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News releases from this sub-category

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Partnership aids development of Lynx EDGE system

TTPCom has entered into a partnership with Skyworks Solutions, provider of analogue, mixed signal and digital semiconductors for mobile communications applications.

News from TTPCom, Nov 7, 2005

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Sarnoff extends functionality of MIPS products

Sarnoff is to offer its latest H.264 codecs on the industry-standard MIPS architecture, allowing MIPS Technologies to offer its customers a broad range of video solutions for the first time.

News from MIPS Technologies, Nov 4, 2005

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Cavendish Kinetics appoints senior personnel

Cavendish Kinetics has appointed Don Pinchetti as its Director of Process Engineering, based in The Netherlands and Paul Billig as its Vice President of Marketing, based in the USA.

News from Cavendish Kinetics, Nov 3, 2005

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Graphics development focuses on games sector

The PowerVR Insider development programme aims to promote and endorse excellence at all levels of the mobile graphics ecosystem from silicon providers to games developers.

News from Imagination Technologies, Oct 31, 2005

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Digital down-convertor core runs on FPGAs

RF Engines has introduced the first, fully flexible 64-channel digital down-conversion (DDC) core for use on FPGAs.

News from RF Engines, Oct 27, 2005

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Baseband engine helps single-chip phones to market

TTPCom has entered into a partnership with Silicon Laboratories to support the recently launched Aerofone single chip cellular platform.

News from TTPCom, Oct 27, 2005

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IP deployment platform eases FPGA design

The CoreConsole IP deployment platform has been developed to simplify the construction of FPGA-based system-level applications.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 25, 2005

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Soft ARM7 core if free to use in FPGA designs

The CoreMP7 is a soft ARM7 family processor optimised for use in Actel FPGAs, bringing the flexibility and fast time to market of programmable logic to this industry standard in processor technology.

News from Actel Europe, Oct 25, 2005

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Processor promises faster SoC design

Tensilica has announced a new version of its Xtensa processor family - the Xtensa 6 configurable and extensible processor core for system-on-chip (SoC) design.

News from Tensilica, Oct 25, 2005

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Licensing delays put MIPS in the red

MIPS Technologies has reported financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended 30th September 2005.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 24, 2005

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Optimised IP kits make the most of MIPS cores

New core-optimised IP kits comprise Virage Logic Area, Speed and Power (ASAP) Memory and ASAP Logic IP specifically tuned to maximise the performance of MIPS Technologies processors.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 24, 2005

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VeriSilicon arms itself for Chinese IC expansion

VeriSilicon is licensing a range of ARM processors available via the ARM Foundry Programme, including the ARM7TDMI, the ARM922TTM and the ARM926EJ-STM.

News from ARM, Oct 20, 2005

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Bailey brings extensive industry experience

Virage Logic has strengthened its management team with the appointment of industry veteran Jim Bailey as Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

News from Virage Logic, Oct 20, 2005

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CeRoma puts ARM cores into DVB SoC

Digital video broadcasting specialist CeRoma is to integrate the ARM1136J(F)-STM processor and ARM7TDMI processor into its new Giraffe SoC solutions.

News from ARM, Oct 18, 2005

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FlexRay controller joins IP library

Freescale's FlexRay communication controller core can now be licensed through IPextreme's Nexus IP commercialisation programme.

News from Freescale Semiconductor, Oct 18, 2005

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Embedded OTP design runs on AMI foundry

Cavendish Kinetics has fully qualified its embedded one-time programmable (OTP) solution on AMI Semiconductor's foundry process.

News from Cavendish Kinetics, Oct 18, 2005

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Eur 165,000 space contract signed

The processor platform extensions will take into account the requirements of commercial receivers with applications ranging from consumer to aerospace.

News from Gaisler Research, Oct 17, 2005

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IP package puts Serial Attached SCSI on chip

Ceva-SAS is a comprehensive new solution for implementing Serial Attached SCSI in SoC designs.

News from Ceva, Oct 14, 2005

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Bridge IP puts Serial RapidIO into PCI systems

Jennic, a supplier of system-level intellectual property (IP) cores and semiconductor solutions for the communications market, has developed a Serial RapidIO to PCI bridge.

News from Jennic, Oct 11, 2005

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IP core puts PCI into budget FPGA designs

New from Brace Design Solutions is the BDS XPCI PCI IP core, a Xilinx Logicore PCI compatible PCI IP core.

News from Brace Design Solutions, Oct 10, 2005

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IP codecs enable video on mobile devices

Sarnoff Corporation's latest H.264 silicon IP codecs, which enable video on mobile devices, are now available on ARM processors.

News from ARM, Oct 10, 2005

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Embedded audio processor moves up to 24bit

The Xtensa HiFi 2 audio engine is a new an addon package for Tensilica's proven Xtensa LX processor, optimised specifically for today's consumer audio functions.

News from Tensilica, Oct 7, 2005

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Core drives advanced SoC subsystem

K-Micro has included the MIPS32 24Kf processor core in its new Topaz advanced computing subsystem for SoCs.

News from MIPS Technologies, Oct 7, 2005

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Decoder has main multimedia standards covered

Hantro's 7170 decoder is billed as the first hardware solution to combine all of the key formats for enabling mobile multimedia in one design.

News from Hantro, Oct 6, 2005

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TI to be first with latest ARM-based processor

Texas Instruments is the first licensee and ARM's lead partner in the development of the new ARM Cortex-A8 processor.

News from ARM, Oct 6, 2005

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Showing 701-725 of 1567 articles

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