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Start with the news release Ibase designs computing system for in-vehicle use from Ibase Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Ibase Technology, a manufacturer of industrial computers, reveals the I-VC5 multifunctional in-vehicle computing system based on the Intel Atom processor N450 platform. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release CMOS image sensor for smart phone cameras from Omnivision: "OmniVision Technologies has introduced the OV8820, a 1/3.2in, 8-megapixel RAW CMOS image sensor based on OmniVision's proven 1.4micron OmniBSITM pixel architecture. ".

In November 2010, we covered the news from Hamamatsu Photonics - take a look at Camera for OEM scientific and industrial customers which says: "Hamamatsu has introduced the C11440-50B board-level camera for semiconductor inspection, failure analysis, X-ray scintillator readout, fluorescence microscope and high-speed/high-resolution imaging.".

Take a look also at the news release from Tektronix, Oscilloscopes perform digital real-time sampling, as well as MEMS microphones can be used in mobile phones from Wolfson Microelectronics, and Oscilloscopes deliver 100GS/s sampling rates from Tektronix.

Latest stories...
PI upgrades power supply design software (October 2010)

Power Integrations has introduced PI Expert Suite v8, the latest upgrade to its power supply design software.

IR voltage regulators offer increased efficiencies (October 2010)

International Rectifier (IR) has expanded its Supirbuck range of point-of-load (POL) voltage regulators for energy-efficient high-performance server, storage, telecom and netcom applications.

Microcontrollers suited for battery-powered units (October 2010)

NXP's LPC1100L and LPC1300L microcontrollers are suited for lighting controllers, digital power conversion and management systems, and portable battery-powered consumer products and accessories.

Design simulation tool for LED-based lighting (October 2010)

ON Semiconductor, together with Transim Technology, has launched its interactive Greenpoint online design simulation tool for high-efficiency LED-based lighting applications.

PCB repair system supports 30 CAD formats (September 2010)

Polar Instruments' latest generation of the GRS500 CADView paperless PCB repair system offers support for 30 popular CAD formats, as well as Windows 7 and 64-bit Windows.

DC power supplies deliver wide current ranges (September 2010)

Tektronix's PWS4000 programmable and PWS2000 DC power supplies are designed to deliver wide current and voltage ranges for maximum versatility across a variety of applications.

Board targets machine vision applications (September 2010)

Tokyo Electron Device offers the TB-6S-LX150T-GB-R half-size PCI Express frame-grabber board for machine vision applications such as imaging and inspection systems in industrial or medical equipment.

Image sensor for home entertainment applications (September 2010)

Digital-imaging solutions developer Omnivision has introduced the OV9740, a 1/6.5in system-on-a-chip (SOC) CMOS image sensor for demanding video applications in portable media players and notebooks.

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