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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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DSP cores set for Broadcom boxes

Broadcom Corp has licensed the ZSP500 digital signal processor core to service multiple encoding and decoding audio applications in the set-top box market.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 2, 2004

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Samsung signs up for intellectual property

Samsung Electronics Co has signed a multi-year licence agreement for Synopsys' DesignWare intellectual property (IP).

News from Synopsys, Sep 2, 2004

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USB cores extend down to TSMC 90nm process

The latest additions to the DesignWare portfolio are a USB 2.0 On-The-Go PHY core for TSMC's 90, 130 and 180nm processes as well as an extension of the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PHY core to the 90nm process.

News from Synopsys, Sep 2, 2004

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Cores chosen for handheld consumer applications

MegaChips LSI Solutions has standardised on the MIPS32 architecture for a range of battery-powered consumer electronics applications.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 1, 2004

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Cores for success in portable designs

The Sony PlayStation Portable and Canon's EOS Digital Rebel camera family are among the growing list of portable devices being driven by MIPS-based application processors.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 1, 2004

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LSI platforms go for gold at UMC

Three system LSI integrated platforms from the Oki uPLAT series have joined the Gold IP programme at world leading semiconductor foundry UMC.

News from Oki Electric, Aug 27, 2004

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Core is first to meet PCI Express specs

The DesignWare Endpoint Controller intellectual property (IP) core for PCI Express has become the first such IP to successfully pass compliance tests from the PCI-SIG.

News from Synopsys, Aug 26, 2004

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SiNett cites core flexibility

MIPS Technologies has licensed the MIPS32 4KEp Pro core to SiNett Corp, a developer of groundbreaking wireless local area network (WLAN) packet processing silicon and software.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 25, 2004

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Acquisition expands electronic system level design

ARM Holdings is to acquire Axys Design Automation, a provider of fast, accurate, integrated, processor and system modelling and simulation solutions.

News from ARM, Aug 18, 2004

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OCP system controller boosts SoC performance

A new SOC-it OCP system controller optimised for the MIPS32 24K core family enables SoC designers to dramatically increase overall system performance when compared with competing offerings.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 18, 2004

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ASIC platform gains compact ARM core

LSI Logic has added the industry standard ARM7TDMI-S processor core and an Amba reference design to its RapidChip Platform ASIC technology.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Aug 16, 2004

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Conference presentation available online

John Bourgoin, President and CEO of MIPS Technologies, will speak at today's B Riley and Co Investor Conference in New York.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 13, 2004

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ARM-based IP core shifts down to 0.15um process

Oki's 0.15um ARM7 core family hard IP has become the industry's first ARM-based IP core to achieve Silver IP status on 0.15um technology at world leading semiconductor foundry UMC.

News from Oki Electric, Aug 12, 2004

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Embedded soft processors top CMP poll

Independent survey results indicate that the Xilinx suite of embedded soft processors form the solution of choice for FPGA designs.

News from Xilinx, Aug 12, 2004

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SanDisk licenses next-generation core

SanDisk Corp has licensed the ARC 600 RISC processor core and MetaWare development tools for use in its next generation of Flash storage products.

News from ARC International, Aug 11, 2004

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Embedded security for Flash-based storage devices

CryptoFlash is a robust, high-performance security solution for embedded storage, removable storage cards of all formats and USB Flash drives (UFDs).

News from Discretix Technologies, Aug 11, 2004

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Wireless video module is missing multimedia link

Adimos, a leading provider of wireless multimedia connectivity solutions for consumer appliances, is using the 4KEp core in its WVM wireless video module.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 11, 2004

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Cores run Java faster than dedicated hardware

Hardware-based solutions for Java execution in consumer embedded applications could be a thing of the past, according to MIPS Technologies.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 4, 2004

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Shenzhen office boosts Chinese market presence

TTPCom has opened a new technical support office in Shenzhen, southern China.

News from TTPCom, Aug 3, 2004

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Gaisler board appoints new CEI

The Board of Directors of Gaisler Research has appointed Per Danielsson as Chief Executive Officer.

News from Gaisler Research, Aug 2, 2004

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Kawasaki upgrades to new core family

Kawasaki Microelectronics has licensed two ARM9 family microprocessors and the ETM9 embedded trace macrocell.

News from ARM, Jul 29, 2004

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More cores for Matsushita

ARM has licensed the ARM1176JZF-S processor and the ARM1136JF-S processor to Matsushita Electric Industrial Co for use in next-generation mobile application processors and digital consumer products su

News from ARM, Jul 28, 2004

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Platform ASIC speeds powerline comms IC to market

Spidcom Technologies has selected the LSI Logic RapidChip platform ASIC for use in its SPC200 powerline physical layer processor.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Jul 28, 2004

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Synthesisable cores run with Windows CE

The new 550MHz MIPS32 24K family of cores has passed Microsoft's certification testing for Windows CE.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 28, 2004

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MIPS revenue just keeps on rising

MIPS Technologies has reported financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ended 30th June 2004.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 27, 2004

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Showing 976-1000 of 1567 articles

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