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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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IGBTs enhance motor drive performance

A new series of 600V non-punch-through IGBTs housed in the TO-220 fully-isolated package features a guaranteed minimum isolation of 2kV.

News from International Rectifier, Jul 9, 2003

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Novel MOSFETs promise to boost DC/DC performance

A new range of power MOSFETs uses a breakthrough TrenchFET technology to combine greatly reduced switching losses with ultralow on-resistance.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jul 4, 2003

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MOSFETs integrate protection circuitry

A new family of self-protected MOSFETs features an advanced level of integration and delivers superior performance in demanding automotive and industrial applications.

News from ON Semiconductor, Jul 2, 2003

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IGBT array for three-phase motor inverters

The new SLA5200 Series from Sanken Electric is a 600V, 15A IGBT/FRD array for use in three-phase motor invertors in domestic appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.

News from Allegro MicroSystems Europe, Jun 30, 2003

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MOSFET temperature compensation is a sound idea

A new class of MOSFETs with built-in temperature compensation for enhanced audio performance has been developed by Sanken Electric in conjunction with the Pioneer Corp.

News from Allegro MicroSystems Europe, Jun 23, 2003

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Three-dimensional transistor enters development

Intel's novel trigate three-dimensional transistor is moving from research to the development phase.

News from Intel Corporation, Jun 18, 2003

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Novel power package reduces MOSFET on-resistance

Siliconix has released 14 industry-leading PowerPAK power MOSFETs featuring improved package technology that yields lower on-resistance devices.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jun 17, 2003

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Latchup is no problem for novel JFET design

A new series of JFETs is claimed to eliminate the problem of latchup in amplifier designs.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jun 17, 2003

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Dual diodes save space and power

Presenting a typical forward voltage of just 600mV for a forward current of 1A, the miniature ZXSDS2M832 dual Schottky combination offers significant improvements in circuit efficiency.

News from Zetex, Jun 11, 2003

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Schottky diodes shrink by half

A breakthrough in Schottky diode semiconductor technology reduces power dissipation to such low levels that they can be housed in surface-mount packages less than half the size of existing devices.

News from Philips Semiconductors, Jun 5, 2003

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Transistors savie space without current compromise

A new family of ultrasmall transistors are available in high-power surface mount packages and feature reductions in saturation voltage of up to 90% compared with previous technologies.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Jun 5, 2003

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IGBT modules aim for high-reliability applications

Three new IGBT module product ranges rated at 1200, 1700 and 3500V in single, half-bridge, chopper and dual switch circuit configurations are designed for high-reliability applications.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, May 28, 2003

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IEGTs cut losses in high-power applications

New injection enhancement gate transistor modules combine high power densities with reduced losses to improve the performance and efficiency of applications switching voltages up to 4.5kV.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, May 28, 2003

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IEGTs promise low thermal resistance

Toshiba has combined trench gate semiconductor structure with ultra thin wafer technology to produce a new generation of ultra-efficient high-performance 1200V injection enhancement gate transistors.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, May 28, 2003

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Tiny footprint shows merit of MOSFET

The FDZ299P is a low-voltage P-channel MOSFET in BGA packaging that provides top performance and up to 75% size reduction in battery management applications.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, May 27, 2003

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Low saturation transistors shrink to 1612 size

Pushing performance boundaries, Philips has become the first semiconductor company to offer the market BISS transistors in the 1612-sized SOT666/SS-Mini package.

News from Philips Semiconductors, May 5, 2003

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SyncFET saves space, heat and time for PSUs

The FDS7066SN3 is the first in a new family of MOSFETs using SyncFET silicon technology to improve performance and reduce overall system cost in synchronous DC/DC buck convertor designs.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, May 1, 2003

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Six-IGBT module simplifies drives for white goods

At PCIM Europe 2003 Toshiba will be showing a compact and intelligent IGBT module it says will dramatically simplify the design and reduce the component count of three-phase inverter systems.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Apr 14, 2003

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Cost cutting pays off for Dynex profitability

Dynex Power has revealed its results for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2002.

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Apr 3, 2003

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Property deal gives Dynex working capital

Dynex Power has completed a sale and 25-year leaseback transaction of its Doddington Road property in Lincoln, England with the investment arm of the Lincoln Co-operative Society (LCE).

News from Dynex Semiconductor, Mar 31, 2003

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Meritorious performance from N-channel MOSFETs

Continuing the expansion of its portfolio of low-voltage power MOSFETs for switching and power management applications, ON Semiconductor has released a range of new N-channel devices.

News from ON Semiconductor, Mar 31, 2003

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Trench process slashes MOSFET on resistance

ON Semiconductor has developed a novel trench process technology that it claims on average delivers a 40% improvement in on-resistance when compared with other trench processes on the market today.

News from ON Semiconductor, Mar 31, 2003

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Record high transconductance for power transistors

Oki Electric is working on a power transistor with dramatically improved amplification characteristics for wireless communications applications.

News from Oki Electric, Mar 28, 2003

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Shrinking MOSFETs maintain high power capabilities

A new series of low-on-resistance 20-30V MOSFETs from Rohm offer higher drain currents and power ratings in a smaller package size than has previously been possible.

News from Rohm Electronics (UK), Mar 26, 2003

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UK source for Spanish power components

Now available in the UK from Hunter Electronic Components is the range of thyristor products from Fagor, the Spanish manufacturer of discrete semiconductor components.

News from Hunter Electronic Components, Mar 5, 2003

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Showing 301-325 of 432 articles

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