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Latest articles from 'Discrete Power Devices'

News releases from this sub-category

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Vishay Mosfet has Schottky diode

Vishay Intertechnology has announced a tiny 20V n-channel power Mosfet plus Schottky diode.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Dec 16, 2008

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Cissoid announces high temperature bridge driver

Cissoid has announced the release of a high temperature full bridge driver guaranteed for operation between -55C and +225C.

News from Cissoid, Dec 15, 2008

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Interfet offers discontinued JFET devices

Interfet Corp offers a second source supply for many discontinued junction field effect transistor devices (JFET).

News from Rhopoint Components, Nov 5, 2008

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Linear reveals current sense amplifier

Linear Technology has announced the LT6107, a military-plastic-grade (MP-grade) high-side current sense amplifier specified for operation from -55 to 150C.

News from Linear Technology Corp, Nov 3, 2008

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MagnaChip launches N-P Multi-Chip MOSFET series

MagnaChip Semiconductor has announced the launch of its MOSFET series for use in backlight units of LCD TVs and LCD monitors.

News from MagnaChip Semiconductor, Sep 2, 2008

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LDMOS technology aids UHF transmitter efficiency

Freescale's laterally diffused MOS UHF technology will enable Harris to produce its most compact and power-efficient UHF transmitters.

News from Freescale Semiconductor, Aug 28, 2008

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Small signal MOSFETs run from 1.2V supplies

Devices operate with a gate drive voltage of just 1.2V, and so are ideally suited to high-speed and analogue switching in portable battery-powered equipment.

News from Toshiba Electronics Europe, Aug 27, 2008

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Power MOSFETs offer lower on-resistance

P-channel power MOSFET family in PowerPAK SC-75 packages includes several devices rated from 8 to 30V that are industry firsts for their voltage ratings in this package type.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Aug 21, 2008

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Triacs come in isolated packages

Latest triacs are ideal for industrial and control applications where isolation voltage is critical and safety is a primary concern.

News from ON Semiconductor, Aug 15, 2008

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Transistors and diodes come in smaller packages

Smaller low-profile packages allow design engineers to use them in such applications as mobile handsets.

News from ON Semiconductor, Aug 8, 2008

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Two MOSFETs in one boost PSU efficiency

Device incorporates power MOSFETs of two different types, composing a synchronous rectification DC/DC convertor in a high-thermal-radiation package measuring 5.1 x 6.1 x 0.8mm.

News from Renesas Technology Europe, Jul 31, 2008

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High-current MOSFET raises power efficiency

High current rating allows engineers to design-out multiple parallel MOSFETs to save board space and BOM costs.

News from STMicroelectronics, Jul 17, 2008

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Bipolar junction transistors improve audio

Extended beta improves linearity and reduces total harmonic distortion, improving the fidelity and overall sound of audio products.

News from Fairchild Semiconductor, Jul 3, 2008

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MOSFETs aim to reduce power consumption

Devices are particularly suited for the power supply topology of a VGA card, contributing to the higher efficiency of buck topology.

News from MagnaChip Semiconductor, Jun 30, 2008

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Diode networks are custom applications

Networks offer new levels of performance for product applications where flexible high density space-saving configurations are required to address signal integrity issues.

News from BI Technologies Electronic Components Division, Jun 25, 2008

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Transistors boost transmitter efficiency

High-frequency power MOSFETs claim the industry's highest efficiency class with up to 60% added power efficiency.

News from Renesas Technology Europe, Jun 24, 2008

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Smaller MOSFET cuts on-resistance at low voltage

With an ultracompact 1.2 x 1.0mm footprint, the Si8445DB is 20% smaller than the industry's next-smallest device, while offering the same slim 0.59mm profile.

News from Vishay Siliconix, Jun 19, 2008

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Novel FETs boost power and gain

The HVV1011-035 is a 35W surface mount RF power transistor for IFF, TCAS and Mode-S applications, and the HVV1214-200 is a 200W RF power transistor for ground-based radar applications.

News from HVVi Semiconductors, Jun 17, 2008

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Load switches save portable power

Modified MLF package technology extends battery life by greatly reducing the on-resistance of high-side load switches down to 28mohm.

News from Micrel, Jun 17, 2008

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MOSFETs are optimised for industrial batteries

N-channel devices are based on IR trench MOSFET technology with superior on-state resistance for improved system efficiency and high reliability.

News from International Rectifier, Jun 16, 2008

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Hall-effect latches stay stable

Dynamic offset cancellation reduces the residual offset voltage normally caused by device package overmoulding.

News from Allegro MicroSystems Europe, Jun 4, 2008

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Transistors are optimised for display designs

MOSFETs provide excellent switching performance and enable designers to save overall system cost by minimising required board space.

News from MagnaChip Semiconductor, May 30, 2008

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Miniature MOSFETs maintain lower on-resistance

The PowerPAK SC-70 combines the tiny footprint of the SC-70 package with on-resistance comparable to the larger TSOP-6.

News from Vishay Siliconix, May 29, 2008

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Transistors switch power supply designs

Emitter-switched bipolar transistor switches enable single-switch flyback topology in universal-input convertors.

News from STMicroelectronics, May 22, 2008

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Low-resistance MOSFETs adopt rugged package

The rugged TO-247 package provides a larger area for heatsinking to improve thermal dissipation compared with a TO-220 package.

News from International Rectifier, May 19, 2008

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