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Latest articles from 'Circuit protection devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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The 5001 appliance-outlets mount on circuit boards

Schurter has introduced the 5001 series panel-mounting appliance outlets, for printed circuit-board mounting.

News from Schurter, Feb 17, 2009

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Schurter launches power entry module

Schurter has released the Type 6135 power entry module, combining an appliance inlet and circuit breaker in one component.

News from Schurter, Feb 6, 2009

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Master Distributors has Tamura Hall-effect sensors

Master Distributors is offering Tamura Corporation's line of closed-loop Hall-effect current sensors, including the latest addition to the line, the S23P Series.

News from Master Distributors, Jan 21, 2009

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Master Distributors introduces the Guard Family

The Guard Family of circuit breakers features an electronic chip and magnetic control; provides precise overload protection; and allows the user to achieve the exact trip-time the application demands.

News from Master Distributors, Jan 6, 2009

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Schurter presents three-phase line filters

Schurter has unveiled three-phase line filters that are suitable for use in drive systems, engineering installations and places where frequency inverters cause electromagnetic disturbances.

News from Schurter, Dec 22, 2008

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Semitec unveils CRD range

As a response to a need for a simpler SMD package and higher current ratings, Semitec have introduced the S-series CRD range.

News from ATC Semitec, Nov 6, 2008

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Filtered inlets available in Eco design

Schurter's IEC C14 inlet with EMI filter, series 5120 Eco is designed to meet the increasing demands of IT, medical and industrial appliances and is now also available as snap-in mounting version.

News from Schurter, Sep 26, 2008

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Circuit protectors snap into action

Innovative design minimises the risk of false trips due to high inrush currents and line transients.

News from Abacus Group, Aug 21, 2008

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Optocouplers fulfil PSU designers' wish lists

Compact phototransistor optocouplers are well suited for use in DC/DC convertors, battery chargers, general-purpose switching circuits and programmable controllers.

News from Everlight Electronics, Aug 19, 2008

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Eight-line protection for multimedia interfaces

Flow-through single-inline pin mapping optimises board layout and reduces susceptibility to electromagnetic interference.

News from Texas Instruments (April 2006-), Aug 4, 2008

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Fuse obtains space approval

The MGA-S fuse meets the standards of the aerospace industry, which requires hermetically encapsulated and rugged designs.

News from Schurter, Jul 11, 2008

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Optocoupler resists electrical noise

The FOD0721, FOD0720 and FOD0710 are logic gate optocouplers that isolate the logic control circuitry from the transceiver at the bus interface level.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Jul 9, 2008

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Compact optocouplers save space safely

Devices require 40 to 50% less PCB real estate than a DIP-8 packaged alternative, while still meeting 8mm creepage and clearance requirements.

News from Avago Technologies, Jul 4, 2008

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Filtering and ESD protection come together

First device to combine filtering and ESD protection for all speaker and microphone channels in multimedia-rich cellular handsets.

News from STMicroelectronics, Jul 2, 2008

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Third-generation filters boost handset protection

CMD's Praetorian III architecture features filters with higher levels of inductance and lower levels of capacitance.

News from California Micro Devices, Jul 1, 2008

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Isolators protect wireless infrastructure

Isolators are constructed with samarium cobalt magnets packaged in aluminium housings, providing immediate improvements in reliability and performance.

News from RF Micro Devices, Jun 23, 2008

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Low capacitance protection for faster lines

Propriety integrated ESD protection platform enhances clamping performance while maintaining low capacitance and small die size.

News from ON Semiconductor, Jun 20, 2008

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Faster photocoupler finds new applications

Miniature photocoupler combines an isolation voltage rating of 3.75kV with switching speeds as much as 2.5x faster than existing devices.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Jun 18, 2008

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Multilayer varistors cut capacitance

Bidirectional transient voltage suppressor promises minimal signal distortion and low insertion loss.

News from AVX, Jun 16, 2008

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Ceramic thermistors protect modern supplies

Murata's PRF series of ceramic thermistors increase their resistance very sharply when exposed to temperatures over a certain level.

News from Murata Electronics (UK), May 30, 2008

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Optocoupler qualifies for automotive duties

Device features enhanced construction with superior thermal conductivity, making it suitable for isolation needs in automotive, industrial inverter and power management applications.

News from Avago Technologies, May 28, 2008

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Diode arrays protect consumer equipment

The HDMI 1.3 specification has increased the video and audio transmission bandwidth to 340MHz (10.2Gbit/s), making the effect of capacitive loading from ESD protection critical.

News from Eurosemi, May 26, 2008

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Circuit breakers offer colour options

The rocker-actuating switch can be supplied either with or without illumination, in several colours and with various legends or customer-specific symbols.

News from Schurter, May 21, 2008

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Suppression diodes offer precision protection

Small-footprint surge-suppression diodes deliver high levels of protection with reduced leakage current at higher maximum junction temperatures.

News from STMicroelectronics, May 16, 2008

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Optocouplers suit noisy environments

The ICs, designed for 1 and 10Mbits/s data transmission speeds, offer 500V RMS isolation voltage, 0.4mm internal isolation distance and 8mm outer creepage and air distance.

News from Gleichmann Sunrise, May 9, 2008

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Showing 76-100 of 553 articles

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What is it?

Circuit protection devices:

Circuit protection devices safeguard electrical circuits from over-voltage and over-currents. Examples of these devices include voltage regulators, varistors, electrostatic discharge protection devices, switch/circuit breakers and thyristor surge protection devices.

Featured articles

  • ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones

    Tyco's 0201- and 0402-size ChipSESD devices help to protect: mobile phones, digital cameras and camcorders, computer I/O ports, keypads, low-voltage DC lines, speakers, headphones and microphones.
  • System enables reset and battery-monitoring apps

    With improved temperature characteristics and a tighter detect voltage tolerance, the XC6126 series offers a more accurate, lower-cost solution for simple reset and battery-monitoring applications.
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