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Latest articles from 'Circuit protection devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Tiny protector has six lines covered

The uClamp0506P is billed as the industry's first ultrasmall six-line 5V protection device for portable systems.

News from Semtech, Jun 19, 2006

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Circuit breaker catalogue exceeds 500 pages

E-T-A Circuit Breakers has published new 2006-07 editions of its separate CBE (circuit breaker for equipment) and control products catalogues.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Jun 15, 2006

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Isolators take optocouplers off the I2C bus

Digital isolators provide true bidirectional isolation for the I2C serial computer bus in industrial, networking and power supply applications.

News from Analog Devices, Jun 14, 2006

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Diode keeps LED current under regulation

The E-183 current regulating diode delivers a constant 18mA over a voltage range of 6-25V.

News from ATC Semitec, Jun 12, 2006

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Catalogue is single source for circuit protection

Raychem's catalogue covers PolySwitch resettable devices, SiBar thyristor surge protectors, gas discharge tubes, ESD protection devices, ROV metal oxide varistors and a broad line of fuses.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Jun 9, 2006

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Optocoupler is made for automotive protection

A high-speed optocoupler is designed specifically to meet the performance and reliability requirements of the automotive market, especially for hybrid electric vehicles.

News from Avago Technologies, Jun 8, 2006

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Varistor arrays save space in handheld protection

Varistor arrays are ideal for cellphones, HDDs and other portable electronic devices needing smaller devices that can suppress the static electricity of a high-frequency signal circuit.

News from TDK Electronics Europe, Jun 6, 2006

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Photocouplers provide totempole outputs

New photocouplers are suitable for a variety of applications, including CANbus interfaces, high speed data transfer and intelligent power module signal isolation.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, May 31, 2006

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Optocouplers keep up with industrial networks

A high-speed optocoupler is ideal for high-speed, data-line transmission applications, such as those in industrial networking, including Profibus and DeviceNet.

News from Avago Technologies, May 30, 2006

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Award fuses outstanding sales growth

Cooper Bussmann has presented Sager Electronics with an award for outstanding sales growth.

News from Sager Electronics, May 26, 2006

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Four-line device protects multimedia interfaces

The RClamp0544M is a four-line protection device with the low capacitance and high protection levels necessary for HDMI and DVI enabled products.

News from Semtech, May 16, 2006

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Magnetic breaker shrinks to 1U package

A range of hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers for rack-mount applications promises increased power density without compromising performance.

News from Rowe Hankins Components, May 15, 2006

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Magnetic circuit breaker adds remote disconnection

A new version of an award winning magnetic circuit breaker offers remote disconnection by means of a sensor or control circuitry.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, May 8, 2006

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Simpson Donald is star specialist distributor

An impressive POS growth of 22% on the Tyco Electronics' product line in 2005 means Simpson Donald is this year's Tyco Electronics UK and Ireland specialist distributor of the year.

News from Tyco Electronics UK, May 4, 2006

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Switch/breaker combo is fit for marine duties

A combined switch and thermal overcurrent circuit breaker provides snap-in, panel-mounted, single-pole protection against both limited short circuits and low-level overload currents.

News from E-T-A Circuit Breakers, Apr 26, 2006

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More options for resettable PTC fuses

The Semifuse range of polymer resettable PTC fuses has been extended to include 10A-rated "strap" devices as well as 14A-rated leaded versions.

News from ATC Semitec, Apr 14, 2006

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Resettable devices target auto industry

A new series of RoHS-compliant PolySwitch miniSMDC and SMD terminal devices are designed for us in the automotive industry.

News from Raychem Circuit Protection, Apr 13, 2006

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Electronic fuse is cost-effective inrush limiter

An integrated self-protected resettable electronic fuse uses a high side N-channel FET driven by an internal charge pump.

News from ON Semiconductor, Apr 11, 2006

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Protective devices filter as well

The EClamp237xP family protect against ESD, EMI and RFI in 3G and CDMA phones that have high-resolution displays and video and digital camera features.

News from Semtech, Apr 11, 2006

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Analogue isolators boast high noise immunity

Axial analogue isolators combine visible red LED emitters and a phototransistor detectors housed in separate opaque moulded plastic housings and coupled by shrouded optical cables.

News from Optek Technology, Apr 7, 2006

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Power quality filters tranquilise surge currents

Nothing less than 100% surge protection with 0% failure should be considered for demanding combat and support applications.

News from Zero Surge, Apr 7, 2006

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Gas plasma arrester promises superior protection

The SL1411A Series is a new addition to the Delta family of gas plasma arresters designed for superior protection of outside plant equipment used in telecommunications applications.

News from Littelfuse UK, Apr 3, 2006

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Asian circuit protection components come to Europe

Asiatronix is a new master European distribution company with an established network of distribution and agent companies covering all European countries.

News from Asiatronix, Mar 27, 2006

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Digital isolator protects the missing link

The Si844x is billed as the industry's highest-performance easiest-to-use lowest-cost 2500V RMS digital isolator product family.

News from Silicon Laboratories, Mar 21, 2006

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Digital isolators protect power and data in one

The iCoupler family of digital isolators now includes the industry's first products that provide both data and power isolation in a single package.

News from Analog Devices, Mar 21, 2006

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Showing 201-225 of 553 articles

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What is it?

Circuit protection devices:

Circuit protection devices safeguard electrical circuits from over-voltage and over-currents. Examples of these devices include voltage regulators, varistors, electrostatic discharge protection devices, switch/circuit breakers and thyristor surge protection devices.

Featured articles

  • ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones

    Tyco's 0201- and 0402-size ChipSESD devices help to protect: mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, computer I/O ports, keypads, low-voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones.
  • System enables reset and battery-monitoring apps

    With improved temperature characteristics and a tighter detect voltage tolerance, the XC6126 series offers a more accurate, lower-cost solution for simple reset and battery-monitoring applications.
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