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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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MOSFETs promise thermal and space advantages

Thermally enhanced ultracompact low-profile MOSFETs target low-power applications in the sub-30 and sub-20V range.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Sep 11, 2006

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MOSFETs help maximise power densities

MOSFETs are designed for applications where high efficiency and improved thermal conductivity are needed to increase power density.

News from International Rectifier, Sep 5, 2006

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MOSFETs are made for slimline ballasts

Low on-resistance 600V SuperFET MOSFETs address the DPAK (TO-252) device requirements of the latest ultraslim low-profile ballast applications.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Aug 31, 2006

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GaN transistor raises basestation power density

A compact GaN power transistor amplifier boasts the world's highest output power level of 400W while featuring low distortion characteristics for 3G basestations.

News from NEC, Aug 21, 2006

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Discrete appointment is essential addition

Focus EDL has been appointed by EIC, one of the industry's leading manufacturers of discrete semiconductor devices.

News from Focus EDL, Aug 16, 2006

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Power MOSFETs reduce on-resistance

Power MOSFET devices optimise DC/DC conversion and reduce power losses at critical current levels.

News from ON Semiconductor, Aug 11, 2006

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Smaller size for mid-range bipolars

Mid-voltage bipolar transistors in SOT23 packages are capable of handling a power dissipation of up to 1.25W.

News from Zetex, Jul 24, 2006

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N-channel MOSFETs show merit in conversion

N-channel MOSFETs for switching convertor applications improve the figure of merit for resistance multiplied by charge by as much as 36%.

News from International Rectifier, Jul 7, 2006

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Miniature potentiometer for voltage regulation

Panasonic Electronic Devices has succeeded in commercialising a compact potentiometer with a very small footprint to be used for voltage reductions in industrial applications.

News from Panasonic Industrial Europe, Jul 7, 2006

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Low-profile trimming potentiometer

Panasonic trimming potentiometer is only 2mm square

News from Panasonic Industrial Europe, Jul 3, 2006

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MOSFETs are made for the point of load

30V synchronous buck HEXFET MOSFETs are designed for DC/DC synchronous point-of-load convertors.

News from International Rectifier, Jul 3, 2006

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IGBT is made for induction heating

A 1200V/15A NPT-trench IGBT has the ability to withstand as much as 300mJ of avalanche energy in induction heating applications.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Jul 3, 2006

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Diodes adopt a smaller outline

Four high-performance diode chips are offered in the smallest surface-mount package ever.

News from Avago Technologies, Jun 28, 2006

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Licence provides Korean source for trench MOSFETs

Vishay has licensed its Siliconix TrenchFET power MOSFET technology to KEC, the largest manufacturer of discrete electronic components in Korea.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jun 16, 2006

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Miniature MOSFETs are cool portable option

Smaller, thinner, faster, cooler running and more reliable MOSFET devices promise leading edge performance and design flexibility for portable applications.

News from ON Semiconductor, Jun 2, 2006

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Two MOSFETs in one save space and power

International Rectifier has introduced four SO-8 30V dual HEXFET MOSFETs for synchronous buck convertor applications up to 6A.

News from International Rectifier, May 19, 2006

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PIN diodes raise stability and reliability

High-speed PIN diodes are made from high-resistivity epitaxial silicon material, passivated with silicon dioxide to achieve high levels of stability and reliability.

News from Link Microtek, May 15, 2006

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Bipolar transistors get more in a SOT23 package

A range of low voltage bipolar transistors extends the power handling capability of the SOT23 package, enabling designers to shrink products by replacing larger SOT89 and SOT223 equivalent parts.

News from Zetex, May 5, 2006

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IGBTs claim motor control savings

Four 600V insulated gate bipolar transistors can reduce power dissipation in inverters by up to 60% in motor control applications up to 2.5kW.

News from International Rectifier, Apr 21, 2006

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Diodes shrink into SOD-723 packages

ON Semiconductor has introduced three new Schottky and three new ESD diodes in 1.4 x 0.6 x 0.5mm SOD-723 packages.

News from ON Semiconductor, Apr 18, 2006

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IGBTs oust MOSFETs from plasma displays

High-current low-loss discrete IGBTs are designed to meet the power supply requirements of plasma display panels.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Apr 14, 2006

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Rectifiers offer application-optimised variants

New rectifiers perform with very low conduction and low switching losses, providing a new benchmark for efficiency by reducing the energy loss in electronic systems.

News from Ixys Semiconductor, Mar 23, 2006

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Chinese joint venture makes the top 10

ON Semiconductor's Leshan-Phoenix Semiconductor Company joint venture has been ranked among China's top 10 semiconductor assembly and test enterprises for 2005.

News from ON Semiconductor, Mar 3, 2006

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MOSFET is qualified for automotive use

A 100V-rated logic-level trench MOSFET is Q101-qualified for automotive use up to the maximum junction temperature of 175C.

News from International Rectifier, Feb 28, 2006

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PIN diodes come in smaller plastic packages

Three high-performance PIN diode chips come in low-cost RoHS-compliant lead-free SOD-323 plastic packages.

News from Avago Technologies, Feb 22, 2006

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Showing 126-150 of 432 articles

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