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Transformers and inductors

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Latest articles from 'Transformers and inductors'

News releases from this sub-category

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Pulse unveils NFC stamp antenna for mobile phones

At Electronica 2010, Pulse will introduce its NFC (near field communication) stamp antenna for mobile phones and portable wireless devices.

News from Pulse, Nov 3, 2010

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Farnell wins distribution contract for WE-PMIs

Farnell is offering Wurth's WE-PMI (Power Multilayer Inductor) range, which is suitable for use in DC/DC converter designs and end applications such as PDAs and digital cameras.

News from Farnell, May 25, 2010

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Transformer for high-density circuit applications

Teridian Semiconductor has approved Datatronic Distribution's model PT79281 V.22bis modem transformer for use with its reference designs that include a range of Teridian IC models.

News from Datatronic Distribution, May 13, 2010

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Premo inductors target telecom power supplies

Premo has launched its PBP19 series of inductors designed for DC/DC converters and telecom power supplies up to 500W.

News from Premo, Mar 17, 2010

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Trigon announces low-profile power inductor

Trigon has introduced its IRHL2D10P (3x3x1mm) low-profile power inductor.

News from Trigon Components, Mar 15, 2010

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Alfamag announces 50/60Hz toroidal transformers

Alfamag Electronics has introduced a line of PCB-mount 50/60Hz toroidal transformers, ranging from 1.6VA through 50VA.

News from Alfamag Electronics, Mar 15, 2010

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Wire-wound inductors designed for DC/DC converters

Taiyo Yuden has launched the NRS5020 and NR5040 wire-wound inductors that are claimed to offer the industry's best DC bias characteristics for 5mm2 power inductors.

News from Taiyo Yuden Europe, Jan 26, 2010

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Ultra-flat power inductors have ferrite core

The PL ultra-flat power inductor series with ferrite core has a maximum height of 0.5mm and the new size 1008 inch (2520 metric) covers the inductor values from 0.33 up to 4.7uH.

News from KOA Europe, Dec 16, 2009

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Murata power inductors support 8A-rated current

Murata has introduced the LQH88P_38 series of power inductors, supporting up to 8A-rated current.

News from Murata Electronics (UK), Dec 1, 2009

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Surface-mount transformer suits voice applications

The SM501-1 telecom transformer from Datatronic Distribution is suitable for a range of BS6305 Impedance Class A non-speech and Class B voice applications.

News from Datatronic Distribution, Nov 24, 2009

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Premo presents three-phase inductor

Premo has introduced a three-phase inductor with 99.6 per cent efficiency for use in inverter applications.

News from Premo Group, Sep 24, 2009

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Premo offers planar transformers for avionics

Premo's planar transformers are claimed to offer a reduced size, high power handling, low losses, high reliability and low leakage inductance.

News from Premo Group, Aug 6, 2009

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Surface-mount inductors available from DMTL

A range of low-profile surface-mount inductors from Coilmaster Electronics is now available from DMTL.

News from DMTL, Jul 1, 2009

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Chip bead inductors offer high impedance

TDK Electronics Europe has announced the MMZ1005-E Series, a family of three Gigaspira multilayer gigahertz-band chip bead inductors offering high impedance in a 1005-size device.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Jun 1, 2009

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TDK releases miniature chip varistor

TDK Electronics Europe has introduced the AVF26BA12A400R201, a miniature chip varistor that uses a ball grid array (BGA) terminal arrangement to reduce board mounting area by 33 per cent.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Apr 21, 2009

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TDK launches ceramic capacitors

Designers of vehicle electronics systems and applications with extended temperature requirements can access an extended range of automotive-rated ceramic capacitors from TDK Corporation.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Mar 25, 2009

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Active switch provides improved protection

Abacus Switch has extended its range of rugged, vandal-resistant, touch-sensitive active switches with the introduction of a model that offers more features and better protection.

News from Abacus Group, Mar 17, 2009

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TDK unveils 1005-size band-pass filter

TDK has developed the TFSB1, a 1005-size thin-film band-pass filter that is just 0.3mm thick.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Feb 6, 2009

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Switch actuates two hand-held device functions

Abacus Switch has introduced the ALPS SKSE, a miniature double action switch that can actuate two separate functions in compact hand-held instruments.

News from Abacus Group, Jan 30, 2009

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RDP introduces the SS under-sea transducers

RDP Electronics's SS transducer series is suited for a range of structural monitoring applications.

News from BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division, Jan 6, 2009

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Farnell to stock Wurth Elektronik components

Farnell has announced that it has reached an agreement to stock Wurth Elektronik's range of electromechanical components.

News from Farnell, Dec 9, 2008

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Abacus releases Murata Magicstrap RFID tags

Abacus has released Murata Magicstrap RFID tags that can be glued onto a PCB, requiring no electrical connection.

News from Abacus Group, Oct 21, 2008

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Abacus and Renesas present a C-programming seminar

Abacus has joined with Renesas to provide a conference on C-programming for microcontrollers, to be held 25 November at Abacus House, Bone Lane, Newbury.

News from Abacus Group, Oct 20, 2008

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Datatronics releases ultra-thin transformer

Datatronics Romoland has introduced the ultra-thin surface mount Model 4260-2757 Series Hi-Voltage Flyback Transformer for extreme acceleration and shock in high-power, high-voltage applications.

News from Datatronics Romoland, Sep 23, 2008

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TDK releases low-profile multilayer capacitors

TDK has begun mass production of three low-profile, low ESL multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (0816 size, 1005 size, and 0510 size) with profiles of 0.3 mm.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Sep 22, 2008

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Showing 1-25 of 270 articles

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What is it?

Transformers and inductors:

Transformers transform electrical energy at one alternating voltage into electrical energy at a different alternating voltage without changing its frequency. Inductors store magnetic energy (measured as inductance) in a magnetic field created by a current flowing through it.

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