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Start with the news release DC-DC converter for point-of-load power designs from Toshiba Electronics, which we summarised at the time by saying "Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched an integrated digital DC-DC step-down converter that will save space and increase the design flexibility of point-of-load (PoL) power designs.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Ericsson Pola power modules based on Turbotrans from Ericsson Power Modules: "Ericsson Power Modules has added the PMR5000 (50A) and PMR8000 (40A) to its interoperable Pola product offering. ".

In July 2008, we covered the news from Murata Power Solutions - take a look at Adjustable power at the point of load which says: "New modules are ideal for supplying POL power to devices such as ASICs, FPGAs and DSPs in a wide range of multiprocessor digital systems.".

Take a look also at the news release from Exception Group, GBP 400,000 investment boosts PCB production, as well as POL modules cut down on capacitor demands from Ericsson Power Modules, and Regulators are easy answer to low-current demands from Ericsson Power Modules.

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Ericsson signs up for PMBus support (December 2005)

Ericsson Power Modules has signed the PMBus adopter agreement, becoming a full member of the Power Management Bus Implementers Forum.

POL convertor is first with digital control (September 2005)

The DPL20C is a 20A output convertor which features an extensive set of digital configuration, monitoring and diagnostic facilities accessible via the PMBus interface.

Vertical mount convertors save space onboard (July 2005)

Eight new vertical mount nonisolated point-of-load DC/DC convertors are designed specifically for applications where board space is at an absolute premium.

POL regulators allow more design flexibility (June 2005)

Ericsson Power Modules has expanded its interoperable POLA series of point of load regulators with an additional 17 products all intended for use in distributed power architectures.

Convertors adjust at the point of load (June 2005)

Two new high current point-of-load convertor modules provide cost-effective ready-to-use power solutions for densely populated boards.

Point of load regulators adopt PMbus specs (January 2005)

The Point Of Load Alliance (POLA) is to jointly design and release products in accordance to the PMbus specification.

Convertors boast higher POL current density (January 2005)

Two new series of ultracompact 30A point-of-load convertor modules aim to overcome the problems of colocating high-current, low-voltage sources with the silicon devices they are powering.

Alliance to adopt PMBus interface (December 2004)

The members of the POLA alliance are to jointly design and release products in accordance with the PMBus digital interface and control specification during 2005.

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