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News releases from this sub-category

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Fast-recovery diode modules in ones and twos

Dynex Semiconductor announces the release of a new family of high-voltage fast-recovery diode (FRD) modules for use in applications including traction and industrial motor drives.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Mar 19, 2001

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MOSFETs improve 12V-input converter efficiency

Two new 20V HEXFET power MOSFET families from International Rectifier are designed to increase efficiency by up to 4% in 12V-input DC/DC convertors.

News from International Rectifier, Mar 16, 2001

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Smaller IGBT package has 6000V isolation

Dynex Semiconductor has released a new compact IGBT module package designed for applications up to 3300V including traction auxiliaries and specialist motor drives.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Mar 14, 2001

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IGBT modules switch up to 400V

Toshiba Electronics Europe has expanded its Compact Standard Series of IGBT modules with the addition of three new 250V devices aimed at high-power switching and motor control.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Mar 7, 2001

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MOSFET module has built-in temperature sensors

The MG400A2YM60 silicon N-channel power MOSFET module from Toshiba incorporates both a thermistor to detect case temperature and an integrated thermal sensor diode to monitor die temperature.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Mar 2, 2001

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1kV rad-hard power MOSFET saves satellite space

International Rectifier has introduced the world's first 1000V radiation-hardened power MOSFET.

News from International Rectifier, Feb 15, 2001

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Ultra-low-power MOSFETs prolong battery life

Intersil has launched its advanced new DenseTrench power MOSFET family of discrete power devices designed for higher-efficiency low-voltage power switching applications.

News from Intersil, Jan 8, 2001

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Showing 426-432 of 432 articles

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