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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Power MOSFETs cut on-resistance by 30%

A new family of 100 to 600V standard and HiPerFET power MOSFETs incorporate a proprietary cell design that reduces on-resistance by 30%, enabling improved efficiency.

News from Ixys Semiconductor, Sep 1, 2005

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Power MOSFETs come in ultracompact packages

Rohm Electronics is significantly enlarging its ultracompact power-MOSFET lineup, which already encompasses 60 different devices.

News from Flint, Aug 24, 2005

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New deal brings staff expansion

As well as seeing an increase in the UK waveguide market, Credowan has recently been appointed the exclusive UK representative and stockist for CTM PIN diode products.

News from Credowan, Aug 12, 2005

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Ixys signs up for UK distribution

Extending its expertise in power management solutions, Solid State Supplies has been appointed UK distributor for Ixys.

News from Solid State Supplies, Aug 1, 2005

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MOSFET chipset cuts component count in half

A new synchronous buck convertor chipset is suitable for high-frequency high-current DC/DC convertors used in advanced telecomms and datacomms systems.

News from International Rectifier, Jul 27, 2005

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New UK source for pin diodes

Credowan is the newly appointed exclusive UK representative and stockist for CTM pin diode products formally known as Temex.

News from Credowan, Jul 19, 2005

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MOSFETs pair up to raise convertor efficiency

Two new 30V MOSFET synchronous buck convertor chipsets suit notebook computer designs where small size, high efficiency and improved thermal conduction are required.

News from International Rectifier, Jul 11, 2005

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Low profile six-pack IGBT module handles 200A

The SEMiX13 has been designed for motor ratings up to 37kW, allowing the SEMiX product range to seamlessly cover the power range from 0.75 to 200kW with modules for solderless assembly.

News from Semikron, Jul 7, 2005

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Low-profile rectifiers offer easy integration

A new range of rectifier modules are billed as the first in the industry to offer a 17mm terminal height and screw connections.

News from Semikron, Jul 7, 2005

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MOSFETs keep cool to boost conversion efficiency

A new chipset enables a bus convertor solution capable of delivering 336W with 97% efficiency in a footprint 29% smaller than a "quarter-brick" convertor.

News from International Rectifier, Jun 20, 2005

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Low-voltage load switches reduce on-resistance

Five new P-channel load switches are billed as the industry's first such devices designed to offer low on-resistance at a 1.5V gate drive.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jun 17, 2005

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Compact diodes are RoHS compliant

Easby Electronics has several new series of RoHS-compliant ultrasmall surface-mount rectifier diodes.

News from Easby Electronics, Jun 17, 2005

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Schottky aims to extend battery life

With typical and maximum reverse current ratings at 30V of 1 and 4uA, respectively, the ZLLS350 Schottky barrier diode helps extend battery life in a broad range of applications.

News from Zetex, Jun 16, 2005

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Trench-based module boasts boosted currents

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced its first trench gate based 4.5kV press pack IEGT (injection enhancement gate transistor).

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Jun 13, 2005

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Plastic-packaged power transistors prove popular

Freescale Semiconductor has now shipped more than 10 million high-power, high-frequency RF power transistors in plastic packages.

News from Freescale Semiconductor, May 23, 2005

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Compact diode rivals its big brothers

A new DO-5 packaged diode combines high voltage, current and surge capability with excellent thermal efficiency to provide performance that rivals larger DO-8 packages.

News from International Rectifier, May 20, 2005

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Online simulator simplifies switch selection

A novel online calculation and simulation tool allows designers to easily identify the optimum power semiconductor for their power control applications.

News from Semikron, May 6, 2005

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MOSFETs withstand fast switching transients

Eight new high-voltage MOSFETs address demanding high-voltage fast-switching applications requiring high efficiency, such as active PFC, lighting and AC/DC power supply systems.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, May 4, 2005

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P-channel MOSFETs for active clamps

A new family of -150 and -200V P-channel power MOSFETs offers space-saving solutions for active clamp configurations.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Apr 29, 2005

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MOSFETs resist thermal effects

Siliconix has developed the industry's first N-channel MOSFETs that combine a high 3.4V threshold voltage with on-resistance as low as 2.7mohm.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Apr 22, 2005

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Power modules optimised for automotive control

Semikron has introduced two intelligent power-control modules optimised for use in the control systems of fuel-cell powered vehicles.

News from Semikron, Apr 20, 2005

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Novel package shrinks discrete devices

ON Semiconductor has introduced more than 50 small signal transistors and small signal diodes in a SOT-723 flat-lead package.

News from ON Semiconductor, Apr 7, 2005

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Novel MOSFET cuts on-resistance and gate charge

A new power MOSFET employs a novel super junction structure that enables a reduction in power consumption caused by on-state resistance to around 40% of the value typical for conventional MOSFETs.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Mar 28, 2005

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IGBT packs oust thyristors at higher voltages

A new line of 1700V IGBT copacks and isolated package 1700V IGBT phase leg products incorporate Ixys' proprietary 1800V Sonic-FRD ultrasoft fast-recovery diodes.

News from Ixys Semiconductor, Mar 21, 2005

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Transistors boost basestation amplification

Agilent Technologies has added two new members of its family of high-linearity E-pHEMT FETs in the industry-standard 4.5 x 4.1 x 1.5mm SOT-89 surface-mount package.

News from Agilent Technologies, Mar 15, 2005

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Showing 176-200 of 432 articles

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