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News releases from this sub-category

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Core to power Chinese cellular baseband

Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group, one of the pioneers of China's maturing telecommunications industry, has licensed the ARM946E microprocessor core.

News from ARM, Sep 19, 2003

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Nanometre-scale libraries join wafer-share scheme

130nm semiconductor IP from Virtual Silicon is now available for use in Europractice's multiproject wafer and low-volume ASIC services.

News from Mosaid, Sep 18, 2003

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STMicroelectronics signs for more cores

STMicroelectronics has extended its ARM technology licence, enabling it to continue to design and manufacture products based on a broad range of ARM microprocessor cores.

News from ARM, Sep 17, 2003

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DAB tuner supports 5.1 audio trial

The DRX-702ES DAB digital radio tuner from Imagination's Pure Digital division will support the upcoming trial broadcast of 5.1 audio signals to be transmitted over DAB in the central London area.

News from Imagination Technologies, Sep 17, 2003

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Oki licenses storage connectivity IP

Oki has licensed Palmchip's BK-3710 IDE Ultra ATA 133MHz storage connectivity IP product.

News from Palmchip Corporation, Sep 17, 2003

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Core opens up interfacing options

The BK-3710S parallel ATA/IDE/ATAPI IP core uses patent-pending SpeedSelect ATA technology that allows the core to be reprogrammed to support different PIO, Multi-Word DMA and Ultra ATA timing modes.

News from Palmchip Corporation, Sep 16, 2003

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RISC and DSP work together in gate-frugal core IP

Cambridge Consultants has developed a ready-integrated combination of its lean RISC and DSP cores, providing a time saving solution for ASIC and SoC applications involving data-intensive processes.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Sep 15, 2003

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IP library gains verification toolkit

Mentor Graphics has joined Verisity's Pure IP programme and can now deliver verification toolkits based on Verisity's Specman Elite automated functional verification methodology for its IP.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Sep 15, 2003

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Approved cores speed programmable system design

The ispLeverCore Connection marks a new level of collaboration between Lattice and independent developers of intellectual property.

News from Lattice Semiconductor UK, Sep 12, 2003

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On-the-Go cores meet the mark

ARC International's full-speed USB On-the-Go products have received USB-IF certification.

News from ARC International, Sep 10, 2003

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Acquisition expands IP offerings

QualCore Logic has acquired Leda Systems of Plano, Texas, a leading provider of analogue and mixed-signal silicon IP.

News from QualCore Logic, Sep 10, 2003

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Training programme speeds ARM design

Doulos and ARM have devised a new training course for licensees of the ARM PrimeXsys Platform.

News from ARM, Sep 5, 2003

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Toshiba arms itself for next-generation SoCs

Toshiba has licensed the ARM1026EJ-S core for use in enabling innovative SoC applications to enhance its portfolio in the next-generation digital product market.

News from ARM, Sep 4, 2003

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Audio specialist sets up IP brokerage

Audio development and licensing specialist Sensaura has created a world-class centre of excellence for audio intellectual property (IP) brokering.

News from Sensaura, Aug 25, 2003

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Cores optimised for FPGA families

4i2i Communications has optimised its Viterbi and Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder IP cores for use with Actel's ProASIC Plus, Axcelerator, SX-A and RTSX-S FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, Aug 20, 2003

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Person to address strategic growth

Virage Logic has appointed Greer Person to the newly created position of Vice President of Business Development.

News from Virage Logic, Aug 20, 2003

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McCranie and Smith come onboard

Dan McCranie and Robert (Bob) H Smith have joined the Board of Directors at Virage Logic Corp.

News from Virage Logic, Aug 11, 2003

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Digital modulator IP core aims to set standards

Cambridge-based Commsonic has developed a new core in its range of "costimisable" IP that is targeted at the latest generations of low-cost, DSP-oriented FPGA devices.

News from Commsonic, Aug 7, 2003

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Malaysian foundry licenses IP

Virage Logic has licensed its technology-optimised semiconductor IP platform to Silterra for its advanced 0.18-micron CL180G process and its embedded memory for its 0.25-micron CL250G process.

News from Virage Logic, Jul 30, 2003

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Acquisition boosts IP portfolio

ARM has purchased Adelante Technologies Belgium, a 25-person company based in Leuven.

News from ARM, Jul 29, 2003

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New SystemC standard models Amba AHB systems

The Amba AHB cycle-level modelling specification will enable designers of complex systems to use IP built according to the interface specification for the exploration of Amba-based SoC architectures.

News from ARM, Jul 29, 2003

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Licence adds embedded Flash to SoC capabilities

1st Silicon is to license 0.25um SuperFlash technology from Silicon Storage Technology (SST) to manufacture embedded Flash products for its foundry customers.

News from 1st Silicon (Malaysia), Jul 29, 2003

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Licence targets Chinese ASIC growth

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp has licensed Virage Logic's technology-optimised semiconductor IP platform for use on its advanced 0.18-micron CMOS process.

News from Virage Logic, Jul 29, 2003

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More slices for platform ASIC family

LSI Logic Corp has unveiled two new families of prebuilt slices, the RapidChip Xtreme and the RapidChip Integrator.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jul 25, 2003

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MAC supports ultra-wideband networks

TTPCom has developed new MAC technology aimed at the new generation of ultra-wideband (UWB) systems.

News from TTPCom, Jul 22, 2003

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Showing 1201-1225 of 1567 articles

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