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Secure FPGAs gain security core IP

Actel has new Advanced Encryption Standard and Data Encryption Standard IP cores for its nonvolatile Axcelerator, ProASIC, ProASIC Plus, RTSX-S and SX-A FPGA architectures.

News from Actel Europe, Nov 27, 2002

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IP provides pretested USB 2.0 solution

Mentor Graphics and Genesys Logic have developed an integrated physical layer and controller solution for USB 2.0-compliant applications.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Nov 27, 2002

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Taiwan and Japan offices to spearhead Asian push

ARC International has revealed plans to open two offices in the Asia Pacific region by the end of the year.

News from ARC International, Nov 26, 2002

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Metal programmable cells join RapidChip platform

LSI Logic has licensed ASAP metal programmable cells from Virage Logic for use in its RapidChip silicon platform.

News from Virage Logic, Nov 21, 2002

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PLL IP aids digital TV SoC

The TeraLogic Group of Oak Technology is to use low-jitter PLL intellectual property from True Circuits in its Generation9 SoC, one of the industry's most advanced digital TV solutions.

News from True Circuits, Nov 19, 2002

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Bourgoin to speak in San Francisco

MIPS Technologies Chairman and CEO John Bourgoin is to present at the Lehman Brothers 2002 Semiconductor and Computer Systems Conference.

News from MIPS Technologies, Nov 18, 2002

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Award for Bourgoin

MIPS Technologies Chairman John Bourgoin has received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne.

News from MIPS Technologies, Nov 14, 2002

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Security is key for speedy 32bit core

According to MIPS Technologies, the new MIPS32 4KSd is the most secure licensable, 32bit core available today.

News from MIPS Technologies, Nov 6, 2002

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Mixed-signal IP library includes low-power radio

Cambridge Consultants (CCL) has released a novel silicon intellectual property (IP) library to the commercial SoC and ASIC markets.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Nov 5, 2002

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IP library provides budget RISC processor blocks

Cambridge Consultants' new IP library provides proven interoperable components that allow mixed-signal, wireless enabled, SoC or ASIC solutions to be reliably and rapidly configured.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Nov 5, 2002

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IP library gains wireless LAN development platform

Mentor Graphics has extended its remarketing agreement with NewLogic to include the WiLD 802.11 wireless LAN platform.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Nov 4, 2002

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Micronas joins the MIPS fan club

Micronas has taken a license for MIPS core intellectual property (IP) for new product development.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 24, 2002

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Serdes cores handle high-speed serial interfaces

LSI Logic has developed two low-power GigaBlaze transceiver cores using its Gflx 0.11-micron technology.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 23, 2002

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Logic libraries cut silicon costs

Long known in the embedded memory market, Virage Logic is extending its role to the broader category of semiconductor IP platforms with its first foray into logic components.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 22, 2002

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Move to optimise semiconductor IP platforms

Virage Logic has made a strategic move to deliver highly optimised semiconductor IP platforms.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 22, 2002

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GameCube sparks 1T-SRAM demand

NEC has shipped more than 25 million 96Mbit high-density 1T-SRAMs in just one year since the launch of the Nintendo GameCube which uses these high-performance custom chips as its main system memory.

News from MoSys, Oct 21, 2002

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Reconfigurable algorithm processing stars in Japan

Elixent's first public demonstration of its reconfigurable algorithm processing (RAP) technology took place last week at the CEATEC show in Japan.

News from Elixent, Oct 16, 2002

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Core interfaces SoCs with DDR SDRAM

The LSI Logic DDR core, which greatly simplifies ASIC design for interfaces to DDR SDRAM, reaches datarates up to 400Mbit/s per pin at 200MHz.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 16, 2002

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Wavelet transform IP block aids image compression

IMEC has developed a local wavelet transform (LWT) IP block to reduce the memory requirements in wavelet-based image compression.

News from IMEC, Oct 10, 2002

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Controller gets to the core of satcomms

MIPS Technologies has licensed its MIPS32 4KEm processor core and new SOC-it system controller to Thrane and Thrane.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 3, 2002

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Fastest claim for DSP core

LSI Logic claims the ZSP500 is the industry's highest performance DSP for consumer multimedia and mobile applications.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 27, 2002

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Core powers video-over-IP solution

High-quality wireless video distribution is now a reality with the launch of a video-over-IP solution from ViXS Systems based on the high-performance, low-power MIPS32 4Km processor core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 25, 2002

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Filter is reconfigurable RF spectrum channeliser

RF Engines (RFEL) has developed a radical new patented filter bank design, called the Tuneable Pipelined Frequency Transform (TPFT).

News from RF Engines, Sep 25, 2002

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Core module speeds embedded systems development

Rabbit Semiconductor's fastest and most powerful microprocessor core module to date is the RCM3200 RabbitCore.

News from Rabbit Semiconductor, Sep 20, 2002

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Martin-Perez takes over European operations

Cesar Martin-Perez has been named vice president of European field operations at MIPS Technologies.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 18, 2002

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Showing 1301-1325 of 1567 articles

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