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News releases from this sub-category

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Sharp picks 32bit core for smart card designs

The MIPS 32bit 4KS core family has been selected by Sharp Corp for development of next-generation microcontrollers targeting secure data applications.

News from MIPS Technologies, May 19, 2003

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Platforms boost Agilent ASIC offerings

Agilent Technologies has supplemented its internally developed memory, logic and I/O offerings by licensing Virage Logic's Technology-Optimised Platforms.

News from Virage Logic, May 19, 2003

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FPGA core aims for PCI-X systems

The latest IP building block optimised for the high-speed Actel Axcelerator FPGA family is a 133MHz PCI-X IP core.

News from Actel Europe, May 15, 2003

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Cores turn FPGAs to PowerPC interfacing

Eureka Technology has optimised three PowerPC interface IP cores for use with Actel's nonvolatile ProASIC Plus, Axcelerator, SX-A and RTSX-S FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, May 13, 2003

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Processors are perfect match for embedded Windows

The latest version of the Microsoft Windows CE.NET operating system, version 4.2, includes support for 32 and 64bit MIPS-based microprocessors.

News from MIPS Technologies, May 2, 2003

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Shimauchi takes charge in Tokyo

Shigeru (Gerry) Shimauchi has joined its worldwide management team at MoSys.

News from MoSys, May 2, 2003

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Software stack gets USB controller On-The-Go

Mentor Graphics has developed a USB software stack purpose-built to complement its popular line of On-The-Go (OTG) controllers.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Apr 29, 2003

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Embedded memory IP shrinks to 90nm process

Virage Logic has extended its embedded memory IP to TSMC's Nexsys 90nm process technology.

News from Virage Logic, Apr 29, 2003

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IP library gains Hi-Speed USB core

Mentor Graphics has added a Hi-Speed USB On-The-Go (OTG) controller to its industry-leading portfolio of USB intellectual property solutions.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Apr 22, 2003

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ATM cores are frugal with FPGA gates

Actel has released three further intellectual property building blocks optimised for use with its reprogrammable, Flash-based ProASIC Plus and high-speed, antifuse-based Axcelerator FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, Apr 18, 2003

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Infineon puts core to VoIP duties

MIPS Technologies' 32bit 4Kc core has been licensed by Infineon Technologies for development of advanced communications systems targeting the IP phone market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 17, 2003

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Cores join IBM IP programme

NewLogic Technologies has joined IBM's Blue Logic IP collaboration programme.

News from NewLogic, Apr 17, 2003

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Taiwanese SoC aims for residential gateways

ADMtek, a leading Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company and MIPS licensee since September 2002, has successfully taped out its first MIPS-based SoC design for the worldwide home gateway market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 11, 2003

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SoC design services target Taiwan

A new agreement with Taiwanese SoC design services company Socle Technology will facilitate the design of MIPS-based SoCs by fabless and system companies in the region.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 11, 2003

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Metalink puts cores to broadband tasks

Metalink has taken a licence for the MIPS32 M4K core and the MIPS32 4KEc core with CorExtend capabilities.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 9, 2003

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Cirrus to put cores to work on DVD SoCs

Cirrus Logic has taken a licence for a range of MIPS Technologies' 32bit processor cores, including the MIPS32 4KEc, 4KEm, 4KEp and M4K cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 2, 2003

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Transform simplifies software-defined radio

This week at the International Signal Processing Conference RF Engines will formally release its Tuneable Pipelined Frequency Transform.

News from RF Engines, Apr 2, 2003

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Broadband IP library gains wireless functions

Commsonic has added a multimode multirate QAM modem and IEEE802.16 channel codec to its family of broadband communications IP.

News from Commsonic, Mar 31, 2003

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Logic IP family takes to the Galaxy

In an effort to better serve advanced SoC designers, Virage Logic Corp has integrated its silicon-proven product family with the Synopsys Galaxy design platform.

News from Virage Logic, Mar 28, 2003

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Configurable analogue modules speed filter design

Designers can now point and click to implement analogue dividers, complex Bessel filters, and gain-polarity stages in a drift-free, integrated silicon platform.

News from Anadigm, Mar 24, 2003

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Memory IP keeps SoC power within budget

Silicon-proven semiconductor IP from Virage Logic has played a key role in the development of Alphamosaic's VC01 multimedia processor, the industry's lowest power video processor.

News from Virage Logic, Mar 4, 2003

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Chipidea puts core to Bluetooth use

Chipidea Microelectronics has licensed the ARCtangent-A4 microprocessor for inclusion into a complete Bluetooth solution.

News from ARC International, Feb 26, 2003

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Sunplus takes MIPS route to miniaturisation

Sunplus Technology Co has taken a license for a range of 32bit cores from MIPS Technologies, including the MIPS32 4KEc and 4Kp processor cores and SoC-it system controller.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 25, 2003

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Zorian to present at DATE

Yervant Zorian, Chief Scientist and Vice President of Virage Logic, will present a tutorial on Monday 3rd March 2003 at the DATE conference in Munich.

News from Virage Logic, Feb 25, 2003

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Advanced Communication Devices takes 1T-SRAM route

MoSys has licensed its 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to Advanced Communication Devices Corp.

News from MoSys, Feb 24, 2003

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Showing 1251-1275 of 1567 articles

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