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Start with the news release Intermediate bus converter optimises energy use from Campbell Collins, which we summarised at the time by saying "Campbell Collins now offers Ericsson Power Modules' BMR453 and BMR454, a pair of energy-optimised intermediate bus converters that are suitable for low-profile, convection-cooled applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release IR and ambient light sensors for HI applications from Silicon Laboratories: "Silicon Laboratories has launched the Si114x range of infrared (IR) and ambient light sensors for human interface (HI) applications.".

In January 2011, we covered the news from Intelliconnect - take a look at Weatherproof coaxial and triaxial cable connectors which says: "Intelliconnect is expanding its range of standard coaxial and triaxial connectors, which accommodate flexible or semi-rigid cables of various sizes as well as PCB, flange and bulkhead configurations.".

Take a look also at the news release from Harwin, Harwin contact system includes quick-mate latches, as well as Surface-mount connectors reduce board space from Advanced Interconnections, and Chargers for all types of lead-acid batteries from Yuasa Battery Sales.

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Zyfilm brings touch functionality to store windows (June 2010)

Screenvision, a provider of display and touch-screen technology, is using Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)-based touch sensor products from Zytronic on an upgrade project for one of its clients.

Mosfet ideal for telecommunications and industry (May 2010)

Toshiba Electronics Europe has introduced the SSM3K318T, a 60V semi-power Mosfet that is ideally suited for battery voltage boosting in white light-emitting diode (LED) backlight applications.

Integrated power systems for systems designers (May 2010)

Martek Power Abbott has announced an expanded capability to repackage its modular off-the-shelf units into fully integrated power systems.

BNC sockets facilitate circuit-board soldering (May 2010)

Angled BNC sockets for direct soldering onto printed circuit boards have been introduced by Multi-Contact.

Teseq releases PMM 9010/30P EMI receiver/analyser (March 2010)

Teseq is offering a digital EMI receiver/analyser with optimum measurement parameters for EMC labs that do not require full CISPR compliance for radiated emissions measurements.

Yamaichi launches high-frequency connector system (February 2010)

Yamaichi Electronics has extended its high-speed portfolio with a high-frequency coax antenna connector system.

NI adds machine vision to RIO devices (February 2010)

National Instruments has added machine-vision capabilities to Compact RIO and Single-Board RIO hardware devices.

Touch-screen PC uses enhanced LED technology (February 2010)

American Industrial Systems (AIS) has introduced a lightweight 10.4in semi-rugged touch-screen tablet PC utilising a low-power, high-efficiency 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor.

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Further reading
  • Opto Diode offers semiconductor radiation sensors

    Opto Diode now offers semiconductor radiation sensors for detecting photons and other particles, suitable for use by synchrotron scientists and by space scientists for solar spectrum studies.
  • SOS substrate enables IC semiconductor manufacture

    A bonded silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) substrate developed by Peregrine and Soitec has been qualified for use in manufacturing Peregrine's next-generation STeP5 UltraCMOS RF IC semiconductors.
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