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Start with the news release Nohau offers Sysgo software products from Nohau UK, which we summarised at the time by saying "Nohau has announced the availability of three Sysgo software products for mission-critical applications.". Several months prior to that, we featured the news release TCP/IP network stack gets up to speed from Express Logic: "Express Logic has announced the results achieved by Sony Corporation engineers using Express Logic's NetX TCP/IP network stack and ThreadX RTOS.".

In July 2008, we covered the news from Sysgo - take a look at Virtualisation aids flight management test which says: "Secure virtualisation technology allows multiple operating system APIs to run independently and concurrently on one machine.".

Take a look also at the news release from Fluffy Spider Technologies, Alliance to expand user interface options, as well as Masterclass explains real-time Linux from Embedded Masterclass, and Company provides opens OS source code from QNX Software Systems.

Latest stories...
cPCI board and RTOS come together (August 2007)

Collaboration answers need for high density computing without giving up flexibility and a software layer that provides the highest level of safety and security.

Development platform is bundled with microkernel (July 2007)

Embedded software solution aims to bring advanced graphics, security and multimedia features to OEMs of high- and low-cost mass-market devices.

Tool for developing real-time safety-critical apps (April 2007)

Quantum3D and Sysgo have teamed up to develop a tightly integrated, advanced real-time embedded visual computing development and deployment software for the safety-critical market.

Demonstration combines best of two worlds (March 2007)

Dual-core demo mixes full-featured Windows XP Embedded with PikeOS, the hard-real-time separation microkernel from Sysgo.

Automotive applications on show in Nuremburg (February 2007)

ESG will show the capabilities and potential of Sysgos's PikeOS in conjunction with its own automotive software solution expertise on the Sysgo booth at Embedded World.

Embedded Linux takes on real-time tasks (October 2006)

ELinOS Real-Time combines the feature richness of embedded Linux with the safety and hard-real-time capabilities of Sysgo's PikeOS, a separation microkernel based RTOS.

Touch screens support embedded RTOS (October 2006)

eGalax has released a touch driver for the latest QNX operating system, QNX Neutrino RTOS v6.3.

Embedded Ada development targets PikeOS (September 2006)

Aonix and Sysgo have announced the release of ObjectAda Real-Time Raven V8.2 for Intel-based Linux platforms targeting PowerPC/PikeOS.

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