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Distribution deal extends to full line

Digi-Key now carries the full range of Vishay semiconductor and passive components.

News from Digi-Key Corporation (20 December 2007)

MOSFET and diode on one chip boost efficiency

Benefits result from the low forward voltage drop and reverse recovery charge of integrated Schottky diode and the reduced PCB parasitic inductance from both devices on a single chip.

News from Vishay Siliconix (13 December 2007)

MOSFET cuts on-resistance to new lows

High-current N-channel device is intended particularly for the paralleling configuration power supplies that are widely used to increase system reliability in server applications.

News from STMicroelectronics ( 3 December 2007)

RF MOSFET cuts set-top-box standby losses

The use of lossless switching RF MOSFETs has become more important with increasing legislation on standby power consumption in electronic products.

News from First Components (19 November 2007)

Smaller MOSFETs handle automotive extremes

AEC-Q101-qualified MOSFETs are the smallest on the market capable of handling power applications in the automotive environment.

News from Vishay Siliconix (15 November 2007)

Reduced resistance