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News releases from this sub-category

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Frontier and Ubicom sign for latest USB PHY

Innovative Semiconductors has licensed its third generation USB 2.0 OTG PHY technology to both Frontier Silicon and Ubicom.

News from Innovative Semiconductors, Oct 5, 2005

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Core chosen for picoArray products

PicoChip's next generation picoArray flexible products for WiMAX and WCDMA infrastructure will incorporate ARM's ARM926EJ-S processor.

News from ARM, Sep 22, 2005

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Patent promises efficient power design

A new patent covers the design of a digital chip with multiple voltage domains powered by a switch mode DC/DC convertor controlled by a voltage fixing circuit integrated into the digital core.

News from One Media, Sep 21, 2005

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German defence company signs for signal processing

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics has awarded RF Engines a contract for FPGA signal processing designs for an advanced flexible communication channeliser and a 52MHz real-time spectrum analyser.

News from RF Engines, Sep 15, 2005

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DSP-extended cores gain VoIP support

Trinity Convergence is porting its award-winning VeriCall Edge voice over IP (VoIP) and voice and video over IP (V2IP) embedded software solutions to the MIPS32 24KE family of cores.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 15, 2005

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TTPCom to design ARM-based platform ASIC

TTPCom has selected the LSI Logic RapidChip Integrator2 platform ASIC for its next generation 3G cellular modem technology - the Cellular Baseband Macro 3G.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Sep 15, 2005

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Fault tolerant processor fits space-qualified FPGA

Gaisler Research has launched the Leon3 processor as a standard component using the space qualified and radiation tolerant Actel RTAX2000S FPGA.

News from Gaisler Research, Sep 13, 2005

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Compact core joins structured ASIC line

ChipX has taken a licence for the ARC 605 core for use in its structured ASIC products.

News from ARC International, Sep 13, 2005

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DVB core enables digital video recording

Cabot Communications has added the Gemini advanced DVB core to its Aurora Solutions pan-European DVB middleware portfolio.

News from Cabot Communications, Sep 12, 2005

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Mobile TV platform combines DVB-H and T-DMB

Vigo is a licensable demodulation platform for mobile TV with multistandard support for DVB-H, T-DMB and DAB.

News from Imagination Technologies, Sep 12, 2005

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First Silicon Solutions joins MIPS empire

MIPS Technologies has acquired First Silicon Solutions (FS2), a Lake Oswego, Oregon company as a wholly owned subsidiary.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 8, 2005

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Video encoder takes the weight off handset CPUs

Hantro has developed a new hardware encoder design for wireless IC manufacturers.

News from Hantro, Sep 8, 2005

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Hard cores provide easy route to 32bit performance

The MIPS32 24Kc and 4KEc hard cores provide an easy cost-effective low-risk alternative for startups, fabless semiconductor companies and system OEMs.

News from MIPS Technologies, Sep 8, 2005

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Cores to power fingerprint security

Biometric security specialist Upek has licensed the ARC 625D processor core for its next-generation line of TouchStrip fingerprint authentication products.

News from ARC International, Sep 7, 2005

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NTT DoCoMo opts for Java acceleration

ARM Jazelle technology will be deployed in a new line of FOMA handsets by Japan's premier mobile communications company, NTT DoCoMo.

News from ARM, Sep 7, 2005

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Embedded memory exploits SoI floating body effect

Z-RAM embedded memory technology for SoCs can double memory density when compared with existing embedded DRAM solutions.

News from Innovative Silicon, Sep 5, 2005

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Core claims gigahertz clock speed

The MeP-h1 is billed as the first configurable microprocessor to achieve a 1GHz clock speed.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Aug 30, 2005

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Core claims top performance at 90nm node

The Xtensa LX reaches the highest clock rate published to date of any licensable 32bit processor in 90nm technology.

News from Tensilica, Aug 30, 2005

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SoC cores take advantage of latest 90nm tools

Tensilica has enhanced its automated configurable processor design methodology to account for common integrated circuit design challenges with 90nm process technology.

News from Tensilica, Aug 30, 2005

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Configurable processor flies on ST 90nm process

STMicroelectronics has achieved first silicon success on a chip that proves Tensilica's Xtensa V configurable processor achieves a clock rate of 500MHz in a 90nm process technology.

News from Tensilica, Aug 30, 2005

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FFT cores are optimised for FPGA applications

CoreFFT is a novel intellectual property core generator that produces optimised fast Fourier transform cores for use with Actel's Flash- and antifuse-based families of FPGAs.

News from Actel Europe, Aug 25, 2005

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Structured ASICs gain USB controller IP

ChipX has announced the availability of a new portfolio of compliance-tested USB controller IP solutions for its structured ASIC products with Cast.

News from ChipX, Aug 23, 2005

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IP core adds serial FPDP datalinks

Available now from Vmetro is a serial FPDP IP core for use on its range of Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA products.

News from Vmetro-Transtech, Aug 23, 2005

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Motorola signs for cellular applications platform

TTPCom is to license its Ajar cellular applications platform to Motorola for the development of select low-cost mass market mobile devices.

News from TTPCom, Aug 18, 2005

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Processor core family ups the ante

New releases of the patented ARC 700 processor core family feature significantly improved performance in both Dhrystone MIPS and frequency.

News from ARC International, Aug 9, 2005

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