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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Library brings together high quality IP cores

The first public version of the GRLIB IP library has been released.

News from Gaisler Research, Oct 6, 2004

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Core powers up NEC's new DVD recorder chip

NEC Electronics Corp has developed a new series of single-chip multimedia devices that integrates a 4KE family core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 4, 2004

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FPGA cores raise the bar for FFT performance

RF Engines has released new industry leading fast Fourier transform (FFT) cores at the GSPx Embedded Solutions Event in Santa Clara, California.

News from RF Engines, Oct 4, 2004

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Cump aims to expand customer base

Elixent has appointed Charlie Cump to the newly created position of VP of Worldwide Sales.

News from Elixent, Sep 28, 2004

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Agilent signs to embed cores

Agilent Technologies has licensed the MIPS32 4K, 4KE embedded processor core families, and the M4K and MIPS64 5Kc and 5Kf cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 28, 2004

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Demand grows for Bluetooth integration

Bluetooth IP provider MindTree Consulting is forecasting an increase in the demand for integration of Bluetooth technology in product areas such as GPS, Wi-Fi and GSM/CDMA.

News from MindTree Consulting, Sep 22, 2004

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Bourgoin and Eichler to address conference

MIPS President and CEO John Bourgoin and Chief Financial Officer Casey Eichler will present at the ThinkEquity Partners Conference on Thursday 23rd September 2004.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 21, 2004

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Platform opens door to new range of GPRS handsets

One of Korea's fastest growing mobile phone enterprises has developed a range of GPRS handsets based on TTPCom's GPRS/GSM protocol software and Ajar platform.

News from TTPCom, Sep 21, 2004

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Configurable core gains embedded Linux support

Linux support is now available for ARC International's newest configurable processor core, the ARC 700.

News from ARC International, Sep 20, 2004

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Novel 32bit core makes light work of instructions

A novel 32bit RISC core brings a new level of code density and power economy to deeply embedded applications.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Sep 17, 2004

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Cypress enlists physical help for PCI Express

Cypress Semiconductor has licensed PCI Express PHY technology from Astro Semiconductor.

News from Astro Semiconductor, Sep 16, 2004

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Cores gain validated reference methodology

Magma Design Automation and MIPS Technologies have developed a validated reference methodology for the high-performance MIPS32 24K microprocessor core family.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 16, 2004

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Network services processor features MIPS core

Cavium Networks has standardised on the industry-standard MIPS64 architecture for the newly announced Octeon network services processor family.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 15, 2004

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PMC-Sierra adds 32bit cores to portfolio

PMC-Sierra has deepened its investment in the industry-standard MIPS architecture to include the MIPS32 24K core family and the 4KEm core.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 14, 2004

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IP portfolio expands into DVB-Handheld

Imagination Technologies now offers IP for DVB-Handheld (DVB-H), the fast-emerging new standard for digital mobile TV in Europe and the USA.

News from Imagination Technologies, Sep 13, 2004

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Beijing office aims to support local growth

ARM has opened a new office in Beijing, focused on supporting partners and leveraging strong growth opportunities in this fast-developing market.

News from ARM, Sep 9, 2004

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SMIC expands core offerings

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp has licensed the ARM926EJ microprocessor and its associated Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM9) on-chip debug peripheral.

News from ARM, Sep 9, 2004

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Chinese developers gain Java acceleration

ARM is helping CoreTek Systems and Hopen Software Engineering to integrate the ARM Jazelle Technology Enabling Kit (JTEK) into their software platforms for wireless devices.

News from ARM, Sep 9, 2004

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Slices advance high-speed serial interconnect

Affordable high-speed interconnect solutions (x1 through x4) are now available to PCI Express developers with three new RapidChip IntegratorQS slices.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 9, 2004

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Core family offers full PCI Express solution

LSI Logic Corp has released a complete PCI Express solution, including serdes, pipe, datalink and transaction layer cores for RapidChip platform ASIC designs.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 9, 2004

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SoCs to drive Bluetooth development

Bluetooth technology is moving beyond the stand-alone device and firmly into the SoC arena, says NewLogic President and CEO Hans-Peter Metzler.

News from NewLogic, Sep 9, 2004

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Digital solution for spectrum analyser filtering

SpectraChip IF is a digital replacement for analogue intermediate frequency (IF) filtering used in current spectrum analysers, and is supplied as an IP core for embedding on low cost FPGA devices.

News from RF Engines, Sep 8, 2004

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More maths functions for DSP core

Cambridge Consultants has extended the versatility of its ground-breaking adaptive-datapath DSP core - the APE2 - with new processing modules for maths-intensive embedded applications.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Sep 7, 2004

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Cores set for automotive applications

AMI Semiconductor has selected the ARM architecture for a new range of programmable automotive electronics solutions.

News from ARM, Sep 3, 2004

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Tektronix licenses cores and development tools

Tektronix has licensed the ARC 600 core, the ARC MQX RTOS, MetaWare development tools and the MetaSim cosimulation tool for use in its next-generation products.

News from ARC International, Sep 2, 2004

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Showing 951-975 of 1567 articles

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