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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Video decoder supports all major HD and SD formats

Stream processor analyses the incoming video bit-stream on a frame by frame basis, and reconfigures the highly configurable low-level hardware modules in the IP core accordingly.

News from Imagination Technologies, Jan 8, 2008

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Licensing deal simplifies handheld devices

Denali Software's NAND Flash solution is providing simplified system development and low development cost benefits to handheld manufacturers.

News from Denali Software, Jan 3, 2008

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Core creates compact set-top-box SoCs

Taiwan-based ALi Corporation has licensed the customisable MIPS32 24KEc Pro core for advanced multimedia designs.

News from MIPS Technologies, Dec 21, 2007

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Reference platform is certified for Wi-Fi

First IP vendor to achieve Wi-Fi certification for a complete WLAN solution including the MAC, modem and radio.

News from Wipro-NewLogic, Dec 20, 2007

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Audio core supports latest Dolby encoders

Encoders enable manufacturers to design consumer devices that support Dolby 5.1-channel surround sound as well as next-generation HD video technologies.

News from Tensilica, Dec 19, 2007

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Memory architecture boosts bandwidth for TV

The XDR memory architecture will allow Toshiba's HDTV chipset to deliver state-of-the-art image processing performance in its customers' HDTVs.

News from Rambus, Dec 18, 2007

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IP deal is of academic interest

Agreement underscores Qualcomm's commitment to technology universities and research institutes globally, with a focus on funding academic research.

News from Qualcomm, Dec 17, 2007

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Processor cores put more into SoC designs

Configurable processor families gain new hardware options and software tool enhancements to appeal to an even wider audience of SoC designers.

News from Tensilica, Dec 14, 2007

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Macrocell eases processor debugging

Software engineers can easily develop and debug programs while using the Trax-PC trace macrocell.

News from Tensilica, Dec 11, 2007

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DRM to secure consumer SoC deisgns

Elliptic has extensive experience in rendering cost effective security solutions in silicon.

News from Micronas USA, Dec 10, 2007

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Novel route to analogue intellectual property

The customer is able to own high performance analogue blocks on an attractive cost model compared with normal IP vendor arrangements.

News from Moortec, Dec 7, 2007

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Clock generator IP offers more than PLLs

Patented digital clock synthesis technology developed by Motorola is now offered to the global semiconductor market through IPextreme.

News from IPextreme, Dec 4, 2007

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Core puts PCI Express on avionics video card

DMA controller core is designed for Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT and SXT FPGAs with their on-chip endpoint blocks for PCI Express.

News from PLDA, Dec 4, 2007

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Configurable processor to control powerline chips

Design of Systems on Silicon will use the Xtensa configurable processor as a controller in a 200Mbit/s powerline chipset.

News from Tensilica, Nov 29, 2007

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Silicon IP upgrades handset image processing

Embedded image processing solutions are specifically designed for camera phone applications and available as silicon IP licensed to silicon vendors.

News from DxO Labs, Nov 29, 2007

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Compact core eases 32bit design migration

Ultra-low-power ARM v5 ISA compliant 32bit RISC core is specially designed for those applications which are both power and cost sensitive.

News from Faraday Technology, Nov 28, 2007

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Cores come to structured ASIC portfolio

Tensilica and eASIC are working together to remove the cost barriers for developing custom embedded SoCs.

News from eASIC Corp, Nov 27, 2007

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Wireless USB Device IP passes the test

DesignWare Wireless USB Device IP includes a WiMedia MAC-PHY interface for interoperability with WiMedia UWB PHYs such as those from Alereon and Realtek.

News from Synopsys, Nov 27, 2007

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Compact core gains system-level design support

New integration extends the unique relationship between CoWare and Tensilica to the entire Diamond Standard and Xtensa configurable processor product lines.

News from Tensilica, Nov 23, 2007

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PCI Express PHY is proved at 0.13um

Phylinks has combined with ASIC Architect to provide SoC designers with a complete PCIe solution that includes PCIe PHY, link controller and sample software.

News from Phylinks, Nov 19, 2007

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Multiprocessor platform takes full HD onboard

Silicon Hive's HiveFlex 2500 processor and AllGo's optimised H.264 codec software can be combined on an SoC to offer HD video signal processing.

News from Silicon Hive, Nov 16, 2007

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IP library gets the measure of FPGA design

Suite of software and hardware intellectual property simplifies the use of FPGAs in measurement, control and signal processing applications.

News from National Instruments, Nov 16, 2007

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IP core suits high-definition video

he Full HD decoding hardware is supported by three VLIW processors; two VLIW processors that have tile architectures and one stream processor meant for entropy coding.

News from Silicon Hive, Nov 15, 2007

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NFC technology comes as semiconductor IP

Licensing programme will enable semiconductor companies to develop near field communications as stand-alone devices or as part of integrated NFC SoCs.

News from Innovision Research and Technology, Nov 15, 2007

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Processor boosts energy efficiency

The SecurCore SC300 processor will enable more functionality to be embedded in a smart card or SIM card than ever before, with minimal additional silicon area.

News from ARM, Nov 14, 2007

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Showing 176-200 of 1567 articles

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