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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Sunplus licenses IP

Sunplus Technology Company has licensed PowerVR MBX IP from Imagination Technologies for incorporation into application processors.

News from Imagination Technologies, Mar 18, 2004

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Elms to engineer customer relationships

Elixent has appointed Andy Elms as VP of Customer Engineering to direct the technical service and support for its tier one customers.

News from Elixent, Mar 17, 2004

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IP to play critical role in satisfying consumers

Industry pundits have hyped "the next killer app" as key to driving volume semiconductor shipments, but consumers have a different idea, claims MIPS boss John Bourgoin.

News from MIPS Technologies, Mar 17, 2004

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ASIC initiative allows mixed logic designs

Until now, ASIC designers have generally been limited to one logic library per ASIC design.

News from Virage Logic, Mar 17, 2004

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Big camera names using MIPS-based technology

When you choose your next digital still or video camera, chances are that it relies on the industry-standard MIPS architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Mar 11, 2004

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Reconfigurable processors to feature at SoC show

Elixent will demonstrate its patented reconfigurable algorithm processing technology, D-Fabrix, at the 1st International SoC conference in California on 19th and 20th April.

News from Elixent, Mar 10, 2004

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MeriTech adds Korean dimension to ARM training

ARM has expanded its Approved Training Centre (ATC) Programme with the addition of MeriTech, based in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea.

News from ARM, Mar 5, 2004

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Core helps provide a learning experience

LeapFrog Enterprises has licensed the ARCtangent A5.1 processor core for the Leapster Multimedia learning system, an award-winning new portable learning system.

News from ARC International, Mar 4, 2004

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Cores to find Japanese consumer applications

Dai Nippon Printing Co is to provide comprehensive SoC design services using the MIPS32 4KE processor family and MIPS64 5KcT and 5KfT cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Mar 4, 2004

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Schlachte takes charge

Carl Schlachte has been named as the new Chief Executive of ARC International.

News from ARC International, Mar 3, 2004

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Oki to put core to consumer and automotive uses

Oki has licensed the ARM946E-S microprocessor core for use in digital consumer and automotive applications.

News from ARM, Mar 2, 2004

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Cache controller cuts processor power drain

When combined with an ARM processor, the ARM L210 Level 2 cache controller has the potential to increase performance by between 25 and 75%, extending battery life and reducing memory cost.

News from ARM, Feb 27, 2004

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Memory PHY core speeds to latest devices

A new physical layer memory interface ASIC core is optimised for operation up to 667Mbit/s for RLDRAM-II, FCRAM-II and network DRAM-II memories.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Feb 27, 2004

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IDT has more cores to celebrate

MIPS Technologies has licensed its popular MIPS32 4KEc processor core to Integrated Device Technology.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 26, 2004

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Graphics accelerator cores meet OpenGL ES specs

Imagination Technologies and ARM have achieved compliance with the OpenGL ES standard in PowerVR MBX graphics accelerator cores.

News from ARM, Feb 25, 2004

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Telecom Italia Labs is first PrimeXsys specialst

ARM has expanded its approved design centre programme with a new PrimeXsys specialist category.

News from ARM, Feb 25, 2004

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Cores are ready for Magma reference implementation

Magma Design Automation and ARM have developed a reference methodology for RTL-to-GDSII implementation of SoCs that include cores from the ARM9E family of microprocessors.

News from ARM, Feb 25, 2004

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DAB digital radio solutions on show at 3GSM

Imagination Technologies is demonstrating its latest DAB digital radio solutions at 3GSM in Cannes this week.

News from Imagination Technologies, Feb 25, 2004

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Consortium supports handset developers

Imagination Technologies has joined the SH-Mobile Consortium founded by Renesas Technology Corp.

News from Imagination Technologies, Feb 25, 2004

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Consumer success for MIPS-based ASIC chips

MIPS-based Xilleon 220 and 225 ASIC chips from ATI Technologies are being adopted by many of the world's largest OEMs and are shipping to retail stores in a broad range of consumer applications.

News from MIPS Technologies, Feb 25, 2004

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SigmaTel commits to embedded memory technologies

A new long-term agreement enables SigmaTel to license MoSys' 1T-SRAM embedded memory technologies to enhanced future mixed-signal product features and benefits.

News from MoSys, Feb 25, 2004

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FPGAs turn to radio astronomy

RF Engines is helping the world-renowned Max-Planck-Institute for Radio Astronomy based in Bonn, with an FPGA-based, wideband channeliser design.

News from RF Engines, Feb 25, 2004

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PCI Express IP runs on both FPGAs and ASICs

At last week's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, California, DCM Technologies demonstrated its PCI Express core.

News from DCM Technologies, Feb 24, 2004

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Embedded memory to feature in multimedia processor

MoSys has licensed its 1T-SRAM embedded memory technology to Vimicro for use in next-generation multimedia processors for cellular phones.

News from MoSys, Feb 24, 2004

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IP cores turn to Advanced Switching specs

GDA Technologies is to offer a comprehensive set of Advanced Switching IP cores for both ASIC and FPGA implementations.

News from GDA Technologies, Feb 23, 2004

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Showing 1101-1125 of 1567 articles

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