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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Alstom supports Dynex independence

Alstom Transport has awarded a one year contract worth approximately GBP 1.5 million to Dynex Semiconductor.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Mar 25, 2002

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MOSFETs aim for 42V automotive applications

Designed for 42V automotive systems, International Rectifier says its latest 75V HEXFETs combine up to 10% lower on-resistance than previous devices with some of the best performance on the market.

News from International Rectifier, Mar 25, 2002

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BGA-packaged MOSFETs save space and resistance

Fairchild has come out with 11 more high-performance small-footprint BGA-packaged MOSFETs, including single and common-drain dual devices in both N- and P-channel versions.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Mar 19, 2002

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MOSFETs combine performance and value

Additions to Fairchild Semiconductor's growing portfolio of 30V N-channel PowerTrench MOSFETs provide optimised combined high-side/low-side switch efficiency in synchronous rectifier designs.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Mar 18, 2002

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IGBT modules optimised for higher frequencies

At this year's PCIM show Toshiba Electronics will launch a new family of 1200V IGBT modules designed to meet the needs of applications with switching frequencies up to and beyond 50kHz.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Mar 4, 2002

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More I/O isolation from coplanar SSR design

Fairchild Semiconductor has a new line of optically coupled solid-state relays (SSRs).

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Feb 25, 2002

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Triac and diac trigger in one package

The new Alternistor Quadrac series from Solid State Supplies is the ideal alternative to the costly and time-consuming option of buying a discrete diac to assemble in conjunction with a gated triac.

News from Solid State Supplies, Feb 19, 2002

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MOSFETs to give that home theatre sound

Zetex has launched a series of four N- and P-channel MOSFETs providing all the performance demanded by Class D audio systems.

News from Zetex, Feb 6, 2002

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Faster-switching IGBTs save space and cut losses

Toshiba Electronics has released the first in a series of ultra fast switching (UFS) IGBTs that will save space and minimise losses in high-speed switching applications operating at up to 150kHz.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Feb 4, 2002

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IGBT and diode run cooler together for driving

International Rectifier's has a new family of 600V short-circuit-rated IGBT/FRED copackaged devices for sub-two-horsepower industrial and appliance motor drives.

News from International Rectifier, Jan 29, 2002

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Low-loss Schottky diodes for DC/DC conversion

New low-forward-voltage compact SMD Schottky diodes from Shindengen provide secondary rectification in DC/DC convertor applications.

News from Shindengen UK, Jan 11, 2002

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Transistor and diode together (again)

Rohm's new UML series of devices combines a general-purpose transistor and a Schottky barrier diode into a miniature UMT package.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Jan 9, 2002

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MOSFET and diode together save space and cost

International Rectifier has two new P-channel FETKY devices that combine a MOSFET and Schottky diode in a single SO-8 to reduce packaging cost and offer substantial space savings.

News from International Rectifier, Jan 9, 2002

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Richardson adds bespoke edge to Dynex

Dynex Semiconductor has signed a global distribution agreement for its line of power semiconductors, including IGBTs, thyristors and diodes, with Richardson Electronics.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Dec 21, 2001

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MOSFETs optimised for high-speed switching

Rohm Electronics has expanded its family of high-efficiency, miniature power MOSFETs with new 30 and 60V devices that are optimised for high-speed switching.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Dec 11, 2001

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Shrinking power MOSFET switches

NEC Electronics has two new N-channel Semi-PowerMOSFET switches to meet the demand for power control in ever shrinking portable battery-powered devices.

News from NEC Electronics (Europe), Dec 10, 2001

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Ultrafast recovery diodes for increased efficiency

International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of hermetically sealed high-reliability FRED products with over 12 new 200V ultrafast recovery diodes with soft reverse recovery characteristics.

News from International Rectifier, Nov 29, 2001

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Selection guide to discrete semis

Toshiba Electronics has launched a selection guide that will help European engineers to specify discrete, optoelectronic and power semiconductor products for their designs.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Nov 13, 2001

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Lower on-resistance for MOSFET saves space

Hitachi has a new P-channel power MOSFET that it says offers the industry's lowest on-resistance of 3.6mohm (typical), approximately 40% lower than Hitachi's previous model.

News from Hitachi Europe, Oct 31, 2001

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Lower losses from speedy IGBT

A new IGBT from Toshiba combines a compact design with very high-speed and low switching loss operation and is targeted at high-frequency applications such as UPSs and motor drives.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Oct 26, 2001

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Dynex to produce modules for Ecostar

Dynex Semiconductor has entered into an agreement with Ecostar Electric Drive Systems to fabricate prototype power semiconductor modules for use in electric vehicles and power conversion systems.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Oct 17, 2001

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Silicon carbide diodes raise the voltage stakes

Designed for those applications where a conventional Schottky diode runs out of voltage headroom, the new UPSC range from Solid State Supplies can operate at up to 600V.

News from Solid State Supplies, Oct 17, 2001

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IGBTs keep getting faster

Toshiba Electronics is developing a next generation of IGBT technology that will be aimed at higher-frequency applications ranging from UPSs to switch mode power supplies.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Oct 15, 2001

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Brochure aids MOSFET specification

The Toshiba power MOSFET 2001 brochure combines in-depth information on MOSFET products and packages with an easy-to-use selection matrix for rapid identification of the best devices.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Oct 10, 2001

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Low gate drive voltage lets IGBTs swap for MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor has released its new generation of IGBTs designed to replace 500/600V MOSFETs in switch mode power supply, power factor correction and other high-power applications.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Oct 9, 2001

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Showing 376-400 of 432 articles

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