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News releases from this sub-category

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NI releases IP blocks for Labview FPGA module

National Instruments (NI) has announced the availability of free communications intellectual-property (IP) blocks for the NI Labview field-programmable gate array (FPGA) module.

News from National Instruments, Aug 3, 2009

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ARM releases ultra-low-power Physical IP libraries

ARM has announced the availability of ultra-low-power Physical IP libraries to drive the next generation of energy-efficient MCU devices.

News from ARM, Jul 30, 2009

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Toshiba unveils intellectual-property block

Toshiba Electronics Europe's ASIC and Foundry Business Unit has announced an intellectual-property (IP) block for the rapid integration of USB functionality into system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Jul 28, 2009

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Atmel releases radiation-hardened Sparc processor

Atmel has introduced the AT697 Revision F, a radiation-hardened Sparc processor for space applications.

News from Atmel Corporation, Jul 23, 2009

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Orchid offers Atom processor core design

Orchid Technologies, a developer of custom electronics product solutions, offers Atom processor technology core design, which combines custom electronic hardware with an Atom processor core.

News from Orchid Technologies Engineering and Consulting, Jul 21, 2009

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Cast H264-E provides near constant-quality video

Silicon intellectual property (IP) provider Cast has announced the availability of a new H.264 encoder core that delivers some of the best-looking compressed video available.

News from Cast, Jul 16, 2009

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Vivante announces collaboration with China's ICT

Vivante Corporation has announced a collaborative relationship with the Institute of Computing Technology (ICT) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

News from Vivante Corporation, Jun 29, 2009

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Tensilica releases ConnX Baseband Engine

Tensilica has brought out the ConnX DSP range of high-performance communications DSP (digital signal processors) IP (intellectual property) cores.

News from Tensilica, Jun 24, 2009

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Axiomtek announces entry-level network appliance

Axiomtek is launching the NA-200A, an entry-level network appliance powered by a system-on-a-chip Intel EP80579 1.2GHz processor embedded SKU for SOHO market.

News from Axiomtek, May 18, 2009

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Vivante - latest company news

12 May 2009 - Vivante has announced that its silicon proven GPU IP has been selected by Chipsbank Microelectronics.

News from Vivante Corporation, May 13, 2009

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Safety kernel certified to SIL3 by TUV Munich

Phaedrus Systems has announced that the Sciopta ARM IEC 61508-P3 Safety Kernel has been certified by TUV Munich to the IEC 61508 standard at Safety Integrity Level Three (SIL3).

News from ARM, May 12, 2009

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ARM shows Keil microcontroller prototyping system

ARM unveiled the Keil microcontroller prototyping system (MPS) at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC) in San Jose, California.

News from ARM, Mar 31, 2009

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Tensilica releases DRM decoder on Hifi 2 audio DSP

Tensilica has announced the availability of the Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) decoder on its Hifi 2 audio DSP, which can be integrated into system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

News from Tensilica, Mar 31, 2009

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Comsys introduces CM1125RD smartphone platform

Comsys Communication and Signal Processing has launched its latest Commax reference design platform.

News from Comsys Communication and Signal Processing, Mar 26, 2009

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Evatronix offers Display-CTRL controller

Evatronix SA, a provider of silicon intellectual property (IP), has released the Display-CTRL: a high-resolution display controller IP core for PC, home video, mobile and industrial applications.

News from Evatronix, Mar 12, 2009

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Lime introduces multi-standard RF transceiver IC

Lime Microsystems has announced the availability of the LMS6002, a multi-band, multi-standard RF transceiver IC designed for femtocells and small cell basestations.

News from Lime Microsystems, Feb 20, 2009

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LSI launches link layer processor SoC

LSI Corporation has announced its next-generation link layer processor (LLP), a new addition to the company's family of multi-service processors.

News from LSI Europe, Feb 16, 2009

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Tensilica to demonstrate DSP processor cores

Tensilica is to demonstrate its audio, video and baseband digital signal processing (DSP) processor cores for wireless mobile devices and base station systems at the Mobile World Congress.

News from Tensilica, Feb 13, 2009

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LSI unveils Ultramapper II system-on-chip

LSI has introduced the Ultramapper II, an addition to its family of multi-service processors for radio network controllers, base station controllers and customer premise equipment (CPE) applications.

News from LSI Europe, Feb 13, 2009

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Rambus to demonstrate XDR implementation

Rambus has announced the implementation of its XDR memory architecture using an ultra-low cost LQFP package, which it will demonstrate at DesignCon.

News from Rambus, Feb 9, 2009

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Cast adds R8051XC2 to its processor range

Silicon intellectual property (IP) provider Cast has released the R8051XC2, an 8051-compatible processor.

News from Cast, Feb 6, 2009

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Cast enhances SDIO and NAND controller cores

Silicon Intellectual Property (IP) provider Cast has announced improvements to two of its solid-state memory (SSD) controller cores.

News from Cast, Feb 6, 2009

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Rambus launches Mobile Memory Initiative

Rambus has announced its Mobile Memory Initiative, a development that focuses on high-bandwidth, low-power memory technologies targeted at achieving data rates of 4.3Gbps.

News from Rambus, Feb 5, 2009

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Stretch unveils PCIe video capture cards

Stretch has announced the VCC6000 Series of PCIe video capture cards.

News from Stretch, Jan 28, 2009

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Stretch launches software configurable processor

Stretch has added the S6107 software configurable processor to its S6000 family.

News from Stretch, Jan 28, 2009

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