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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Second SMART award for RF Engines

RF Engines has received a second SMART (Small Firms Merit Award For Research and Technology) funding award from the UK Government.

News from RF Engines, Feb 18, 2002

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Libraries qualified for analysis

Artisan Components SAGE-X 0.18- and 0.13-micron family of standard cell libraries are now qualified and immediately available for Synopsys PrimeTime SI.

News from Synopsys, Feb 18, 2002

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ARC adds three to management team

ARC International has added three senior executives to its management team, to be located at its San Jose, CA, office.

News from ARC International, Feb 11, 2002

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MIPS sets sales for China

MIPS Technologies has opened a sales and marketing office in Taiwan, signalling the company's increasing commitment to the growing SoC industry in the Greater China region.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 11, 2002

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Hard-core application for 64bit technology

New from MIPS Technologies, the MIPS64 5Kc hard core is in addition to the line of 32bit hard cores already offered by MIPS Technologies for manufacture at TSMC.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 11, 2002

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AMD joins MIPS fan club via Alchemy acquisition

AMD is the newest member of MIPS Technologies' global licensee base.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 8, 2002

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IP core family is Wild about wireless LANs

NewLogic has a new family of products targeted at wireless LAN (WLAN) applications.

News from NewLogic, Feb 8, 2002

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Embedded memory cuts hard and soft error rates

MoSys has released its new 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory technology option for applications that require very high reliability, immunity to soft errors and lowest manufacturing cost.

News from MoSys, Jan 31, 2002

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IP licensing put icing on Mosys figures

MoSys has reported financial results for its fourth quarter and year ended 31st December 2001.

News from MoSys, Jan 31, 2002

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NewLogic adds Bluetooth to Mentor IP portfolio

Mentor Graphics and NewLogic have signed a marketing agreement that allows SoC designers to license Bluetooth silicon intellectual property from the Mentor Graphics Inventra IP Division.

News from NewLogic, Jan 25, 2002

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Elixent adds to hardware and software

Elixent has appointed Martin Sotheran as vice president of hardware engineering and Chris Thornborrow as director of software.

News from Elixent, Jan 22, 2002

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MIPS buoyed by new licences after weakest quarter

MIPS Technologies has reported financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended 31st December 2001.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 18, 2002

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MoSys turns to Mentor to reduce memory test costs

MoSys and Mentor Graphics are working to qualify and deliver memory built-in self-test (BIST) solutions optimised for the MoSys 1T-SRAM family of high-density embedded memories to reduce test cost.

News from MoSys, Jan 18, 2002

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Diefendorff takes on product strategy at MIPS

Microprocessor industry veteran Keith Diefendorff has been appointed to the newly created position of vice president of product strategy at MIPS Technologies.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 16, 2002

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Christensen in US development for Elixent

Elixent has appointed Kevin Christensen as director of North America business development.

News from Elixent, Jan 11, 2002

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Real-time support for 32 and 64bit cores

The Microsoft Windows CE.NET real-time operating system supports the industry-standard 32 and 64bit MIPS microprocessor architectures and cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 10, 2002

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Alliance to optimise SoC designs

MIPS Technologies and IN2FAB Technology have signed an agreement for core hardening and process retargeting services to reduce the challenge of complex SoC design and speed customers' time to market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 9, 2002

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Gulett joins ARC as CEO

Michael Gulett is the new Chief Executive Officer of ARC International with effect from 27th December 2001.

News from ARC International, Jan 4, 2002

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Lexra settles for new role as MIPS licensee

MIPS Technologies and Lexra have resolved their pending lawsuit as part of an agreement reached between the two companies that includes Lexra becoming a MIPS32 architecture licensee.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 4, 2002

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Easier route to core IP library

Mentor Graphics has set up the eParts system, an integrated IP repository and delivery system powered by Mentor's QuickUse technology.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Dec 25, 2001

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Ham applies science at NewLogic

NewLogic Technologies has named Ronald Ham as Chief Scientist.

News from NewLogic, Dec 24, 2001

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TI takes latest MIPS core for ADSL advances

Texas Instruments has taken a license for MIPS Technologies' next-generation 32bit core, the MIPS32 4KEc synthesisable core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Dec 21, 2001

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Bluetooth pair plan hostless combo

Stonestreet One and NewLogic Technologies are to combine Stonestreet One's Bluetopia protocol stack and NewLogic's Boost Bluetooth baseband processor, with an HCI-level interface.

News from NewLogic, Dec 14, 2001

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Two new faces at Elixent

Elixent has appointed Roger Bailey as director of business development, Europe and Simon Smith as chief financial officer (CFO).

News from Elixent, Dec 12, 2001

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USB macrocell combines both the latest flavours

New from Mentor Graphics is a dual-role USB 2.0 controller macrocell, compliant with both the current USB 2.0 standard and the new On-The-Go supplement for point-to-point communications.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Dec 7, 2001

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Showing 1426-1450 of 1567 articles

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