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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Meyer and Jaros share industry experience

Derek Meyer and Andrew Jaros have joined ARC International as Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of North American sales, respectively.

News from ARC International, Jul 26, 2004

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Pixelworks plans advanced display applications

Pixelworks has taken licences for the MIPS32 4KEc and M4K cores for use in future products for the advanced television and multimedia projector markets.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 26, 2004

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Cores to gain optimised video compression software

ARC International and On2 Technologies, The Duck Corporation, are working to provide video codecs optimised for ARC processor cores.

News from ARC International, Jul 23, 2004

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Platforms run on Tower CMOS process

Virage Logic's Technology-Optimized Platforms are to be made available on Tower Semiconductor's 0.13-micron CMOS processes.

News from Virage Logic, Jul 23, 2004

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Broadcom leads communications developments

ARM is to work with Broadcom Corp in the development of ARM technology-based products optimised for a wide range of communications applications.

News from ARM, Jul 22, 2004

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Huawei has wireless designs on cores

Huawei Technologies has signed a major licensing agreement for ARM7 and ARM9 family microprocessors, and will launch a range of new wireless products based on the ARM architecture in 2006.

News from ARM, Jul 21, 2004

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PHY IP completes PCI Express solution

New DesignWare PCI Express physical layer intellectual property rounds out a complete PCI Express Endpoint IP solution.

News from Synopsys, Jul 21, 2004

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Baseband modem macro runs on a single FPGA

CBEmacro is a complete baseband modem design aimed at enabling chip manufacturers to incorporate cellular communications technology into their products.

News from TTPCom, Jul 20, 2004

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Two new training centres for China

The latest expansion of the ARM Approved Training Centre (ATC) Programme sees the addition of two new centres in China.

News from ARM, Jul 15, 2004

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Multithreaded core to gain new compiler

Imagination Technologies is using the CoSy compiler development system from ACE Associated Compiler Experts, as the basis of the next generation compiler for the Meta multithreaded processor core.

News from Imagination Technologies, Jul 15, 2004

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Encoder core makes the most of datacomms

Comtech AHA has a new low-density parity check code (LPDC) forward error correction (FEC) encoder/decoder core.

News from Comtech AHA Corp, Jul 14, 2004

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Interface speeds QDR memory access

LSI Logic Corp has developed the industry's highest speed physical layer interface to QDR-2 SRAM memory, enabling the next generation of high-end network routers, switches and host bus adapters.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jul 13, 2004

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PLL hard macros save die space

A new line of phase-locked loop (PLL) hard macros from True Circuits occupy just one-third the die size of the company's current standard PLL products.

News from True Circuits, Jul 13, 2004

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IP cores are cost-effective route to PCI control

A new family of 32bit, 33MHz PCI IP cores runs on Altera's low-cost MAX II device family.

News from Altera Europe, Jul 9, 2004

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Secure cores provide extra-smart cards

Toppan Printing Co, the world's second largest printing company, has developed an IC card with high-speed cryptographic processing capabilities using ARM SecurCore microprocessors.

News from ARM, Jul 9, 2004

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Hard IP cores are quick route to SoC deployment

MIPS Technologies now offers hard intellectual property (IP) cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 9, 2004

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Zarlink has cores for communications

Zarlink Semiconductor is to use the 32bit, synthesisable MIPS32 4KEc core in its next generation of advanced digital television products.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 9, 2004

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Cores to power next-generation WLAN chipsets

Wireless LAN chipset specialist Atheros Communications has licensed both the ARM926EJ-S and ARM946E-S processors.

News from ARM, Jul 8, 2004

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Agreement aims for improved Java performance

Aplix Corp and ARM have signed a technical and marketing agreement under which the companies will aim to improve Java performance in next-generation ARM powered wireless devices.

News from ARM, Jul 6, 2004

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Sony Ericsson licenses Java software

Sony Ericsson has licensed the ARM JTEK software to be used with ARM Jazelle acceleration technology, in its Java platform-enabled mobile handsets.

News from ARM, Jul 5, 2004

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Pair to optimise Advanced Switching IP

Mentor Graphics has established an intellectual property technology relationship with Xyratex, a leading supplier of enterprise storage solutions targeting Advanced Switching data fabrics.

News from Mentor Graphics UK, Jul 5, 2004

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Soft processor core runs on budget FPGAs

Altera has added Nios II embedded processor support to its new Cyclone II FPGA family, claiming a one-two punch in the embedded processor market.

News from Altera Europe, Jul 2, 2004

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MPEG-4 video codec gains bus interface

IndigoVision has developed an Amba (Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture) interface for its Mainstream MPEG-4 video codec.

News from IndigoVision, Jul 2, 2004

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RISC/DSP core upgrades media centre chipset

Digeo has licensed the ARC 600 RISC/DSP core, MetaWare development tools, and MP-3 and AC-3 audio technology for use in its X-Stream media centre chipset.

News from ARC International, Jul 1, 2004

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IP platform focuses on SoC power consumption

One of the unrelenting challenges facing SoC designers today is power management, particularly in low-power, battery-operated microelectronics.

News from Virage Logic, Jul 1, 2004

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