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News releases from this sub-category

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IP supports latest Secure Digital standards

The first products available from TED are SD/SDIO host and card-side controller intellectual property, which the company has been licensing to major Japanese semiconductor companies.

News from Tokyo Electron Device, Jan 5, 2006

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Kato takes charge of purse strings

MIPS Technologies has promoted Mervin S Kato to the position of Chief Financial Officer.

News from MIPS Technologies, Jan 5, 2006

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Roke Manor Research signs for RF IP

Toumaz Technology has signed a licence agreement to deliver IP for the design of certain subsystems for a low power radio chip being developed by Roke Manor Research.

News from Toumaz Technology, Dec 27, 2005

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Physical IP supports Grace process technologies

Grace Semiconductor and ARM have concluded their first licensing agreement, which enables ARM to develop a suite of its Artisan physical IP to support Grace's 0.18 and 0.13um process technologies.

News from ARM, Dec 21, 2005

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Core features in WiMAX SoC

An ARC core plays a critical part in Fujitsu Microelectronics America's award-winning MB87M3400 WiMAX SoC.

News from ARC International, Dec 20, 2005

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Alliance targets Chinese audio chip designers

A design services partnership with Global Unichip Corp will speed time to market for Greater China's increasing number of fabless startup companies attacking the high-growth digital audio IC market.

News from ARC International, Dec 20, 2005

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Bielby to lead market development

LSI Logic Corporation has named Robert Bielby as Vice President, Custom Solutions Group Marketing.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Dec 16, 2005

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Vice President's responsibility grows

MIPS Technologies, a provider of processor architectures and cores for digital consumer and business applications, has promoted Brad Holtzinger to the position of Vice President of Worldwide Sales.

News from MIPS Technologies, Dec 15, 2005

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Siport signs for configurable CPU and DSP cores

Siport has taken a licence for multiple ARC 32bit configurable CPU and DSP cores.

News from ARC International, Dec 15, 2005

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Demo shows off multicore capabilities

Ignios has unveiled a T-Engine based demonstration of the seamless integration of its SystemWeaver multicore-enabling technology with the multicore MB87Q1100 Fujitsu SoC.

News from Ignios, Dec 15, 2005

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Configurable core selected for secret duties

A major US defence contractor has licensed a configurable 32bit ARC processor for use in a radiation hardened device to handle data encryption functions for a US Government satellite.

News from ARC International, Dec 14, 2005

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Floating point unit to boost space ASIC

A licence agreement has been signed for the use of the Gaisler Research Floating Point Unit (GRFPU) in the Omnia ASIC developed by Alcatel Alenia Space, Italy.

News from Gaisler Research, Dec 13, 2005

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Ralink licenses core for wireless duties

Taiwan-based Ralink Technology Corp has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc core to develop high-performance low-cost solutions for wireless access points.

News from MIPS Technologies, Dec 8, 2005

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Alliance to develop DVB-H chipset IP

The Heinrich-Hertz-Institute is working with ARC International to further the development and commercialisation of consumer products based on DVB-H technology.

News from ARC International, Dec 8, 2005

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Conexant licences cores for fax SoCs

Conexant Systems has taken another licence for an ARC 600 family configurable core and MQX RTOS and MetaWare development tools to develop low cost, next-generation fax SoC devices.

News from ARC International, Dec 7, 2005

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Cheertek to run set-top-box audio on RISC core

Taiwan-based IC design firm Cheertek has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc processor core and MIPS Dolby Digital AC3 and Dolby Prologic II audio decoder.

News from MIPS Technologies, Dec 7, 2005

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16bit core performs more MIPS per megahertz

The all-new 16bit XAP4 IP core features a modern, high-performance RISC architecture with low gate count, low power consumption and high code density.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Dec 2, 2005

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Core extensions ease debug tasks

ARC International has added new configurable trace and debug extensions to its ARC 600 and 700 core families.

News from ARC International, Nov 30, 2005

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HD-video core supports many decode standards

The PowerVR MSVDX HD-video core is available now from Imagination Technologies.

News from Imagination Technologies, Nov 21, 2005

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Floating point unit goes automotive

A licence agreement has been signed for the use of the Gaisler Research Floating Point Unit with a major customer active within the automotive electronics segment.

News from Gaisler Research, Nov 21, 2005

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Lightweight serial interconnect runs on FPGAs

New from Altera, SerialLite II is a lightweight serial interconnect protocol for chip-to-chip, board-to-board and backplane applications.

News from Altera Europe, Nov 16, 2005

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Acceleration hardware boosts handheld gaming

Imagination Technologies demonstrated both Quake Mobile from Pulse Interactive and Quake III Arena from NoctemWare on the PowerVR-enabled Dell Axim X51v at the Korean Games Conference/G Star 2005.

News from Imagination Technologies, Nov 15, 2005

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TI CPU gives handsets multimedia capabilities

Imagination Technologies reports that Texas Instruments' OMAP2420 application processor has been selected to power NTT Docomo's new 3G FOMA 902i series handsets.

News from Imagination Technologies, Nov 8, 2005

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Space processor implements fault-tolerant design

The Atmel AT697 is a new generation of radiation hardened 32bit SPARC processor (V8) for the space industry.

News from Gaisler Research, Nov 8, 2005

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AAI is selected as a MIPS Approved Design Centre

MIPS Technologies has announced the selection of Avnet ASIC Israel (AAI) as an Approved Design Centre for the company.

News from MIPS Technologies, Nov 7, 2005

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Showing 676-700 of 1567 articles

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