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News releases from this sub-category

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FPGA cores run latest video standards

Intellectual property cores for video applications are compliant with the newest Pro-MPEG and HD.264 standards for video distribution.

News from Altera Europe, May 1, 2006

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IP puts mobile storage host controller on chip

Mobile storage host controller intellectual property features full support for the CE-ATA protocol.

News from Synopsys, Apr 28, 2006

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Taiwanese developers opt for configurable cores

ARC International has signed three new licensing agreements with leading Taiwan-based semiconductor companies.

News from ARC International, Apr 27, 2006

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VXIS takes quick route to video

VXIS Technology Corp of Taiwan is to use ARC's configurable and preverified Video Subsystem to create SoCs for the high-growth portable digital TV market.

News from ARC International, Apr 27, 2006

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Configurable core chosen for consumer devices

Taifatech has taken a licence for a configurable ARC 700 core to develop ARC-based SoCs for next-generation consumer devices.

News from ARC International, Apr 27, 2006

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Subsystem for inclusion in multimedia player SoC

Skymedi Corporation has taken a licence for the ARC Video Subsystem to create a fully integrated system-on-chip targeting the burgeoning multimedia player market.

News from ARC International, Apr 27, 2006

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Space payload receives new funding

The experimental payload will demonstrate technologies offering more than 1000 Giga operations-per-second (GOps) processing capability for software-defined radio (SDR) functions in space.

News from Gaisler Research, Apr 27, 2006

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On-chip debug gains industry acceptance

Ten industry-leading semiconductor companies are integrating ARM CoreSight debug and trace capabilities into their future chip designs.

News from ARM, Apr 25, 2006

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Soft modem chip integrates many PLLs

Multiple PLL hard macros have been used by fabless semiconductor company Icera in the Livanto ICE8020 wireless soft modem IC for 3G mobile phone and wireless devices.

News from True Circuits, Apr 25, 2006

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Relationship extends to IP advantage

ARM and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company have agreed to extend the companies' long-term relationship for development of a new suite of ARM Advantage products.

News from TSMC, Apr 20, 2006

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Core to control 10Gbit/s Ethernet transceiver

Aquantia Corp of Milpitas, California, has licensed the Diamond Standard 108Mini processor core for its 10Gbit/s Ethernet physical layer transceiver chip design.

News from Tensilica, Apr 20, 2006

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Configurable cores chosen for storage controllers

Bitmicro Networks has taken a licence for the ARC 700 family of configurable cores.

News from ARC International, Apr 19, 2006

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AES cores come with easy licensing scheme

New IP cores available under the SignOnce IP licence implement the Advanced Encryption Standard as described in the NIST Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 197 document.

News from Erst Electronic, Apr 19, 2006

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Diamond core set for Lucid chip design

Lucid Information Technology has licensed the Diamond Standard 212GP general-purpose processor core for a new scalable multi-GPU chip design project.

News from Tensilica, Apr 19, 2006

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Sound subsystem set for automotive duties

Oki Electric is to use the ARC Sound Advanced Subsystem in an application specific standard product targeting next generation in-car audio applications.

News from ARC International, Apr 11, 2006

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Processor orbits venus

The LEON processor is currently in orbit around Venus.

News from Gaisler Research, Apr 11, 2006

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SMSC signs up for configurable processors

SMSC has taken a licence for the ARC 600 family of configurable processors for computing applications.

News from ARC International, Apr 4, 2006

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IP platform makes security smarter

The Safe-SOC security platform combines M-Systems' mSafe security intellectual property and MIPS Technologies' industry leading processor architecture.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 4, 2006

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Baqai to help change focus at LSI

LSI Logic has appointed Badar Baqai as Vice President Engineering of the IP Products and Solutions organisation within Custom Solutions Group Marketing.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Apr 3, 2006

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Encoder/decoder core supports DVB-S2 standard

A low density parity check code forward error correction encoder/decoder core is fully compliant with the Digital Video Broadcast S2 standard.

News from Comtech AHA Corp, Apr 3, 2006

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FPGA core provides Serial RapidIO interface

A new Mercury Serial RapidIO IP core is designed for implementation on Xilinx Virtex high-performance and Spartan low-cost FPGA families.

News from Mercury Computer Systems, Mar 30, 2006

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Cores prove popular for ultrawideband comms ICs

Industry-leading UWB chip and hardware companies are integrating ARM9 family microprocessor technology in their upcoming networking and consumer device products.

News from ARM, Mar 28, 2006

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Nonvolatile technology wins European acclaim

Cavendish Kinetics has won the coveted 2006 European IST Grand Prize in recognition of its innovative Nanomech embedded nonvolatile memory technology.

News from Cavendish Kinetics, Mar 27, 2006

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Vogel rises to senior European role

Ronald Vogel, an 18-year veteran of LSI Logic Corporation, has been appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Europe.

News from LSI Logic Europe, Mar 24, 2006

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IP subsystem is sound addition to SoC design

The ARC Sound Advanced Subsystem is a configurable solution that is preverified to reduce component cost and power while accelerating design time for next-generation consumer products.

News from ARC International, Mar 22, 2006

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Showing 601-625 of 1567 articles

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