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Latest articles from 'Circuit protection devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Varistors provide bidirectional protection

Epcos has a new series of multilayer metal-oxide varistors (MLVs).

News from Epcos, Mar 18, 2002

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Low-capacitance TVS preserves signal integrity

New from Semtech, the LCDA15-1 low-capacitance transient suppressor protects high-speed data lines from lightning, ESD and other transients while preserving signal integrity.

News from Semtech, Mar 15, 2002

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Shrinking surge protectors save network card space

Raychem's new TVAxxxSA series of SiBar surge protection devices have a 30% smaller footprint than its existing devices.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Mar 14, 2002

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Multilayer varistors protect from higher surges

Epcos has unveiled a new series of multilayer varistors called Cera diodes.

News from Epcos, Feb 27, 2002

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IEC inlet incorporates switch and circuit breaker

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has an IEC style appliance inlet module which incorporates an E-T-A rocker-actuated circuit breaker.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Feb 12, 2002

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Surge protectors cover telecomms kit to 150A

A range of current-operated thyristor surge protectors delivers up to 50, 100 or 150A surge protection in a new, low-profile surface mount device.

News from Shindengen UK, Feb 8, 2002

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Thirty new parts in circuit protection databook

Tyco Electronics Power Components/Raychem Circuit Protection Division has published the 2002 edition of its popular circuit protection databook.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Feb 4, 2002

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Phototransistor optocouplers take on all-comers

Agilent Technologies has released its first general-purpose optocouplers with phototransistor output.

News from Agilent Technologies, Jan 21, 2002

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Precision metal-film resistors for low-cost uses

The new RE 0207 and RE 0204 from VTM (UK) are two ranges of precision metal-film resistors in the popular 0207 and 0204 (0.25 and 0.125W) body sizes.

News from VTM (UK), Jan 11, 2002

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Suppression on the rails

Advance-Galatrek's new StrikeSafe DIN-rail compatible TVSSs are designed to clip directly onto the universal DIN-rail mount format tracking used in many control and distribution cabinets.

News from Advance Electronics, Jan 8, 2002

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New package shrinks optocouplers for compact comms

Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a new half-pitch mini-flat package configuration for optocouplers.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Dec 17, 2001

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Farnell takes full range from Carlo Gavazzi

Users can now buy the entire Carlo Gavazzi product range of automation components via Farnell.

News from Carlo Gavazzi, Dec 12, 2001

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Why all TVSSs are not the same

Mick Burgoyne, Chief Engineer at Power Quality Management specialist Advance-Galatrek examines the technology behind one of the most critical - and yet neglected - power chain devices.

News from Advance Electronics, Dec 4, 2001

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Lower resistance for resettable strap devices

The latest addition to the Raychem PolySwitch range of PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) resettable strap devices is the VLP270.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Nov 30, 2001

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Four in one for transient voltage suppression

Semtech reckons its SFC3.3-4 low-voltage ChipClamp TVS (transient voltage suppressor) array is a breakthrough ESD-protection device for portable and low-operating-voltage electronics.

News from Semtech, Nov 22, 2001

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All the latest photocoupler solutions

A new brochure from Toshiba Electronics will help engineers to match their own specific design requirements with the latest photocoupler solutions.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Nov 13, 2001

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Filter and TVS protect in tandem

Semtech has released the newest member of the ChipClamp family of flip chip protection products.

News from Semtech, Nov 6, 2001

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Breaker features Internet control and monitoring

Siemens Automation and Drives has announced the introduction of a new generation of open circuit breakers.

News from Siemens Automation and Drives, Oct 29, 2001

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Square disk varistors take more overvoltage

Epcos has launched a novel series of square disk varistors - the Energeti Q series.

News from Epcos, Oct 26, 2001

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Protection for mid-range computing and telecomms

Advance-Galatrek has unveiled a brand new range of transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs), aimed at mid-range computing, networks and telecomms applications.

News from Advance Electronics, Oct 24, 2001

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Easy reference to surge suppression

Power quality management specialist Advance-Galatrek has published a new brochure detailing its full range of StrikeSafe transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS).

News from Advance Electronics, Oct 17, 2001

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Easy installation for retrofit surge protection

The CNW 703 from REO is a new surge protection filter which is designed for easy installation into existing equipment.

News from REO (UK), Oct 17, 2001

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Databook covers metal oxide varistors

Epcos has released a new databook for its comprehensive range of SIOV metal oxide varistors.

News from Epcos, Oct 2, 2001

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Compact transient suppression

Offering high levels of integration and size reductions of up to 80%, a new series of transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diode technology from Rohm includes the smallest device of its type in the worl

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Oct 2, 2001

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Tighter envelope for overcurrent protection

The PolySwitch family of resettable overcurrent protection devices has been extended to include the new RXE005 from Raychem Circuit Protection.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Sep 7, 2001

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Showing 476-500 of 553 articles

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What is it?

Circuit protection devices:

Circuit protection devices safeguard electrical circuits from over-voltage and over-currents. Examples of these devices include voltage regulators, varistors, electrostatic discharge protection devices, switch/circuit breakers and thyristor surge protection devices.

Featured articles

  • ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones

    Tyco's 0201- and 0402-size ChipSESD devices help to protect: mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, computer I/O ports, keypads, low-voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones.
  • System enables reset and battery-monitoring apps

    With improved temperature characteristics and a tighter detect voltage tolerance, the XC6126 series offers a more accurate, lower-cost solution for simple reset and battery-monitoring applications.
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