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Phase-lock loop IP joins foundry portfolio

SoC designers can now access essential Parthus phase lock loop intellectual property from 1st Silicon as part of the 1st Silicon (Malaysia) foundry service.

News from 1st Silicon (Malaysia), Sep 18, 2002

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Core cuts cost and complexity of Bluetooth SoCs

The DesignWare BlueIQ core is a complete solution enabling designers to quickly add Bluetooth capability to SoC designs.

News from Synopsys, Sep 18, 2002

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Cores for interface acceleration

LSI Logic reckons it is the first semiconductor company to offer an ASIC implementation of the Serial ATA 1.0 high-speed interface technology with the introduction of two new cores.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 16, 2002

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IP provides single-chip remote-terminal FPGA

Actel has developed a MIL-STD-1553B remote-terminal core for space, avionics and military applications in which high-reliability and system redundancy are essential.

News from Actel Europe, Sep 12, 2002

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Subsystem puts USB On-The-Go on the SoC menu

inSilicon has rolled out its USB On-The-Go (OTG) controller subsystem for consumer electronics and PC peripherals.

News from inSilicon Corp, Sep 11, 2002

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Platform provides faster route to custom circuits

Redefining the custom semiconductor market that it was instrumental in creating, LSI Logic has introduced a new semiconductor platform called RapidChip.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 9, 2002

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Alliance to link Matlab with reconfigurable DSP

AccelChip and Elixent are to provide a direct path from Matlab to D-Fabrix, Elixent's reconfigurable algorithm processor (RAP) architecture.

News from Elixent, Aug 26, 2002

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Mosys ranked first in net margin

MoSys ranked first overall in net margins when compared with 87 other semiconductor companies, according to Semiconductor Times (August 2002 issue).

News from MoSys, Aug 19, 2002

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Zoran switches to MIPS cores

Zoran Corp has taken a licence for the high-performance low-power MIPS32 4KE family of cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 13, 2002

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Hitachi takes USB IP from inSilicon

Hitachi is to integrate inSilicon's certified USB 2 PHY in its embedded H8S and SH processor-based SoC designs to provide cost-effective, high-speed USB solutions for the LSI semiconductor market.

News from inSilicon Corp, Aug 7, 2002

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NEC puts cores to work in set-top boxes

NEC's new multicore SoC for the digital set-top box and digital TV markets integrates two 32bit MIPS cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 7, 2002

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Promotion for Browne

MIPS Technologies has appointed Jack Browne as its new vice president of worldwide sales.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 6, 2002

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Processors supported by latest Windows

The latest version of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system includes support for microprocessors based on 32 and 64bit MIPS architectures.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 2, 2002

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POS-PHY cores are complementary

Modelware has released version 3.0 of its POS-PHY Level 4 (PL4)/SPI-4 Phase 2 (SPI-4.2) cores.

News from PMC-Sierra, Aug 2, 2002

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System controllers put cores to efficient use

MIPS Technologies reckons its new system controller family will enable SoC designers to increase overall system performance for next-generation applications and accelerate SoC development.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 31, 2002

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Memory controller breaks bottleneck

ARC International is to integrate Denali's Databahn high-performance memory controller core with the ARCtangent series of microprocessor cores.

News from ARC International, Jul 29, 2002

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Synopsys to boost IP with inSilicon acquisition

Synopsys is to acquire all outstanding shares of inSilicon for approximately $64 million.

News from Synopsys, Jul 26, 2002

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e-MDT has designs on ARC processors

ARC International has expanded its worldwide authorised design centre network by signing up with e-MDT, a full turnkey SoC design centre based in the USA, China and Korea.

News from ARC International, Jul 25, 2002

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Hynix joins ARC's SoC alliance

Hynix Semiconductor is expanding its design services IP portfolio by offering ARC's 32bit RISC/DSP ARCtangent microprocessor core architecture in hard macro IP form.

News from ARC International, Jul 25, 2002

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Oki arms itself with core and coprocessor

Oki has licensed the ARM966E-S microprocessor core and the VFP9-S vector floating-point coprocessor.

News from Oki Electric, Jul 25, 2002

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Proxim to put MIPS core to speedy wireless use

MIPS Technologies has licensed its MIPS32 4KEc processor core to Proxim Corp for use in wireless networking infrastructure products featuring data throughput of 100Mbit/s and higher.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 24, 2002

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Disappointing showing for MIPS

MIPS Technologies has reported its financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended 30th June 2002.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 22, 2002

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MIPS acquires Algorithmics

MIPS Technologies has acquired the UK-based GNU tool chain company Algorithmics.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 22, 2002

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Sony boosts MIPS licence to 64bit

MIPS Technologies has licensed its MIPS64 architecture to Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI).

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 19, 2002

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Hudson Soft licenses 1T-SRAM technology

Hudson Soft has licensed MoSys' advanced 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to develop its next generation advanced products incorporating high-performance high-density embedded memory blocks.

News from MoSys, Jul 19, 2002

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Showing 1326-1350 of 1567 articles

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