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Start with the news release MCUs for integration in factory automation systems from Renesas Technology, which we summarised at the time by saying "Renesas Electronics has released two 32-bit All Flash microcontrollers (MCUs) for integration in factory automation (FA) systems, such as motion drives, servo drives and inverters.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release Green Hills software supports Octeon II processors from Green Hills Software: "Green Hills Software's multicore embedded software solutions are available for Cavium Networks' Octeon II range of multicore processors.".

In February 2010, we covered the news from Enea Embedded Technology - take a look at RTOS central to Enea's support for LSI Axxia range which says: "Enea has announced that Enea OSE Multicore Edition, a hybrid-kernel real-time operating system (RTOS), will be the centrepiece of its support for the new LSI Axxia communication processor range.".

Take a look also at the news release from Adacore, Gnat Pro Ada develops apps for LynxOS 4.x and 5.0, as well as ARM launches Cortex-A9 hard macros from ARM, and SMT703 adds flexibility to Wimax development from Sundance Multiprocessor Technology.

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Multiprocessor tool suite integrates Diamond TCP (March 2009)

3L has announced the integration of Diamond TCP, a high-performance TCP/IP networking stack, into the 3L Diamond multiprocessor tool suite.

Cadence unveils Virtuoso circuit simulator (December 2008)

Cadence Design Systems has announced the availability of the Virtuoso Accelerated Parallel Simulator (APS), its next-generation circuit simulator.

Sundance extends Cadre partnership (December 2008)

Sundance has extended its partnership with Cadre Codesign to deliver Cadre's CT-JPEG04 core across a range of it's modular DSP FPGA multiprocessor hardware solutions.

Kontron partners Lynuxworks for Cots platform (December 2008)

Kontron and Lynuxworks have released an Intel-based Cots platform for safety critical, deterministic real-time embedded applications.

Sundance announces availability of Radio Giga (October 2008)

Sundance has introduced Radio Giga to the high-end communications market.

Dual-core processor powers up to 1920MIPS (August 2008)

The new SH7786 incorporates dual SH-4A high-performance 32bit RISC CPU cores, each with a processing performance of 960MIPS at 533MHz.

Networking platform makes the most of more cores (August 2008)

Green Hills Software's Platform for Secure Networking is optimised for both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing on Freescale's QorIQ platform.

Tools make the most of eight cores (August 2008)

Development tools will help developers to bring their QorIQ platform-based products to market faster and with higher quality.

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Further reading
  • Java development embraces multiprocessing

    Although Java code does not have to be rewritten to take advantage of symmetric multiprocessing, changes will enable it to efficiently run on multiple processors concurrently.
  • Software speeds multiprocessing development

    Impulse CoDeveloper tools allow C-language applications to be quickly and efficiently retargeted to FPGA-based platforms.
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