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?Standby Power Consumption?

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Start with the news release Oscillator achieves ultra-low phase noise from Z-Communications, which we summarised at the time by saying "Z-Communications has announced an RoHS-compliant VCO (voltage-controlled oscillator) in S-band for digital radio and fixed wireless applications that require ultra-low phase noise performance. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Monitoring system features Nordic transceivers from Nordic Semiconductor: "Nordic Semiconductor has announced that Spantec has developed a fully comprehensive ANT+ telemedical remote monitoring system using Nordic nRF24AP2 eight-channel 2.4GHz ANT transceivers.".

In December 2010, we covered the news from MSC Vertriebs - take a look at MSC distributes YDS DC/DC converters which says: "MSC is now offering the 95DW-R3 series 20W DC/DC converters from YDS, which can be used in various measurement equipment and other device requiring a precisely regulated voltage. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Rakon, Rakon TCXOs feature power management, as well as RS Components launches power supply microsite from RS Components, and EASA certifies avionics unit with Altera processor from Altera.

Latest stories...
Self-protected MOSFETs for automotive applications (December 2010)

Suiting automotive and industrial applications, Diodes Incorporated's new self-protected MOSFETs are suitable for switching inductive loads, such as motors, relays and lamps at low frequencies.

Power-management controller for standard MOSFETs (December 2010)

Texas Instruments has introduced a power-management controller and driver for standard and logic-level N-channel MOSFETs used for low-voltage, secondary-side synchronous rectification.

AC/DC power converters for medical applications (December 2010)

Bear's compact and rugged BP Series encapsulated AC/DC power converters are available for purchase online, simplifying OEM evaluation for commercial, industrial and medical applications.

1W power supplies offer efficiency of 89 per cent (December 2010)

Aimtec has broadened its product line with the addition of the AM1D-RZ series of 1W power supplies, featuring 80 models with efficiency rates up to 89 per cent and load regulation of six per cent.

Aimtec power supplies offer auto-recovery restart (December 2010)

Aimtec has launched the AM1DS-NZ series of 1W power supplies, featuring continuous short-circuit protection with auto-recovery restart and suitable for a range of applications.

Low-power network platform for harsh environments (December 2010)

Axiomtek has announced the NA-320FL, a fanless 1U compact network appliance platform with 6GB LANs that supports the low-power Intel Atom processors D510 1.66GHz with Intel ICH8M PCH chipset.

QDR and DDR SRAMs for reducing power consumption (December 2010)

Cypress Semiconductor has announced Quad Data Rate (QDR) and Double Data Rate (DDR) SRAMs at 36-Mbit and 18-Mbit densities, for networking use in medical imaging and military signal-processing.

Ocean Blue SoCs suited for connected TV products (December 2010)

Ocean Blue Software has ported its Sunrise HD DVB stack and Voyager HD MHEG-5 stack onto set-top box (STB) chipsets from Renesas and Trident.

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Further reading
  • Convertor helps reduce standby power consumption

    By integrating a high-voltage startup-current generator as well as essential protection functions, the VIPer17 eliminates the need for external sensing components, as well as a startup resistor.
  • 5uA standby power consumption

    Atmel Corporation has announced its ATF15xxBE family of ROHS-compliant, 1.8V CPLDs with standby power consumption of just 5 uA - over 60% less power drain than the nearest competing CPLD.
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