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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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SwitchCore takes 1T-SRAM onboard

SwitchCore has licensed advanced 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology from MoSys.

News from MoSys, Jul 19, 2002

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Bricaud takes over IP at Synopsys

Synopsys has hired intellectual property (IP) expert Pierre Bricaud as director of research and development for its Intellectual Property and Systems business unit.

News from Synopsys, Jul 19, 2002

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Cost controls keep inSilicon afloat

inSilicon Corp has reported financial results for the third fiscal quarter ended 30th June 2002.

News from inSilicon Corp, Jul 18, 2002

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Flexible specifications for SoC cores

LSI Logic has added a range of fully configurable implementations of popular ARM and MIPS embedded processor cores to its FlexCore portfolio.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jul 17, 2002

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More funding for IP packaging specialist

Beach Solutions has secured $4.5 million in new funding from MTI, one of the UK's leading high technology venture capital fund managers.

News from Beach Solutions, Jul 15, 2002

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Award for reconfigurable algorithm processor

Elixent's D-Fabrix reconfigurable algorithm processor (RAP) technology won the Design Award for Innovation at last night's EIDA Gala Awards Dinner in Brighton.

News from Elixent, Jul 15, 2002

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IP library gains memory resources

A new full line of memory intellectual property (IP) includes memory models, memory controllers and memory BIST.

News from Synopsys, Jul 12, 2002

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Cores join Virtual Component Exchange

ARC International is to register its semiconductor IP portfolio on the Virtual Component Exchange (VCX).

News from ARC International, Jul 5, 2002

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Centillium to put MIPS cores to broadband use

Centillium Communications has licensed the MIPS32 4Kc and 4Kp cores to develop powerful but cost-effective solutions for the growing broadband communications market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 5, 2002

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Amlogic puts ARC core to work as DVD player

Amlogic has selected SoC IP technology from ARC International to be incorporated into a highly integrated, single-chip back-end DVD player solution.

News from ARC International, Jun 26, 2002

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Johnson takes financial control at ARC

ARC International has appointed Monica Johnson as its new Chief Financial Officer and senior vice president.

News from ARC International, Jun 24, 2002

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Agilent comes to inSilicon for USB IP

Agilent Technologies has signed an agreement for inSilicon to supply its USB 2.0 PHY IP to Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group.

News from inSilicon Corp, Jun 21, 2002

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Service firms up on soft IP cores

A new design service will allow licensees of ARM IP cores to combine the advantages of "soft" IP with the performance, predictability and time-to-market benefits of "hard" IP.

News from Synopsys, Jun 20, 2002

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ARC pulls itself together

ARC International has completed the integration of its three subsidiaries into the parent company, finalising a plan announced early in 2002 by new CEO Mike Gulett.

News from ARC International, Jun 19, 2002

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Synopsys tools join the ARC design flow

ARC International has made two important new technology developments in integrating Synopsys' tools into its design flow.

News from ARC International, Jun 14, 2002

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Full solution for speedy use of USB 2.0

ARC International and Standard Microsystems Corp have developed a complete USB 2.0 solution that is certified for high-speed operation by the USB Implementers Forum.

News from ARC International, Jun 14, 2002

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Transceiver core completes Bluetooth IP suite

NewLogic Technologies has released its Boost Radio IP core - a 2.4GHz CMOS Bluetooth transceiver featuring low power consumption and small die size.

News from NewLogic, Jun 14, 2002

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USB core has power to burn for SoCs

ARC International describes USB Now as the world's first integrated and optimised USB for SoC IP platforms.

News from ARC International, Jun 13, 2002

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IP solution combines Bluetooth with IEEE802.11

NewLogic Technologies is claiming the world's first wireless multisystem IP solution supporting Bluetooth 1.1 as well as WLAN 802.11a/b/g standards.

News from NewLogic, Jun 13, 2002

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Web-based access to revision-controlled IP library

The QuickUse Repository is an off-the-shelf IP repository based on the proven QuickUse Development System knowledge management infrastructure from Mentor Graphics.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Jun 7, 2002

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UMC to be first with Amethyst core

UMC has signed a licensing and comarketing agreement for MIPS Technologies' top-performance 64bit processor cores, the MIPS64 20Kc and the company's next-generation core, code-named Amethyst.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 6, 2002

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Broadband communications processor uses MIPS core

Infineon Technologies' new EasyPort broadband communications processor family is based on a powerful, highly integrated, 64bit CPU core subsystem that uses the MIPS64 5Kc processor core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 5, 2002

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Lang sets sales for ARC in Asia

ARC International has completed another goal set by CEO Mike Gulett earlier this year by appointing James Lang head of all sales operations in Asia.

News from ARC International, Jun 3, 2002

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Core aids rapid embedded systems development

The new RCM3000 RabbitCore is Z-World's most powerful and feature-packed microprocessor core module.

News from Impulse Corporation, May 30, 2002

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Codec provides improved image compression

inSilicon Corp has added the JPEG2000 codec to its existing portfolio of image compression semiconductor intellectual property.

News from inSilicon Corp, May 23, 2002

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Showing 1351-1375 of 1567 articles

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