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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Controller puts Memory Stick on Amba system bus

The latest addition to the ARM PrimeCell peripheral product family is the PL200 Memory Stick host controller.

News from ARM, Oct 28, 2003

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High-level IP integration shortens design time

ARM926EJ-S System CoreWare intellectual property has been added to LSI Logic's IP library.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 28, 2003

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Graphics IP features on ARM development board

ARM has integrated Imagination Technologies' PowerVR MBX graphics technology in a custom development chip which forms the basis of the new ARM RealView Versatile family of hardware development boards.

News from Imagination Technologies, Oct 24, 2003

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New cores power platform for trusted computing

Two new ARM11 family microprocessors, the ARM1176JZ-S and the ARM1176JZF-S cores, power a new version of the ARM11 core family-based PrimeXsys Platform.

News from ARM, Oct 21, 2003

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Strategic partnership extends to new multimedia

Imagination Technologies has signed a new licensing and development agreement with fabless semiconductor house Frontier Silicon.

News from Imagination Technologies, Oct 20, 2003

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Multithreading boosts processor efficiency

The MIPS MT ASE (application specific extension) is a new multithreading extension to the industry-standard MIPS architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 20, 2003

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CPU core powers up new media processors

A new TriMedia CPU core will be used in the next-generation Philips Nexperia media processors.

News from Philips Semiconductors, Oct 20, 2003

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CPUs lead core family performance

The ARM1156T2-S and ARM1156T2F-S cores are based on the ARMv6 instruction set architecture and are aimed at a wide range of deeply embedded storage, automotive networking and imaging applications.

News from ARM, Oct 17, 2003

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Powerful claims for core quartet

MIPS Technologies has revealed further details of the highest performing 32bit synthesisable core family within the embedded market.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 17, 2003

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Zorian named as influencer of technology

Virage Logic Chief Scientist Dr Yervant Zorian has been named by EE Times as one of a few key individuals who have influenced the course of semiconductor technology development.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 17, 2003

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Configurable processor optimises speed and power

The new ARC 600 architecture is claimed as the industry's smallest and lowest power RISC/DSP-based 32bit configurable processor.

News from ARC International, Oct 16, 2003

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FPGA core outperforms 8051 microcontrollers

The Core8051 8bit high-performance embedded microcontroller is an IP core optimised for Actel's nonvolatile, single-chip ProASIC Plus, Axcelerator, SX-A and RTSX-S FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 15, 2003

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Artisan to provide library support

Artisan Components is to develop and deliver its intellectual property library products for 1st Silicon's advanced 0.15-micron CMOS process.

News from 1st Silicon (Malaysia), Oct 15, 2003

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Low-jitter DLL macros target DDR interfaces

A new line of delay-locked loop analogue hard macros is aimed at high-speed, DDR-style interface applications.

News from True Circuits, Oct 15, 2003

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NEC licenses novel nonvolatile memory

Six months after its initial contract for embedded SRAM, Virage Logic has expanded its license agreement with NEC Electronics to include its NOVeA nonvolatile electrically alterable embedded memories.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 15, 2003

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Lanham targets Japanese expansion

Virage Logic is strengthening its support for the Japanese electronics market with the appointment of Richard (Dick) N Lanham as Director of Japan Business.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 15, 2003

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ARM semiconductor programme enhanced

With a new starter kit from ARM, semiconductor companies can get hold of the first Jazelle technology-enabled ARM core

News from ARM, Oct 14, 2003

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Digital interface simplifies WLAN core

NewLogic Technologies has developed a WLAN dual-band radio IP core in CMOS technology with a digital interface.

News from NewLogic, Oct 14, 2003

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Partner programme smoothes IP adoption

Virage Logic has broadened and renamed its partner programme and has added 16 new members.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 14, 2003

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Fodus to base SOHO wireless devices on MIPS core

Wireless LAN specialist Fodus has licensed the MIPS32 4Kc processor core to develop next-generation SoCs for the global networking marketplace.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 9, 2003

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IP embeds High-Speed USB host controllers

ARC International has a new family of single- and multiport USB High-Speed (USB-HS) host controllers.

News from ARC International, Oct 2, 2003

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Top ten honour for Elixent in Japan

The UK Government's Department of Trade and Industry has chosen Elixent to exhibit at the CEATEC exhibition in Japan next month as one of the UK's ten most innovative companies.

News from Elixent, Sep 29, 2003

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IP verifies PCI Express designs

GDA Technologies has enhanced its PCI Express IP family by offering PCI-Xactor from Avery Design Systems.

News from GDA Technologies, Sep 25, 2003

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More cores for Zoran

Zoran Corporation has signed up for additional licences for high-performance MIPS32 4KE cores, and a new licence for the 32bit M4K core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 25, 2003

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PCI Express IP core works on ASICs or FPGAs

The GPEX is a new PCI Express IP core that provides the computing, networking and communications industries a significant enabler for development of silicon based products supporting PCI Express.

News from GDA Technologies, Sep 22, 2003

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Showing 1176-1200 of 1567 articles

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