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Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "VDE", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release IEC-inlet filters adopt slimline form from Tyco Electronics UK, which we summarised at the time by saying "SRB filters are fully shielded and available with various capacitance values". Earlier in the week, we featured the news release Power convertor suits varying loads from Lambda: "Lambda's iAD12016A008V is particularly well-suited for powering a diverse range of loads in a variety of architectures, including distributed power".

In January 2008, we covered the news from Emerson Network Power - Embedded Power concerning its Astec AD50 and AD100 AC/DC power adapters - take a look at External power adapters work worldwide which says: "The Astec AD50 and AD100 series freestanding AC/DC power adapters provide a very flexible, pre-approved power solution for portable and desktop applications".

Take a look also at the news release from Emerson Network Power - Embedded Power, Adapters are made for charging portable CE devices, as well as Thermostats go on lines, chassis and boards from Abacus Group, and Transformers outperform expensive alternatives from PowerPax UK.

See also:

DC modules front up distributed architectures (November 2007)
Modules all feature a very wide 40 to 72V DC input voltage range, which is ideal for telecomms and central office applications operating from 48V battery plants

Slimmed-down relays cut power switching costs (November 2007)
Slimline power PCB relays measure just 7.0 x 20.4 x 15.0mm, making them ideal for high-density applications

DC/DC convertors offer high efficiency (August 2007)
The iQE family is compatible with all cooling strategies, including contact, convection and forced air, with an operating temperature range of -40C to +125C

Sixteenth bricks optimise thermal performance (August 2007)
Sixteenth brick DC/DC power modules now provide up to 25A of output current

Colour-coded connectors have universal appeal (July 2007)
Nine different coloured plugs, caps and headers enable colour coding and different colour schemes in harness and wiring systems

PCB terminal has international appeal (June 2007)
High-performance PCB terminal features a clever pin arrangement with a pitch as small as 10.16mm that has been given unlimited 600V UL approval

Fan design boasts bigger airflow (May 2007)
New generation of DC fans claims new standards of airflow performance - nearly 70% greater than previous models

PCB relays have quick-connect contact terminals (April 2007)
Quick-connect terminals on PCB relays allow load current up to 16A to be directly routed through the relay's contacts, eliminating the need for large PCB traces

Power-rated rockers are durable and reliable (March 2007)
Rocker switches are designed for power applications with capacitive and inductive circuits as well as common resistive circuits

Lapp's connectors have rugged options (February 2007)
Leading cable solutions provider, Lapp , announces two new series of circular connectors designed for use in applications where a versatile, compact and rugged connector is required

Circular connectors answer industrial demands (February 2007)
The popular IP68 environmentally sealed Buccaneer range covers four series and is designed to simplify design and installation while assuring easy and reliable field connection

RoHS-compliant 150W AC-DC power supplies (December 2006)
UR has introduced a new series of compact, RoHS-compliant 150W AC-DC power supplies from its partner Artesyn Technologies

Vertical reversed connector for quick isolation (December 2006)
Euroclamp's SVR vertical reversed connector block enables quick, efficient isolation of equipment and circuitry by way of the connector's clever design

External power adapters have three outputs (November 2006)
High efficiency 50W external AC/DC power adapters offer users a wide choice of fully regulated output voltages

Thermal cutouts promise best of both worlds (September 2006)
Pepi's JS series thermal cutouts combine the benefits of both automatic and manual reset cutouts, without the disadvantages of either

Capacitors are ideal for suppression (September 2006)
Type MEXY metallised polyester class X2 and Y2/X2 film capacitors are ideal for across-the line and line-to-ground interference suppression applications

Fuseholders provide cost-effective protection (June 2006)
High quality fuseholders from Belling Lee provide cost-effective circuit protection for commercial applications up to 30A at 600V AC

Filters promise low-cost route to compliance (June 2006)
The Corcom WG series is a high performance EMI filter for applications requiring a low-cost method of providing industry compliance for conducted EMI/RFI emissions

Terminal bundles create flexible interconnects (May 2006)
UL and VDE approved screwless terminal blocks can now be supplied boxed in 36-way bundles complete with 10 end plates enabling users to create banks of terminals to meet their custom requirements

Terminal blocks feature tougher clamps (April 2006)
A new and improved range of 36-way terminal blocks feature numerous design enhancements to deliver better quality and improved strength among other attributes

Terminal blocks feature stronger clamps (March 2006)
A new range of 5 and 5.08mm pitch terminal blocks feature numerous design enhancements to deliver better quality and improved strength among other attributes

Power relay handles high inrush currents (March 2006)
A new power relay is designed specifically to control high inrush currents to fluorescent or incandescent lamps in emergency lighting systems and appliance control applications

Fan delivers cool air under pressure (March 2006)
A high-performance DC axial fan provides airflow up to 25.84 litre/s, with excellent air delivery performance against high system pressure thanks to the fan depth of 38mm

Certification speeds instruments to world markets (March 2006)
The Fluke Safety and Environmental Laboratory is now certified by VDE's Test Data Acceptance Programme

Digital isolator protects the missing link (March 2006)
The Si844x is billed as the industry's highest-performance easiest-to-use lowest-cost 2500V RMS digital isolator product family

Compact format for power inlet filters (March 2006)
The recently introduced EJT filter series attenuates noise up to 1GHz based around an IEC320/C14 input connector providing a maximum rating of 20A (UL /CSA) and 16A (VDE)

Power relay adds AC coil option (February 2006)
Now available from Tyco Electronics is the T9C AC coil power relay

Front end PSUs complete distributed architectures (February 2006)
A new series of compact 150W AC/DC power supplies are ideal for front-end conversion in systems with distributed power and point-of-load architectures

Fuse carrier switches to surface mounting (December 2005)
The FPG series of fuse holders now includes a version for SMD mounting

Terminal blocks are competitively priced (December 2005)
Easby Electronics now offers competitively priced, industry standard plug and socket terminal blocks with UL, VDE and QCE approvals

Screwless terminal blocks save access space (November 2005)
A new range of 5.08mm pitch terminal blocks features vertical cable entry with the release mechanism in the same plane making them ideal for use in applications where access is restricted

Further devices are added to photocoupler family (November 2005)
Sharp Microelectronics is expanding its family of photocouplers by adding some components for specific models with transfer rates of 1Mbit, 10Mbit or 25 Mbit per second

Photocouplers race up to 25Mbit/s (October 2005)
Sharp Microelectronics is expanding its family of photocouplers by adding some components for specific models with transfer rates of 1, 10 or 25Mbit/s

RoHS-compliant blower fits smaller spaces (October 2005)
The BFB0412 is a new, 12V DC centrifugal blower available in a 42 x 45 x 19mm frame size that is ideal for use in small enclosures

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