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News releases from this sub-category

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Video core scales to multiple duties

Chip architecture can be easily scaled from low-cost high-definition video decoders to high-performance real-time multichannel video encoders and transcoders.

News from MnD Semiconductors, Aug 15, 2006

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Company licenses IP library

Aeroflex Colorado Springs has announced an agreement with Gaisler Research to license an IP library for use in Aeroflex's future RadHard standard products.

News from Gaisler Research, Aug 14, 2006

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Universal verification components speed closure

Reusable verification IP integrates compliance management and mixed-language flexibility with advanced simulation-based testbench technology.

News from Cadence Design Systems, Aug 8, 2006

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Gillingham and Kaskowitz take senior roles

Two senior management appointments strengthen Mosaid's core technology and semiconductor intellectual property product development programmes.

News from Mosaid, Aug 4, 2006

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Contract boost raises ARC's expectations

ARC International has announced its unaudited financial results for the six months ended 30th June 2006.

News from ARC International, Aug 3, 2006

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Atmel opts for configurable video

Atmel Corp has taken a licence for the ARC Video Subsystem.

News from ARC International, Aug 3, 2006

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Cores are chosen for RF duties

RF Micro Devices has signed a licence agreement for the configurable ARC 600 core family.

News from ARC International, Aug 3, 2006

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Codec cuts delays at Internet bitrates

Source Elements is licensing the Fraunhofer IIS implementation of the most advanced low delay audio coding standard in MPEG-4 "Low delay advanced audio coding" (MPEG-4 AAC-LD).

News from Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, Aug 3, 2006

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Programme promotes mobile graphics ecosystem

Imagination Technologies is unveiling the next stage of PowerVR Insider, the market-leading technical support and comarketing programme at Siggraph 2006.

News from Imagination Technologies, Aug 3, 2006

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Balance sheet strengthened at LSI

LSI Logic Corp has reported second quarter 2006 revenues of $490 million, a 3% increase sequentially compared with the $476 million reported in the first quarter of 2006

News from LSI Logic Europe, Aug 2, 2006

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First fully accredited portable 3G protocol stack

TTPCom's software is first portable 3G protocol stack to achieve full GCF and IOT accreditation

News from TTPCom, Jul 31, 2006

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First Taiwan Configurability Training Centre

ARC International has announced it has opened the industry's first comprehensive training centre for configurable processor technology.

News from ARC International, Jul 27, 2006

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GDA Technologies adopts test IP for serdes

LogicVision and GDA Technologies are to deliver design services for high speed I/O test with LogicVision's comprehensive at-speed test IP for high speed serdes circuits.

News from LogicVision Europe, Jul 27, 2006

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Lattice FPGA IP support expands

Lattice Semiconductor has announced the availability of multimedia intellectual property (IP) cores from Art of Silicon, a new member of the ispLeverCORE Connection IP partners program.

News from Lattice Semiconductor UK, Jul 26, 2006

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New core-optimised IP kits

Virage Logic and MIPS Technologies introduce new core-optimised IP kits for MIPS32 24K, 24KE and 34K core families in 90nm G process

News from MIPS Technologies, Jul 26, 2006

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Processor support packages for Ceva cores

Ceva and CoWare announce availability of processor support packages for Ceva cores within CoWare ESL design environment

News from Ceva, Jul 25, 2006

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RISC processor cores come without royalties

Mosis, the multiproject wafer (MPW) services provider, has partnered with Cambridge Consultants to offer customers royalty-free access to the XAP4 and XAP5 16bit RISC processor cores.

News from EDA Solutions, Jul 24, 2006

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Funds pave the way to commercial products

New funding will enable CebaTech to focus on productising ESL compiler technology and Internet Protocol cores developed using the ESL compiler.

News from CebaTech, Jul 24, 2006

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DigRF interface suits RF and baseband for 3G

TTPCom's 3G DigRF solution is designed to enable semiconductor device vendors to quickly and easily add a 3G DigRF compliant digital interface to both 3G RF and baseband ICs.

News from TTPCom, Jul 21, 2006

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Memory interface IP makes more of embedded DDR

ARM has expanded its Velocity DDR memory interface products to support a number of application-specific SDRAM requirements.

News from ARM, Jul 21, 2006

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Cores prove more popular than expected

Tensilica has revealed that market acceptance of its new Diamond Standard processor family exceeded the company's expectations in the first quarter since these processor cores were introduced.

News from Tensilica, Jul 20, 2006

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Memory system IP proves popular

The Silicon Aware Self-Test and Repair (STAR) Memory System has exceeded 100,000,000 units shipped.

News from Virage Logic, Jul 19, 2006

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Avago Advances to the Next Generation

Key Development in Chip Design Extends Deep Heritage of Leading-Edge IP

News from Avago Technologies, Jul 18, 2006

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XPM Picked for Secure Software Storage

Bitmicro Networks Signs Corporate Agreement for Kilopass 90-Nanometer XPM Memory Technology

News from Kilopass Technology, Jul 18, 2006

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MRAM cell technology for embedding

NEC has developed magnetoresistive random access memory cell technology suitable for high speed memory macro embedded in next generation system LSIs.

News from NEC, Jul 18, 2006

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Showing 526-550 of 1567 articles

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