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USB deal opens new partnership

Faraday USB2.0 IP solutions suit applications in the mass storage, multimedia, game console and communication sectors.

News from Faraday Technology, Sep 7, 2007

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Computing acquisition announced

Upon closing, the Tarari team and products will be integrated into the NSPG organisation.

News from LSI Europe, Sep 6, 2007

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Companies collaborate on IP cores

Rambus and Cadence Design Systems' collaboration helps companies speed up the IP integration and increase productivity.

News from Rambus, Sep 5, 2007

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Multicore SoC processor speeds to 700MHz

A 90nm, 700MHz dual-core implementation of the ARM11 MPCore multicore processor is billed as the highest-performing ARM processor core on the market.

News from NEC Electronics (Europe), Aug 30, 2007

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Companies collaborate on high-end memory

The GDDR5 memory devices from Qimonda are designed to meet the high-performance requirements from graphic applications on game consoles, desktop PCs and notebooks.

News from Denali Software, Aug 24, 2007

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Technology suits 65nm processes

Kilopass XPM technology is ideal for standard logic and mixed-signal CMOS design applications requiring embedded nonvolatile memory

News from Kilopass Technology, Aug 24, 2007

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Compact core is speedy 6bit ADC for SoCs

Silicon proven 6bit, 2.5Gsample/s ADC IP core has high-bandwidth sample-and-hold front end, maintaining excellent dynamic performance throughout the full range of input frequencies.

News from Snowbush Microelectronics, Aug 23, 2007

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DSP tools receive speed boost

Developers of multi-rate DSP designs will see up to a 38% improvement in Fmax performance when using version 9.2 with no modification to existing designs.

News from Xilinx, Aug 23, 2007

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$500 million mobility product sale agreed

Following a review of its business portfolio, LSI decided to sell its mobility business.

News from LSI Europe, Aug 22, 2007

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Reference architecture protects IP

Elliptic Semiconductor and Impinj are developing a secure, standards-based system-on-chip that will counter threats such as reverse chip engineering and cryptographic algorithm security breaches.

News from Elliptic, Aug 21, 2007

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Connectivity platforms boost IP security

Security functions including AES encryption, enhance design flexibility for handheld electronics products.

News from QuickLogic, Aug 21, 2007

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Acquisition expands IP portfolio

Application specific IP expands products and services for the rapid development of system-on-chip integrated circuits.

News from Virage Logic, Aug 17, 2007

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ARM core overcomes speed restrictions at 90nm

32bit RISC processor with eight pipeline stages has separate instruction/data caches and scratchpads, a write buffer, a memory management unit and a JTAG ICE interface.

News from Faraday Technology, Aug 15, 2007

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Memory licence brings Z-RAM to market

Hynix works with Innovative Silicon to bring Z-RAM technology to the US $30 billion-plus merchant memory market.

News from Innovative Silicon, Aug 14, 2007

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Semiconductor IP acquisition announced

The planned acquisition of Ingot Systems will expand Virage Logic's range of products and services required in the rapid development of System-on-Chip (SoC) integrated circuits.

News from Virage Logic, Aug 8, 2007

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Cores to extend video processing SoCs

Genesis Microchip will use a range of 32bit MIPS cores in SoCs for a variety of next-generation consumer display products.

News from MIPS Technologies, Aug 8, 2007

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Powerline comms IP runs on embedded arrays

Having helped Ariane Controls to create a powerline comms ASIC, ChipX now offers the IP blocks for applications in the utilities market.

News from ChipX, Jul 31, 2007

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LSI to shed IC assembly and test operations

Move is expected to achieve greater cost efficiencies through the adoption of a variable cost structure and to provide for scalable capacity without additional capital investment.

News from LSI Europe, Jul 27, 2007

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Core brings order to complex FPGA designs

IP core eases complex device design by providing standards-based CORBA protocol messaging for FPGA logic blocks.

News from PrismTech, Jul 26, 2007

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Nonvolatile memory runs on low-power 90nm process

The XPM-90G and XPM-90LP families support both general purpose and low power processes and applications requiring high performance and/or low leakage.

News from Kilopass Technology, Jul 26, 2007

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UWB MAC speeds comms with fewer pins

Ultrawideband media access controller IP enables the design of SoCs with higher transfer rates and lower pin counts.

News from Faraday Technology, Jul 26, 2007

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Express IP has all options covered

Flexible and configurable PCI Express controller IP can be used for end-point, root complex, switch and bridge implementations.

News from GDA Technologies, Jul 20, 2007

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Research investigates one-for-all receiver

RF Engines has won a grant to research into a novel and flexible receiver architecture that is reconfigurable on-the-fly.

News from RF Engines, Jul 20, 2007

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Memory controller IP cuts Flash system costs

Next-generation high-speed BCH error correction code technology for NAND Flash memory claims order-of-magnitude performance improvement at lower costs.

News from Denali Software, Jul 18, 2007

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32bit core answers automotive safety demands

Toshiba begins development of automotive controller SoCs based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor.

News from ARM, Jul 17, 2007

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Showing 226-250 of 1567 articles

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