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Laurence Marchini, Editor, writes:

We see from your search that you're looking for information on the term "SIP", and we have a large number of manufacturers' news releases and technical articles here on Electronicstalk which will be of interest. Let me be your guide.

Start with the news release DC/DC convertors provide power density boost from FDK Corp, which we summarised at the time by saying "Senpai's new DC/DC convertors suit applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation and high reliability in elevated temperature environments". A few weeks before, we featured the news release SiP enables handheld reception in China from Legend Silicon Corporation: "Device combines Legend Silicon's DTTB-compliant demodulator with a Sharp silicon tuner and a time de-interleaver memory in a small system-in-package 48-ball BGA".

In December 2007, we covered the news from IRC Advanced Film Division concerning its SON-U, DIP-U, SIP-U and PFC-UD Series - take a look at Precision resistor networks use tantalum ultride which says: "Tantalum ultride provides superior corrosion resistance to traditional nichrome films, as well as enhanced precision and stability".

Take a look also at the news release from Design of Systems on Silicon, Powerline chip takes DSL protocols onboard, as well as Compact SSR fits industry-standard sockets from Hongfa Europe, and Convertors raise temperature tolerance at PoL from FDK Corp.

See also:

Reference gateway sets standard for VoIP (November 2007)
The MFE VIII is ideal for system optimisation and development as well as quality control and benchmark testing

Signalling protocol package meets latest standards (October 2007)
The new Netbricks interworking signaling protocol package IWF-Bricks POTS is fully compliant with the latest TiSpan ETSI standards

News on the SIP solid state relays from Hongfa Europe (October 2007)
SIP solid state relays are rated from 1 to 5A, at line voltages up to 530V AC

Network solution connects SIP applications (October 2007)
Developers can co-locate their applications on the gateway, significantly reducing server, ongoing maintenance and real estate costs

Microprocessors offer video support (October 2007)
The SH-MobileL3V2 and SH-MobileUL microprocessors incorporate a high-performance, low-power multi-Codec video processing IP

Resistors and networks handle the heat (October 2007)
High-temperature resistive products are constructed using IRC's patented TaNFilm self passivating resistive technology

RF module suits home automation (September 2007)
Panasonic's PAN4555 module is a low-data-rate/low-power communication device operating in the ISM 2.4GHz band

Speed and direction sensing in one (September 2007)
Two-channel Hall-effect sensor is ideal for use in harsh automotive and industrial environments

DC/DC convertors offer high efficiency (September 2007)
Ideal Power's new DC/DC convertors have efficiency ratings of up to 85%, allowing them to work at operating temperatures of -40 to 75C at full load

Point-of-load module raises current level (August 2007)
Fully programmable DC/DC convertor provides industry-leading power management capabilities with no additional cost or space requirements

RTOS covers full range of VoIP gateways (August 2007)
Selection of ThreadX is the further example of the ability of the RTOS to handle demanding applications in networking and communications

Military resistors meet most demanding specs (July 2007)
In addition to offering a broad range of military-specific products including precision chips and resistor networks, IRC has now received approvals for 16 DSCC drawings

Nonvolatile memory joins IP catalogue (June 2007)
Sidense is enabling centralised access to information about the company's embedded, nonvolatile memory SiFuse and SiPROM IP cores at

Smartphone OEM signs for voice and video (June 2007)
High Tech Computer Corp has chosen TeamSpirit Mobile Voice/Video Engine to be integrated into its triband 3G phones

Software upgrades speakerphone performance (June 2007)
Grandstream Networks uses advanced acoustic echo cancellation software to dramatically improve the speakerphone quality on its GXP2020, GXP2000 and BT200 IP phones

Design software cuts 65nm TV chip time to market (April 2007)
STMicroelectronics has used the Encounter digital IC design platform and system-in-package design technology on its industry-first 65nm dual HD decoder

Miniature convertors are big on safety (April 2007)
Eight new single-output devices are billed as the world's smallest UL60950 safety standard approved 1W convertors

SiP receiver covers T-DMB and DAB-IP broadcasts (April 2007)
Single-chip receiver for T-DMB and DAB-IP broadcasts uses enhanced SiP techniques to integrate multistandard baseband IC with a high-performance RF tuner and ancillary passives

DSP card adds protocol conversion (April 2007)
The addition of Prosody X takes the evolution of GroomerII a stage further through adding enhanced IP functionality

Reference design for high-speed networks (April 2007)
Reference design includes a fully featured ITU-T G.984 GPON MAC, a classification engine, QoS queuing, advanced VLAN bridging and manipulation, and IPTV filtering, all performed at line-rate speeds

EDA market grows on all fronts (April 2007)
The electronic design automation industry raised revenues of US $1493 million during Q4 of 2006, a 19% increase over Q4 2005

All-IP project targets femtocell market (March 2007)
Tatara Systems and picoChip have announced a partnership to collaborate on and jointly market all-IP solutions for the femtocell market

Partners investigate system-in-package design (March 2007)
A new project-based partnership is working to enable the successful introduction of a new system-in-package approach to electronics design and construction

Network appliances provide infrastructure (March 2007)
Aculab has announced the launch of ApplianX, a range of products designed for network infrastructure roles in the converged networks of enterprises and service providers

News on the CompactSIP SDK from TeleSoft International (March 2007)
Software development kit helps chip makers and phone manufacturers to add standards-based VoIP to wireless devices, and to mobile and wired phones

UK Government funds SiP research (March 2007)
Project aims to develop a rigorous methodology to assist organisations across the globe in the design and manufacture of system-in-package technology

Protocol acceleration board boosts performance (February 2007)
Adax has launched the SDCIII AMC, a protocol acceleration board designed to enhance IP network performance by offering packet processing, IP security and signaling capabilities

Femtocell reference design for fast 3G uplinks (February 2007)
picoChip has announced what it believes to be 'the industry's first HSUPA-femtocell reference design

Single chip DVB-H for small devices (February 2007)
Frontier Silicon has announced a single-chip IC (integrated circuit) for DVB-H broadcast mobile digital TV (MDTV), enabling longer battery life, smaller handset form factors and faster time-to-market

TigerSHARC chip to boost 3G networks (February 2007)
3Way Networks, has selected Analog Devices' TigerSHARC as the main baseband processing platform for its high capability picocell, due out later this year

Stacking technology saves space and power (January 2007)
AMI Semiconductor is in full production mode with AIT's stacked die quad flat package no leads module for various consumer electronics applications

Structured ASICs fit in system-in-package design (January 2007)
Japanese researchers selected eASIC's Nextreme family of 90nm structured ASIC devices for a unique system in package product

EDA industry growth accelerates (January 2007)
The electronic design automation industry's revenue for Q3 of 2006 was US $1309 million, compared with $1122 million in Q3 2005

Software gains more media processing resources (January 2007)
Aculab has extended the feature set of its host media processing technology Prosody S in a new software release

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