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Latest articles from 'Intellectual Property Cores'

News releases from this sub-category

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Embedded memory enables wireless home control

XPM technology allows Zensys to contain its costs and add new features to its SoCs.

News from Kilopass Technology, Apr 15, 2008

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MIL-STD-1553 controller joins core options

Optimising Sital's MIL-STD-1553 controller design into a PSB for QuickLogic's programmable fabric will help give a long life to military and civil aerospace designs.

News from QuickLogic, Apr 15, 2008

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SPARC processor core gains royalty-free RTOS

The Nucleus OS unlocks the full performance of the Leon processor family.

News from Gaisler Research, Apr 14, 2008

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IP core puts 1394b Link Layer on FPGA

The increased bandwidth of the 800Mbit/s 1394b bus will accelerate applications such as storage systems, digital cameras, printers and other computer peripherals.

News from Imaging Solutions Group (ISG), Apr 9, 2008

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Reuse methodology makes more of IP assets

Semiconductor designers can now license a proven IP core reuse methodology and toolset from IPextreme.

News from IPextreme, Apr 8, 2008

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Memory compilers streamline SoC design

The SiWare Memory compilers and SiWare Logic libraries provide designers with options for maximum flexibility in effectively managing design tradeoffs to meet their specific requirements.

News from Virage Logic, Apr 8, 2008

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Avago adopts nonvolatile memory technology

Production proven in more than 800 million units shipped, Aeon memory cores have been proven in some of the world's highest volume applications.

News from Impinj, Apr 4, 2008

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PCI Express endpoint controller runs on FPGAs

The DesignWare LE IP for PCIe is a cost-effective solution that provides innovative ease-of-use features to simplify the complexities of transitioning to PCI Express.

News from Synopsys, Apr 3, 2008

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Graphics cores enhance Atom-based systems

Graphics and video technologies enable the user to enjoy a richer Internet multimedia experience while consuming low power.

News from Imagination Technologies, Apr 3, 2008

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Multiprocessor core incorporates multithreading

The 1004K core optimises CPU performance on a shared memory system, enabling multiple functions and applications to be implemented in a single product.

News from MIPS Technologies, Apr 2, 2008

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Cores form basis for software defined radio

Core set includes an ultra-high-speed ADC core that addresses 50Gsample/s sampling.

News from TiaLinx, Mar 28, 2008

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Block speeds data transfers to mass storage

The UDMA Proven System Block adds to QuickLogic's suite of hard disk drive (HDD) interface blocks for the company's CSSP platforms.

News from QuickLogic, Mar 28, 2008

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Platform to enable wireless medical sensors

Novel software solution on a single chip will allow medical devices such as blood pressure monitors to transmit data wirelessly.

News from Cambridge Consultants, Mar 28, 2008

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Technology licensing offers new direction

Acquisition signals Spansion's immediate entry into the technology licensing business, significantly expanding its market opportunity.

News from Spansion, Mar 24, 2008

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Processor and analogue IP combine in baseband

First mobile WiMAX baseband processor optimised for handheld devices combines ultra-low power consumption, low cost and the smallest footprint.

News from MIPS Technologies, Mar 18, 2008

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Decoder implementations provide surround sound

aacPlus V1 is a superset of AAC that adds spectral band replication (SBR), a bandwidth extension technique that enables audio codecs to deliver the same quality at half the bit rate.

News from Tensilica, Mar 14, 2008

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Configurable processor powers HD radio

Baseband processor is based on a design by iBiquity Digital Corporation, the developer and licensor of HD Radio technology and a Tensilica processor reseller.

News from Tensilica, Mar 14, 2008

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Infineon acquisition to boost disk-drive IC range

Assets and intellectual property from the Infineon HDD business include product designs, related software, inventory and test equipment.

News from LSI Europe, Mar 14, 2008

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JPEG2000 hardware provides compression boost

JPEG2000 is a wavelet-based digital imaging compression standard, replacing the original discrete cosine transform-based JPEG compression method.

News from 4DSP, Mar 13, 2008

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Audio IP achieves submicron approval

MIPS Technologies' 96dB Audio IP Codec is the world's first true above-96dB Hi-Fi quality, ultra low-power and compact-area audio IP to be silicon-proven in deep submicron processes.

News from MIPS Technologies, Mar 13, 2008

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Cadence acquires Chip Estimate

Chip Estimate customers will benefit significantly from the synergies and opportunities created by the combination of the companies.

News from Cadence Design Systems, Mar 13, 2008

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Codec support cuts system costs

H.264 SVC creates a single encoded video stream that can be "scaled" to support varying levels of resolutions, frame rates and quality.

News from Stretch, Mar 11, 2008

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Display system block improves mobile multimedia

Proprietary technology provides high-quality contrast optimisation for a wide range of mobile consumer and prosumer devices.

News from QuickLogic, Mar 11, 2008

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Programmable devices add ADC calibration

Fusion PSC calibration intellectual property eliminates the additional discrete ADCs and prescalers often required to achieve higher levels of accuracy.

News from Actel Europe, Mar 11, 2008

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Network processors accelerated to market

IPs accelerate designers' ability to design in DDR2/3 and PCIe, lower their integration risk and speed their time to market for delivering their network processors in silicon.

News from Denali Software, Mar 10, 2008

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Showing 126-150 of 1567 articles

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