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Latest articles from 'Circuit protection devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Ferrule fuses in more than 500 configurations

Now available from Hunter Electronic Components, the Cooper Bussmann traditional ferrule fuse series is available in more than 39 different series, allowing for more than 500 configurations, to meet a

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Jan 17, 2003

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Compact protection from smallest ever SM fuse

Schurter has expanded its range of surface mount fuses with its smallest device to date.

News from Schurter, Jan 14, 2003

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Arrays protect from ESD

The ProTek CP Series of subminiature monolithic transient voltage suppression arrays are used for the protection of sensitive IC components from the effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD).

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Jan 10, 2003

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Antenna protector safeguards basestations

The CN-UB-280DC coaxial antenna protector is the latest addition to the Trabtech range of surge protection products for cellular basestations and similar telecomms installations.

News from Phoenix Contact, Jan 8, 2003

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Speedy optocoupler provides 16kV isolation

Pacer Components can now offer the new OPI 1268 high speed optocoupler manufactured by Optek Technology.

News from Pacer Components, Dec 12, 2002

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Flip-chip arrays provide transient protection

The ProTek Devices U0402FCxxC Series is a family of "unbumped" flip-chip arrays for transient voltage protection in applications where space is very limited.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Dec 9, 2002

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Optocouplers protect high-datarate inputs

Agilent Technologies reckons it has developed the industry's fastest optocouplers, capable of transmitting data at 50Mbaud, and ideal for use in a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

News from Agilent Technologies, Dec 4, 2002

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MOVs provide budget protection

Dubilier has a new broad range of voltage-dependent metal-oxide varistors, designed to protect equipment and sensitive components against transient voltage spikes.

News from Dubilier, Nov 27, 2002

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Rugged lightweight breaker protects in the air

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has a new high-performance aircraft-style thermal circuit breaker with a trip-free mechanism.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Nov 25, 2002

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Diode array protects up to six I/O ports

The ProTek Devices I06LC is a high-speed low-capacitance steering diode array for the protection of up to six data lines or I/O ports against ESD transient threats.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Nov 25, 2002

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Circuit breakers offer fast and slow trips

New from Schurter is the SHM series of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers for equipment.

News from Schurter, Nov 19, 2002

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Greener protection from telecomms surges

Raychem has released its first lead-free PolySwitch resettable device for telecomms and networking applications.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Nov 18, 2002

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Resettable fuse fits Ethernet and VoIP specs

The PolySwitch SMD050-2018 is a resettable device for telecomms and networking applications.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Nov 15, 2002

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Diode array protects comms interfaces from ESD

Now available exclusively in the UK from Hunter Electronics, the ProTek Devices ET108 is a low-capacitance steering diode array for common-mode transient protection.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Nov 11, 2002

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Comprehensive options for radial fuses

A new range of TO5 radial-lead fuses in both square and round package styles offers a wide range of ratings.

News from Camden Electronics, Nov 6, 2002

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Surface-mount fuse takes its time

The OMT125 is the latest surface-mount fuse from Schurter, providing time-lag operation with lead-free construction.

News from Schurter, Oct 29, 2002

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Standard and customised system protection

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has produced a detailed shortform brochure outlining the standard and customised system solutions the company can offer.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Oct 28, 2002

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Higher hold current for fuse range

Schurter has expanded its range of PTC fuses with the radial-leaded PFRA 1100, a device which increases the hold current range of the series from 9 to 11A.

News from Schurter, Oct 28, 2002

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Diode array protects two USB ports at once

The ProTek Devices USB208 is a USB protection device in a miniature surface-mount package.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Oct 25, 2002

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Lightning protector guards Ethernet bridge

Smiths Interconnect - Transtector Systems has been selected as the approved lightning protection component to accompany Proxim Corp's Tsunami brand of high-speed wireless network products.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Transtector Systems, Oct 22, 2002

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Compact surge protectors cover low-current uses

Now available from Transtector Systems is the I2R ICP series of surge suppressors.

News from Smiths Interconnect - Transtector Systems, Oct 21, 2002

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National responsibility for Palmer

Derek Palmer has joined VTM (UK), the Amersham based supplier of passive and electromechanical components, as National Sales Manager.

News from VTM (UK), Oct 16, 2002

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Compact protection for data lines

New and exclusively available in Europe from Future Electronics, the Diodes Incorporated QSBT40 is a compact four-line array Schottky bus terminator for high-speed data lines.

News from Future Electronics, Oct 15, 2002

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Low-cost reliable power protection from breakers

The Airpax range of miniature IPA magnetic circuit breakers offers low cost power switching, reliable protection and accurate circuit control in applications where precision operation is required.

News from Deltron Roxburgh, Sep 6, 2002

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Compact protection module mounts DIN rails

Advance Galatrek has a new DIN-rail-mount range of transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS).

News from Advance Electronics, Sep 2, 2002

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Showing 426-450 of 553 articles

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What is it?

Circuit protection devices:

Circuit protection devices safeguard electrical circuits from over-voltage and over-currents. Examples of these devices include voltage regulators, varistors, electrostatic discharge protection devices, switch/circuit breakers and thyristor surge protection devices.

Featured articles

  • ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones

    Tyco's 0201- and 0402-size ChipSESD devices help to protect: mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, computer I/O ports, keypads, low-voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones.
  • System enables reset and battery-monitoring apps

    With improved temperature characteristics and a tighter detect voltage tolerance, the XC6126 series offers a more accurate, lower-cost solution for simple reset and battery-monitoring applications.
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