Aug 1, 2001

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Cypress takes ARC core to the USB interface

Cypress Semiconductor has licensed the ARCtangent-A4 processor in a corporate multiple-license agreement to be implemented over the next five years.

News from ARC International, Jul 27, 2001

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Partners support proliferation of 1T-SRAM

MoSys has disclosed the 14 charter members of the MoSys 1T-SRAM Design Services Alliance (DSA).

News from MoSys, Jul 26, 2001

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ARC core chosen for next-generation cameras

Conexant Systems has licensed the ARCtangent user-customisable processor for its next generation of digital imaging system chips.

News from ARC International, Jul 24, 2001

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MIPS down 21% on the quarter

MIPS Technologies has reported its financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended 30th June 2001.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 20, 2001

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IDT takes MIPS 32bit core for comms SoCs

MIPS Technologies has licensed its 32bit MIPS32 4Kc processor core to IDT who will use it to develop high-performance SoC designs for the communications market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 19, 2001

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Broadcom to use 64bit MIPS core in set-top boxes

Broadcom has taken a license for several additional MIPS products, including the new MIPS64 5Kf core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 19, 2001

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MIPS and Tality work on SoC integration

MIPS Technologies and Tality Corp have signed an agreement that will give embedded design engineers using MIPS-based technology access to Tality's expert SoC design capability and complementary IP.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 12, 2001

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Showing 1476-1500 of 1567 articles

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