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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Alliance marries embedded RISC with wireless IP

NewLogic Technologies and Hyperstone have signed a technology agreement based on their wireless and embedded RISC/DSP technology.

News from NewLogic, Feb 21, 2003

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USB platform takes off with 13 licensees

ARC International reports that its USB Now platform has attracted rapid industry acceptance.

News from ARC International, Feb 19, 2003

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DSP core uses adaptive datapath to speed to 1BOPS

A novel DSP core is claimed to establish a new price/performance benchmark for low-end SoC/ASIC applications.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Feb 11, 2003

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MIPS and Microsoft aim to dominate

A new alliance aims to make the MIPS architecture and the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system the technologies of choice for OEMs developing next-generation digital consumer devices.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 7, 2003

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NEC joins the Virage fan club

Virage Logic has licensed its embedded memory technology to NEC Electronics.

News from Virage Logic, Feb 7, 2003

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More cores to celebrate ASIC libraries

AMI Semiconductor has expanded the scope of its ASIC libraries following an agreement with the Inventra division of Mentor Graphics.

News from AMI Semiconductor, Feb 3, 2003

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IP library joins AMI semicustom offerings

AMI Semiconductor is to provide its customers with Mentor Graphics Inventra proven IP solutions for a wide range of design applications.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Jan 30, 2003

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Pair work on reconfigurable platform SoCs

Elixent is working with Toshiba to jointly develop a platform SoC that integrates Elixent's D-Fabrix reconfigurable algorithm processing array with Toshiba's MeP configurable processor core.

News from Elixent, Jan 29, 2003

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SoC cores take over DSP roles

The Pro Series family of processor cores allows users to optimise their cores for specific applications while maintaining compatibility with the MIPS industry standard architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 29, 2003

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Benchmarks prove speedy core performance

MIPS Technologies has published its certified EEMBC benchmark scores for the MIPS64 20Kc core, running at 600MHz against all five of EEMBC's application-based benchmark suites.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 24, 2003

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Deal adds high-density memory to SoC line-up

Virage Logic has strengthened its relationship with Atmel by expanding its license agreement to include the company's Area, Speed and Power (ASAP) Memory product line on the 0.13-micron process.

News from Virage Logic, Jan 23, 2003

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SoC development platform gains WLAN IP option

WLAN Now is a complete IEEE802.11a/b/g modem/baseband and MAC soft IP building block solution for SoC-based wireless LAN access point and client devices.

News from ARC International, Jan 22, 2003

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Distribution for standard-cell libraries

Cadence Design Systems has become the first full-line distributor of TSMC's internally developed standard-cell and I/O libraries and memories.

News from Cadence Design Systems, Jan 15, 2003

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Acquisition adds WiFi to IP potfolio

TTPCom has acquired full ownership of the 802.11 wireless LAN intellectual property developed by Cadence Design Foundry (formerly Tality Corp).

News from TTPCom, Jan 15, 2003

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Web-based IP library suits Faraday

Faraday Technology has selected Mentor's QuickUse Repository as its IP repository solution and knowledge management infrastructure.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Jan 10, 2003

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Embedded memory aids video-over-networks solution

ViXS Systems has selected the Virage Logic ASAP Memory product for its innovative IP-based video distribution system that delivers broadcast-quality video over networks.

News from Virage Logic, Jan 9, 2003

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Embedded serdes squeezes in more channels

Agilent Technologies is claiming a breakthrough with its new 0.13-micron embedded serdes IP semiconductor core.

News from Agilent Technologies, Dec 25, 2002

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Web-based compiler to evaluate 1T-SRAM

MoSys has released its first 1T-SRAM compiler for TSMC and UMC 0.15-micron logic processes.

News from MoSys, Dec 25, 2002

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Alliance programme boosts FPGA IP library

Actel has added more than 50 new complete system-level IP building blocks for use with its ProASIC Plus and Axcelerator FPGAs to its CompanionCore Alliance Programme.

News from Actel Europe, Dec 19, 2002

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Folded capacitors redouble embedded SRAM density

MoSys has released its 1T-SRAM-Q (quad density) technology which it reckons achieves four times the density of traditional SRAMs.

News from MoSys, Dec 19, 2002

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Bluetooth baseband hops on to new standard

NewLogic's Boost Bluetooth solution can now offer support for adaptive frequency hopping (AFH).

News from NewLogic, Dec 16, 2002

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TSMC lends library support to SoC design efforts

TSMC and Virage Logic have signed a distribution and support agreement that will provide designers with highly integrated library support and services for SoC design.

News from Virage Logic, Dec 10, 2002

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Memory licence boosts Tower SoC offerings

Tower Semiconductor has licensed several Virage Logic embedded memories as part of a multiyear licensing agreement.

News from Virage Logic, Dec 9, 2002

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Corporate role for Burns

Sabina Burns is the new Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at Virage Logic.

News from Virage Logic, Dec 5, 2002

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Smart award will help transform commercialisation

RF Engines has received another major technology award from the UK Government's Department of Trade and Industry.

News from RF Engines, Nov 29, 2002

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Showing 1276-1300 of 1567 articles

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