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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Ever-expanding power MOSFET portfolio

NEC has an extensive range of power MOSFETs that provides solutions for a wide variety of applications.

News from Sunrise Electronics, Mar 4, 2003

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Miniscule package for bidirectional MOSFET pair

The IRF6156 is a 20V dual bidirectional HEXFET power MOSFET in a common drain configuration that is 80% smaller than devices in the TSSOP-8 package, with a profile less than 0.8mm.

News from International Rectifier, Feb 27, 2003

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Power discretes on short lead times

Hunter Electronic Components is offering a short-lead-time alternative for discrete power devices in the MELF (SOD87) package currently in short supply worldwide.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Feb 6, 2003

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MOSFET pair provide instant power switching

A 12V complementary N- and P-channel pair of HEXFET power MOSFETs in a single SO-8 package has been introduced by International Rectifier.

News from International Rectifier, Jan 27, 2003

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MOSFETs remove the need for extra diodes

International Rectifier has a new 500V L-Series power MOSFET with fast recovery body diode for reliable operation of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) power supplies, especially at light loads.

News from International Rectifier, Jan 15, 2003

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Rugged triacs for efficient consumer applications

Fairchild Semiconductor has entered the standard triac market with the 600V FKPF12N60 and the 800V FKPF12N80, two 12A standard triacs for optimising performance in consumer appliances.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Jan 14, 2003

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MOSFETs are tough enough for handheld supplies

Five new N-channel 40V MOSFETs for DC/DC conversion offer excellent price and efficiency benefits in power supply designs for laptops and other portable/handheld applications.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Jan 13, 2003

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Two MOSFETs in one cut down convertor designs

Hitachi has developed a 30V drain-source breakdown voltage composite power MOSFET which incorporates chips for both sides of a nonisolated DC/DC convertor in a single package.

News from Hitachi Europe, Dec 19, 2002

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IGBTs and diodes in rugged combination

A new series of 600V non-punch-through (NPT) IGBT Co-Packs offers improved ruggedness at a lower cost than previous generation devices.

News from International Rectifier, Dec 2, 2002

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Bipolars deliver more power from a smaller space

The latest addition to the Zetex MPPS range of miniature package power solutions is a complete series of bipolar transistors giving designers the opportunity to increase current handling threefold.

News from Zetex, Nov 27, 2002

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FET boosts efficiency at higher frequencies

The IRF6607 DirectFET MOSFET is specifically designed for synchronous MOSFET switch applications in high-frequency synchronous buck convertors.

News from International Rectifier, Nov 25, 2002

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40V MOSFET takes on larger automotive tasks

International Rectifier has developed new automotive HEXFET power MOSFET technology it reckons combines high efficiency with excellent ruggedness.

News from International Rectifier, Nov 18, 2002

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Space-saving MOSFETs handle automotive temperature

Designed to save space in high-speed switching applications, the new RK7002A and SM6K2 surface mount MOSFETs from Rohm are miniature 60V devices offering single- and dual-transistor configurations.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Nov 7, 2002

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Shrinking MOSFETs cut on-resistance and power

Philips has a new line of N-channel MOSFETs in TSOP6 packages based on its innovative mTrenchMOS technology.

News from Philips Semiconductors, Oct 30, 2002

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High-speed power MOSFET for portable designs

The latest miniature low-voltage power MOSFET from Toshiba is a high-speed, high-efficiency device that combines an ultra-low on-resistance of 10.3mohm with a maximum leakage current of only -10uA.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Oct 28, 2002

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Phase-control thyristors run to higher voltages

Dynex Semiconductor has six new high-power phase-control thyristors with repetitive voltage ratings at 125C from 1800 to 6500V aimed at high-voltage power supplies and power conversion.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Oct 25, 2002

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High-power transistors switch twice as quickly

Rohm has expanded its family of ultraminiature high-speed high-power transistors with four new devices that are twice as fast as previous devices in the same packages.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Oct 18, 2002

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MOSFETs fit for heavy automotive tasks

Three new 60V N-channel trench MOSFETs are specifically designed for high-current automotive applications such as motor/body load control, ABS, power train management and injection systems.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Oct 8, 2002

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Low on-resistance MOSFET aids convertor efficiency

International Rectifier has introduced the 30V IRL3713 series of HEXFET power MOSFETs available in D2Pak, TO-262 and TO-220 packages.

News from International Rectifier, Sep 18, 2002

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MOSFETs boost hot-swap convertor efficiency

New from International Rectifier at Electronica will be a line of 150 and 200V MOSFETs that can increase total efficiency by 1% in isolated DC/DC convertors.

News from International Rectifier, Sep 2, 2002

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P-channel MOSFETs boost circuit efficiency

Zetex has released its first 30V P-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs.

News from Zetex, Aug 23, 2002

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Stripe structure boosts MOSFET merits

Seven new high-voltage planar MOSFETs from Fairchild Semiconductor offer lower on-resistance, lower gate charge and higher energy density in avalanche and commutation modes.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Aug 22, 2002

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Schottky diodes aid power-sensitive applications

Rohm Electronics has expanded its family of Schottky diodes with seven new ultrasmall surface-mount devices for low-power rectification and high-speed switching in space-limited applications.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Aug 20, 2002

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Diodes cut components and raise current density

A new family of 15, 30, 45 and 100V high-current Schottky diodes from International Rectifier, reduces component count and increases power density.

News from International Rectifier, Aug 14, 2002

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Even faster recovery for diodes

The comprehensive range of super fast recovery diodes from Rectron has been further enhanced with the launch of a new range of 20ns fast recovery diodes in industry standard packages.

News from Rectron Europe, Aug 12, 2002

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Showing 326-350 of 432 articles

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