Electromechanical components

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Electromechanical components

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Latest articles from 'Electromechanical components'

News releases from this sub-category

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Foot switch suits medical and office equipment

Foremost Electronics has launched the Marquardt Mechatronik foot switch, which is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments, including high dust and water areas.

News from Foremost Electronics, Feb 11, 2011

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Lit-up rotary encoders save control panel cost

Cliff Electronics' LED-illuminated rotary encoders and customisable translucent control knobs are suitable for application in audio, broadcast, industrial control, medical and telecoms equipment.

News from Cliff Electronics, Jan 24, 2011

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Solar combiner box for solar-panel installations

Tyco Electronics has launched a hard-wearing, light-weight, low-profile UL 1741-listed pre-wired Solarlok combiner box designed to facilitate faster, error-free residential solar-panel installations.

News from Tyco Electronics, Jan 14, 2011

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Fujitsu introduces relays for various applications

Fujitsu Components has unveiled several developments that have been added to its relay product line.

News from Fujitsu Components, Jan 5, 2011

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Crydom introduces EL series solid-state relays

Crydom has launched its EL series of compact solid-state relays, including models for resistive load applications and inductive load applications.

News from Crydom, Jan 5, 2011

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Tiny connectors for the smallest of mobile devices

Tyco Electronics' Pico switching coax connector, measuring 2 x 2 x 0.9mm with 0.4mm self-alignment, delivers compatibility with the high frequencies used in mobile terminals within a miniature device.

News from Tyco Electronics, Nov 24, 2010

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Solid State Relays can be used in heating systems

Crydom's AC and DC output Solid State Relays can be used in heating, lighting and motion-control applications where DIN Rail mounting is preferred and higher output power ratings are required.

News from Crydom, Oct 18, 2010

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High-power relay designed for lighting industry

Switchtec is offering Hongfa's HF115FS miniature high-power relay, which has been designed for use in the lighting industry.

News from Switchtec, Oct 6, 2010

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Master Distributors stocks Crydom SSR assemblies

Master Distributors is stocking Crydom's series of DIN rail-mounted AC and DC output solid-state relay (SSR) assemblies, the DRS series of DIN rail sockets and three-phase and AC motor-reversing SSRs.

News from Master Distributors, Aug 20, 2010

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Relays suit electric solar inverter applications

Omron has launched two relays developed from the G7L and G8P product families to meet the needs and requirements of renewable energy systems such as electric solar inverter applications.

News from Omron, Aug 20, 2010

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RZ relay for use in energy-management systems

Easby Electronics is offering Tyco Electronics' RZ relay for use in energy-management systems, household appliances, boiler control, timers and garage-door control.

News from Easby Electronics, Aug 11, 2010

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Lighting platform set for commercial market

Tyco Electronics and Redwood Systems have announced a strategic collaboration to pioneer Redwood's lighting platform in the commercial lighting market.

News from Tyco Electronics, Jul 12, 2010

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Solid-state relays targeted at general-purpose use

Crydom's new CL series of AC-output solid-state relays (SSRs) is intended for general-purpose use in heating, lighting and motion control applications.

News from Crydom, Jun 23, 2010

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Tyco Electronics - latest company news

14 June 2010 - Tyco Electronics has acquired the intellectual property rights to the 9th wire hardware technology that powers its Amptrac Intelligent Infrastructure Management System.

News from Tyco Electronics UK, Jun 15, 2010

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Crydom announces three-phase solid-state relays

Crydom, a solid-state relay technology specialist, introduces the CTR Series of 90mm-wide three-phase Din-rail-mounted AC output SSRs.

News from Crydom, May 27, 2010

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Crydom offers ready-to-use SSR/socket assemblies

Crydom has introduced a range of pluggable/solderable single inline solid state relays (SSRs), DIN rail-mounted sockets and ready-to-use SSR/socket assemblies.

News from Crydom, Apr 21, 2010

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GXL14 switches from 12 to 750V DC and AC

Gigavac has brought out the GXL14 - the first release in the GXL line of latching contactors that can switch voltages from 12 to 750V DC and AC.

News from Gigavac, Apr 16, 2010

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Contactor suits virtually any harsh environment

Gigavac has launched the GX16, a low-cost 600A single-pole, single-throw (SPST) normally-open sealed contactor.

News from Gigavac, Apr 2, 2010

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Fujitsu expands range of latching relays

Fujitsu Components Europe has expanded its range of one- and two-coil latching relays with V2/V3 power relays.

News from Fujitsu Components, Mar 22, 2010

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Baolab NanoEMS constructs MEMS within CMOS wafer

Baolab Microsystems has launched a new technology to construct nanoscale micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) within the structure of the CMOS wafer using standard, high-volume CMOS lines.

News from Baolab Microsystems, Mar 10, 2010

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Foremost releases dual-concentric encoders

Emech distributor Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of the Elma E37 range of dual-concentric encoders.

News from Foremost Electronics, Feb 9, 2010

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Switch disconnectors isolate power supplies

Switchtec has released a range of switch disconnectors that can be used in applications subjected to wet, arduous conditions.

News from Switchtec, Feb 4, 2010

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Crydom expands range of 3Phase SSR contactors

Crydom has added 36 new models to its 53 Series of panel-mounted AC-output 3Phase solid-state-relay (SSR) contactors.

News from Crydom, Jan 27, 2010

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Crydom launches SSR assemblies and sockets

Crydom has introduced a line of DIN Rail mounted solid-state relay assemblies and sockets for single-channel and four-channel applications.

News from Crydom International, Jan 13, 2010

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Rotary encoders feature LED-illuminated actuator

Foremost Electronics has announced the availability of the MERP12 range of rotary encoders.

News from Foremost Electronics, Jan 8, 2010

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Showing 1-25 of 602 articles

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Electromechanical components

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Electromechanical components:

Electromechanical components combine electrical circuitry with mechanical devices.

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