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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Clucas brings experience to management team

Embedded SoC startup Ignios has signed up Rick Clucas as Chief Executive Officer.

News from Ignios, Jun 30, 2004

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Kawasaki licenses top-performing core

Kawasaki Microelectronics has taken a licence for the MIPS32 24K core family, the industry's highest performing line of synthesisable processor cores for embedded applications.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 30, 2004

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Milestone for embedded serdes IP

Agilent Technologies has shipped its 10 millionth embedded serdes channel as part of its ASIC offerings for storage, enterprise computing and network equipment manufacturers.

News from Agilent Technologies, Jun 28, 2004

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Core powers up Infineon's home gateway chip

Infineon Technologies, a MIPS Technologies licensee since 2000 and a leading innovator within the telecommunications access market, has taken a licence for the MIPS32 4KEc core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 24, 2004

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ARM core IP ramps up to 425MHz

LSI Logic has added the ARM1136J-S processor core running at 425MHz to its portfolio of high-performance processor cores in Gflx 0.11-micron technology.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 23, 2004

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IP provides precise FFT solutions

A novel range of "building blocks" for digital transceiver designs offers a "mix-and-match" route to precisely tailored FFT solutions that maximise silicon efficiency.

News from RF Engines, Jun 23, 2004

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Serial interfaces scale up to 12Gbit/s

LSI Logic Corp has tested and validated 12Gbit/s high-speed serial interface circuits in its G90 90-nanometre process technology.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 22, 2004

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Audio codecs simplify multimedia SoC design

The new MIPS Consumer Audio Platform provides easy access to a range of audio codecs developed by Fraunhofer IIS for implementation in multimedia system-on-chip applications.

News from Fraunhofer Institute For Integrated Circuits IIS, Jun 17, 2004

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Power controller cuts SoC consumption

National Semiconductor's industry-leading APC advanced power controller is now available for licensing from ARM.

News from National Semiconductor, Jun 17, 2004

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Platform simplifies audio SoC development

Whether in mobile MP3 players, DVD-recordable devices or plasma TVs, servicing the expanding market for consumer audio playback devices just got easier thanks to MIPS Technologies.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 16, 2004

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Transceiver IP expands Bluetooth portfolio

Xemics is to license Skyworks Solutions' ultra-low-power Bluetooth radio transceiver to complement its own Bluetooth offerings.

News from Xemics, Jun 16, 2004

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IP shifts DECT into 2.4GHz band

WiCon this week has seen the release of new software intellectual property that optimises DECT for use in the licence-free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Jun 11, 2004

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Novel approach to embedded nonvolatile memory

Cavendish Kinetics has developed a major new technology claimed to offer the lowest power and entry-cost embedded nonvolatile memory in the industry.

News from Cavendish Kinetics, Jun 10, 2004

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Israel is key centre of SoC growth

The innovation and "out-of-box" thinking exhibited by Israeli semiconductor and OEM companies comes as no surprise to many.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 10, 2004

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System components accelerate SoC throughput

Three new products support ARM11 family-class processors that use the Amba AXI interface specification.

News from ARM, Jun 9, 2004

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Synopsys extends library support

Synopsys and ARM are collaborating to deliver Amba AXI verification intellectual property through Synopsys' DesignWare Library and DesignWare Verification Library.

News from ARM, Jun 9, 2004

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ARM cores speed into the ASIC Landing Zone

LSI Logic has two new high-performance industry-standard ARM processor cores available for integration into RapidChip platform ASIC designs using an innovative and unique Landing Zone region.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 9, 2004

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IP and the "battle for the digital living room"

Russ Bell of MIPS Technologies will address the impact IP on successful product development in high-volume consumer markets at the Semico Research Digital Consumer Conference.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jun 4, 2004

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Verification speeds IP to market

ARM has signed a 3-year purchase agreement for Verisity's VPA solutions for internal verification.

News from ARM, Jun 3, 2004

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Cores speed interface to DDR-2 memory

A new physical layer memory interface aims to save customers months of development time while improving product performance with the industry's highest speed DDR-2 SDRAM technology.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jun 3, 2004

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IP embeds FPGA functions on ASICs

FlexEOS embedded FPGA technology from M2000 has been successfully manufactured on a test chip in CMOS 130nm technology.

News from M2000, Jun 2, 2004

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Experiences of 90nm design shared at DAC

Virage Logic will share its experiences and insights on 90nm design and its inherent yield and cost challenges at next week's Design Automation Conference in San Diego.

News from Virage Logic, Jun 1, 2004

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Core hosts novel VoIP software platform

The Trinity Convergence VeriCall Edge software platform is now supported on the ARM926EJ-S microprocessor core.

News from ARM, May 26, 2004

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Cores to control broadband access advances

Realtek Semiconductor Corp has licensed a wide range of high-performance MIPS32 processor cores which will form the basis for its continued penetration of the high-growth broadband access market.

News from MIPS Technologies, May 26, 2004

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Fujitsu signs for MAC core

Mentor Graphics Corp has licensed its A-XGMAC 10 Gigabit Ethernet media access controller (MAC) to Fujitsu Laboratories of America (FLA).

News from Mentor Graphics UK, May 24, 2004

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Showing 1026-1050 of 1567 articles

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