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News releases from this sub-category

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Design leverages configurable processor cores

Aarohi Communications is using 11 configurable processors from ARC International as the basis for its FabricStream Intelligent Storage Processor.

News from ARC International, Nov 11, 2004

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Efficient signal filtering, detection and analysis

CoreFIR is an finite impulse response (FIR) intellectual property (IP) core generator optimised for use with Actel's Flash- and antifuse-based families of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

News from Actel Europe, Nov 10, 2004

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Discover potential of complex multicore chips

Ignios to make presentation on embedded multicore chips and new SystemWeaver software at Electronica 2004.

News from Ignios, Nov 4, 2004

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New processor to cut consumption and interference

Handshake Solutions and ARM are developing a new processor using Handshake Solutions' unique low-power, self-timed technology.

News from ARM, Oct 29, 2004

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Scheme allows designers to test drive IP for free

Actel has unveiled a new web-based intellectual property evaluation programme, which allows customers to access and download free evaluation versions of cores from Actel's broad IP portfolio.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 28, 2004

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Hanley takes the chair

Cavendish Kinetics has appointed Dr Peter R Hanley as its Chairman.

News from Cavendish Kinetics, Oct 28, 2004

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TTPCom and ADI power Sharp TM150 camera phone

Wireless technologies from Analog Devices and TTPCom power the new Sharp TM150 camera phone.

News from TTPCom, Oct 28, 2004

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M-Cube appointment boosts Japaese presence

NewLogic Technologies has expanded its presence in Japan by appointing M-Cube Corp as its sales and support representative.

News from NewLogic, Oct 26, 2004

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Sixth consecutive quarter of growth for MIPS

MIPS Technologies has reported financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended 30th September 2004.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 25, 2004

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Latest platform is available to license

ARM has released the latest PrimeXsys Platform based on the ARM1176JZF-S 32bit processor core to its lead partner, STMicroelectronics.

News from ARM, Oct 22, 2004

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Nonvolatile memory shrinks to 90nm SoC process

XPM nonvolatile memory technology is now available for use in ASICs and SoCs using standard logic CMOS 90nm silicon processes in addition to 0.18, 0.15 and 0.13-micron processes.

News from Kilopass Technology, Oct 22, 2004

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Compact CPU core aims for cost-sensitive circuits

The ARM Cortex-M3 processor is specifically designed to meet the requirement for high system performance in extremely cost-sensitive embedded applications.

News from ARM, Oct 21, 2004

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Novel ECC core cuts errors in ARM-based SoCs

A new ECC memory protection core is billed as a significant development in addressing soft error rates in ARM core based SoC designs.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 21, 2004

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Freescale puts cores to new automotive tasks

ARM has received further endorsement with the release by Freescale Semiconductor of its ARM powered MAC7100 32bit microcontroller (MCU) family.

News from ARM, Oct 20, 2004

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Core library supports latest economy FPGAs

Lattice Semiconductor has released a number of key ispLeverCore intellectual property (IP) modules for its recently announced LatticeECP-DSP and LatticeEC FPGAs.

News from Lattice Semiconductor UK, Oct 20, 2004

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Serdes core is flexible about rates and standards

The Hydra serialiser/deserialiser (serdes) core offers a wide range of datarates, selectable I/O types, and exceptional design flexibility for fast SoC designs.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 20, 2004

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Ignios makes the shortlist

Multicore SoC specialist Ignios has been shortlisted for "Startup of the Year" at the prestigious European Electronics Industry Awards.

News from Ignios, Oct 19, 2004

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SoC design to cover Galileosat and GPS

Gaisler Research has been awarded a contract for developing a generic processor platform for Galileo and GPS receivers.

News from Gaisler Research, Oct 18, 2004

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Motorola signs for secure cores

Actel has licensed its DirectCore intellectual property (IP) for use in its ProASIC Plus FPGAs)to the Motorola Broadband Communications Sector.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 14, 2004

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Upgrade for popular 32bit core

MIPS Technologies has released enhanced versions of the cores in the its MIPS32 24K core family, which have the highest performance in the embedded industry.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 14, 2004

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MIPS-based processors star at forum

Some of the most innovative embedded processors unveiled last week at Fall Processor Forum (FPF) are based on the MIPS architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 12, 2004

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FPGA core cuts costs for avionics designers

The Core429 is a bus interface core that implements the ARINC429 communications standard and is optimised for use with Actel's nonvolatile FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 8, 2004

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Slices simplify speedy serial interface design

LSI Logic has expanded its RapidChip Xtreme family of prebuilt slices designed to deliver a low-risk path for building multigigabit serial interface designs.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Oct 8, 2004

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Aronson completes management team

Bernie Aronson, former Chief Executive Officer of Synplicity, has joined embedded nonvolatile memory specialist Kilopass Technology as President and Chief Operating Officer.

News from Kilopass Technology, Oct 7, 2004

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Cores gain dedicated DSP extension

The MIPS DSP ASE is a new digital signal processing extension to the industry-standard MIPS architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 7, 2004

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Showing 926-950 of 1567 articles

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