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Start with the news release Appliance helps build network-security systems from American Aerospace Controls, which we summarised at the time by saying "American Portwell Technology's CAR-5010 network appliance can be used for building high-end network-security solutions and high-performance computing applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Han-Yellock 60 allows incorporation of six modules from Harting: "Harting has extended the versatility of its Han-Yellock connector range with the Han-Yellock 60, which has a larger housing that enables up to six connector modules to be incorporated. ".

In February 2011, we covered the news from Maxim Integrated Products - take a look at Low-noise amplifiers for GPS-enabled applications which says: "Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2686/MAX2688 low-noise amplifiers, which are designed for GPS-enabled applications operating in the 1,575MHz band. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Tyco Electronics, ChipSESD devices help to protect mobile phones, as well as DC-DC powers advanced multi-rail digital chipsets from Summit Microelectronics, and CPM for true co-analysis of the chip and system from Apache Design Solutions.

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Dimmable LED driver ICs for lighting applications (February 2011)

Power Integrations has announced seven additions to its Linkswitch-PH range of LED driver ICs optimised for industrial and commercial settings where high efficiency and system longevity are vital.

MU-D1-R radio-transceiver modem for industrial use (February 2011)

LPRS has announced the introduction of the Circuit Design MU-D1-R 915MHz, embedded low-power radio-transceiver modem for industrial use that complies with US FCC Part 15.247.

Hot-swap controller for 1 to 16V backplanes (January 2011)

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX5977, a hot-swap controller for 1 to 16V backplanes.

NDIR technology monitors gases and VOCs (January 2011)

NDIR technology is one way to monitor a range of gases and VOCs with single, or multiple colour, detection in real time in both the home and industry.

Devices improve audio quality in consumer products (January 2011)

Intersil has introduced the DAE-6 range of single-chip audio system solutions, which are designed to provide dramatically improved audio quality in consumer products.

Subrack system designed for harsh environments (January 2011)

The ruggedised KM6-HD subrack system is designed for use in rail, military, aerospace and other harsh environments where electronic equipment will be subject to shock and vibration during use.

Switching regulator suits automotive applications (January 2011)

Linear Technology has announced the LT3575, an isolated monolithic flyback switching regulator suitable for industrial, medical, telecom, datacom and automotive applications.

Value Line MCUs support advanced applications (January 2011)

Texas Instruments has launched 64 ultra-low-power MSP430 Value Line microcontrollers (MCUs) that are said to offer 16-bit performance at an 8-bit price.

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