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Start with the news release Small flash AVR MCUs target consumer electronics from Atmel, which we summarised at the time by saying "Said to be the world's smallest flash AVR microcontroller packages, Atmel's MCUs target applications in the consumer electronics, lighting and industrial control markets. ". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Integrated power systems for systems designers from Martek Power: "Martek Power Abbott has announced an expanded capability to repackage its modular off-the-shelf units into fully integrated power systems. ".

In May 2010, we covered the news from Z-Communications - take a look at Z designs low-noise VCO for backhaul radio which says: "A low-noise Voltage Controlled Oscillator from Z-Communications has been designed for the backhaul radio market. ".

Take a look also at the news release from Maxim Integrated Products, Signal conditioner for copper interconnects, as well as LTM2881 uModule transceiver breaks ground loops from Linear Technology, and Devices provide ultra-low-profile board mounting from Toshiba Electronics.

Latest stories...
Amplifiers for tuneable and fixed-wavelength tasks (May 2010)

New Focus, a Newport Corporation brand, has introduced a series of semiconductor tapered amplifiers for high-power tuneable and fixed-wavelength applications.

Ericsson power modules reduce hardware costs (May 2010)

The PKB-A power module series, based on an electrical platform used by Ericsson Power Modules in its original eight-brick PKB, delivers 30A or 125W for applications requiring an average power of 100W.

Value-added programme supports small/medium OEMs (May 2010)

Knight Electronics has announced a value-added programme designed to support small- to mid-sized OEMs in fields such as laundry, food and beverage processing and dairy farm.

PoE mid-span device enables remote powering (May 2010)

Phihong's new eight-port power-over-Ethernet (PoE) mid-span can remotely power applications such as wireless access points, computer workstations, security systems and IP cameras with heaters.

Phihong develops SNMP-enabled mid-span device (May 2010)

Phihong has developed a 95W-per-port mid-span suitable for applications such as wireless access points, computer stations, kiosks, LCD displays, magnetic locks and emergency lighting.

Laird dish antenna provides wideband operation (May 2010)

Laird Technologies has launched a dish antenna for 802.11 applications, OFDM systems, cellular backhaul systems, point-to-point backhaul systems and public safety communications systems.

Proflow ATx meets complex mass production needs (May 2010)

DEK's Proflow ATx enclosed print head technology has been adopted by an electronics company because of its ability to meet complex mass production requirements.

Laird offers dual-slant antenna for Wimax (May 2010)

Laird Technologies, a provider of customised components and systems for advanced electronics and wireless products, has introduced a 3.5GHz dual-slant 90deg sector base station antenna for Wimax.

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Further reading
  • Power supply design software updated by PI

    Power Integrations (PI) has introduced an updated version of its PI Expert Suite v7.1.4 power supply design software.
  • Transistors switch power supply designs

    Emitter-switched bipolar transistor switches enable single-switch flyback topology in universal-input convertors.
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