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Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "SMPS", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release Capacitors stack up military reliability from Kemet Electronics Corp, which we summarised at the time by saying "SMPS stacked capacitors are an excellent choice for electrical applications, general purpose applications and high-frequency power supply circuits". A few weeks before, we featured the news release Dual operating modes boost controller flexibility from STMicroelectronics: "The L6566 selectable multimode controller is suitable for applications such as flyback AC/DC adapters, TV and LCD monitors, small size LCD TVs, high end chargers and other consumer equipment".

In October 2007, we covered the news from Microchip Technology concerning its MCP1631 PWM - take a look at Pulsewidth modulator closes feedback loops which says: "Designers can use the MCP1631 2.0MHz to perform many different functions in their designs, cutting footprint and cost".

Take a look also at the news release from Fairchild Semiconductor, Speedy diodes smooth out LCD TV supplies, as well as Current clamps extend power measurement from Fluke (UK), and Online design centre supports PSU design from Texas Instruments (April 2006-).

See also:

Lower conduction losses for higher efficiency (July 2006)
New synchronous rectification power MOSFETs enable lower conduction losses for higher efficiency and greater power density I

Controllers add more resolution to power duties (July 2006)
Digital signal controllers are designed for switch-mode power supply designs and other power-conversion applications such as power inverters and uninterruptible power supplies

Digital signal controllers take on power duties (June 2006)
16bit dsPIC digital signal controllers are designed for common, multi-loop switch-mode power supplies and other power-conversion applications

Modules offer compact green route to PFC (April 2006)
Three new Smart Power Modules are designed for full-switching power factor correction in motor drive applications in the 3-6kW power range

Catalogues cater for PSU market segments (March 2006)
Three new catalogues provide a convenient easy-to-use overview of a comprehensive range of AC/DC and DC/DC, medical and custom power solutions

Film-based insulator outperforms glass fibres (March 2006)
A thermally conductive low-cost film-based electronic insulator is designed for switch-mode power supply devices used in telecomms and computer networking products

Circuit protector keeps supplies in balance (February 2006)
A compact electronic circuit protector ensures selective disconnection of 24V DC switch-mode power supply loads while optimally matching the application requirements

MOSFETs boost power supply density (January 2006)
New high efficiency power MOSFETs enable a parts count reduction of 30% or more in secondary synchronous rectification, full-bridge topology power supplies compared with competing devices

High-power supply takes on exciting laser duties (November 2005)
Powerlase, a leader in robust industrial laser tools, has selected the Sorensen SFA high-power DC supply to power its 400 and 800W nanosecond-pulsed industrial lasers

MOSFET driver makes the top 10 (October 2005)
Electronic Products China magazine has presented ON Semiconductor with a 'Top 10 DC/DC 2005' award for its NCP4330 MOSFET driver

PWM controllers reduce switching interference (June 2005)
A new family of PWM controllers features integrated EMI reduction technology for low noise switched mode power supply convertor and inverter applications

Novel PFC chips correct in one cycle (March 2005)
New from International Rectifier is the IR1150 family of mPFC (microPFC) for AC/DC power factor correction (PFC) circuits

Power distribution system cuts cabinet build time (March 2005)
A novel modular power distribution system is designed to reduce assembly time and to reduce space requirements in decentralised control cabinets

MOSFETs claim benchmark low on-resistance (December 2004)
A new range of 75 and 100V HEXFET MOSFETs is designed specifically for AC/DC synchronous rectification and ORing circuits

Ferrite toroids aid SMPS suppression (November 2004)
Steward has extended its range of ferrite products to include T-Series toroids in diameters ranging from 6 to 36mm

Switches meet 1W initiative (November 2004)
Three new power switches address 100-250W range switch mode power supplies (SMPS) for applications such as colour televisions, DVD receivers

MOSFETs cut power supply losses (February 2004)
Two new high-voltage MOSFETs use Fairchild's new SuperFET technology to significantly reduce system power loss, increasing efficiency and reliability in switch-mode PSU and PFC applications

Powerful lineup at Californian show (February 2004)
ON Semiconductor will present a number of technical papers and exhibit its innovative power products at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Anaheim, California

Easy mounting for SMT inductors and chokes (October 2003)
A new series of surface-mount inductors and chokes are designed for a wide range of switch mode power supply applications

PCB-mounting current transducers run up to 400A (September 2003)
The HTB series of PCB-mounting current transducers provides current measurements from 50 to 400A RMS

Current transducer range rises to 50A RMS (September 2003)
Two new devices extend the current measuring range of the LEM HX series of PCB-mounting current transducers to 50A RMS

Optocoupler keeps up with speedy switchers (September 2003)
A new 2A high-speed gate drive optocoupler is ideally suited for use with IGBTs and power MOSFETs

Wide inputs for HV linear regulator chip (June 2003)
The LR12 is a high-voltage adjustable linear regulator featuring a wide operating input voltage range of 13.2 to 100V

Breaker looks after switch-mode outputs (April 2003)
A novel electronic circuit breaker can selectively protect individual component circuits powered from single switch-mode power supplies

IGBTs aim for high-frequency switchers (March 2003)
The new Warp2 600V 50, 35 and 20A non-punch-through IGBTs feature improved turn-off characteristics for high-current high-frequency switch-mode power supply circuits

Controller cuts standby losses (February 2003)
Fairchild Semiconductor has a new PWM controller that meets the International Energy Agency's '1-watt initiative' aimed at reducing standby power losses to below 1W

MOSFETs remove the need for extra diodes (January 2003)
International Rectifier has a new 500V L-Series power MOSFET with fast recovery body diode for reliable operation of zero-voltage switching (ZVS) power supplies, especially at light loads

Diodes cut components and raise current density (August 2002)
A new family of 15, 30, 45 and 100V high-current Schottky diodes from International Rectifier, reduces component count and increases power density

Seminars turn raw power into real performance (May 2002)
Fairchild Semiconductor is presenting a series of one-day seminars throughout Europe in June, entitled 'Turn raw power into real performance'

Digital control provides novel switcher design (April 2002)
GSPK Design has developed innovative switch-mode power solutions using DSP-based digital control techniques

News on the SMPS II IGBTs from Fairchild Semiconductor (October 2001)
Fairchild Semiconductor has released its new generation of IGBTs designed to replace 500/600V MOSFETs in switch mode power supply, power factor correction and other high-power applications

MOSFET and controller combine for tiny switchers (August 2001)
International Rectifier has introduced a series of efficient, low-cost and rugged integrated switchers, which combine a HEXFET power MOSFET with the controller IC in a single package

Power switches cut losses in CRT designs (July 2001)
New from Fairchild Semiconductor is the FS6S series of highly integrated SMPS (switched-mode power supply) power switches for CRT monitor flyback power supplies

Power supply chip changes mode to raise efficiency (June 2001)
The STR-X6400 Series from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a multimode offline switch-mode power-supply IC that automatically changes its operating mode to ensure maximum efficiency

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